You are invited here to name all topics that are no longer tolerated, tattered, debrowed, or ignored many places. This is to serve as a collective tank for personal experiences, because I want to write an article about it, and also wants to install a few
Free utterance: What can you not talk about?
Hey, What can you talk about what topics? Except now policy etc And what do you talk about with your friend or girlfriend? Lauren General about the interests you have. News from the environment. Dreams and wishes, and more. Chris I m / 16 speech with fri
Because many convert to Islam I hear many that it is the truth What do you think No Choose 86% Yes Choose 14% Phil I do not think. As far as I know, Islam assumes that the Bible had been falsified. But there are scrolls that hand over texts of the Bible.
Is Islam really the true religion?
Good day I'm w 20 and have depression hypochondria and anxiety disorder take Citalopram and doxepin 25, but I noticed that I have so a tricky head ... That makes my life even harder when I am in public ..
Sugars / trembling at the head What is that and what to do?
Hello everybody, I am looking for a rare name for one of my stories. This time: A boy name with initial letters A. The name should be adapted to a freigger and both to a city and a country boy. The boy from the story should be about 13 years old, has blo
Rare boy names with initial letters a?
So there is a girl in which I'm a crush I have you written on WhatsApp and Snapchat We've written the last time on WhatsApp 3 weeks ago and now I want to write back with her but I do not have any topics about the one Locker chatting can know which? Pleas
What could I write?
Hello, my girlfriend and I just want to make fun of like presentations (eg PowerPoint), which are funny / stupid. But we do not really get a good thing ... would I'm really looking forward to topic suggestions. PusteBlume Terri A treatise on metal-sex to
Funny topics for a presentation?
What are your opinion on topics that is not spoken enough / where is not enough to enlighten? I find that especially in the field of animals and the attitude of popular animals is too few discussed. So many rabbits or guinea pigs are still kept alone in
Which topics should more spoken?
COMEDY CHOOSE 55% Miscellaneous Choose 35% Cooking Choose 10% Prank and Social Experiments Choose 0% Vlogs Choose 0% Esther SEV definitely falls under Comedy XD. Otherwise, Creeppypastapunch or also his second channel Plietschnack, where he mostly upload
What exactly looks at YouTube?
Hello! I have been doing Youtube videos for years (my channel: Flowfox - YouTube ), but I find my videos just not good. That's why I wanted to try something new on YouTube. Something that has to do with my hobbies and interests. Therefore, I wanted to do
Ideas for future YouTube videos?
I've found that some are funny on the Internet, because one announces anonymously to his own opinion and makes a survey on a topic to look around how others think. I never have someone z. B. as lesbian or so. It's just my personal opinion. You or some of
Is it so bad to have a different opinion than others?
Hallchen, Do you have deco ideas in the direction of modern (white) Tailing: NOT expensive Can you buy on Amazon Thanks to everyone Have a nice evening and GLG Joooooo PS: I'm male Sonja LEDs are pretty cool :) Olive Lamps, LED strip, vases with potted p
Decoration ideas for the room?
Can someone explain? Dustin Because the state of Israel - covered by the US veto law in resolutions of the UN - the West Bank Zerzied to make a two-state solution impossible. Irving There was the idea of ​​the two states solution. However, the Muslims
Why is Palestine always smaller?
How rare is that? Dewey An eidic memory is rare, but can be trained! There is no number or statistics there, but one is from a "little fraction of the world population". ..: - / is so "seen" also a kind of disability! I have an "audiographic memory" ...
How rare is a photographic memory?
Over which topics would you like to be e.g. talking to a friend, do not dare to address it? And why not? I can talk about everything and therefore can not quite imagine what topics could be. I'm looking forward to your answers :) Stephen I talk about eve
Which topics would you like to talk about - do not dare?
How do you like the name Christine; Nickname Chrissi? Not Mine ☺️ Choose 53% OK Choose 33% fully beautiful
How do you like the Name?
The speech is of binding, tampons etc. In my opinion, these should not cost money .... What is your opinion? According to the British "Huffington Post", a woman in the course of her life gives about 18,450 pounds, thus translating 20,700 euros, for the p
Is your hygin products should cost money?