Hey! I have found a recipe and have all the things except tomato paste at home (unfortunately I can not go shopping until Monday). Can I also use Ketchup instead of the tomato paste or would this make a big difference? Thank you! Alvin I can also use Ket
Can you also use ketchup instead of tomato paste?
So I have pork schnitzel in the fridge for two days. Now I notice that the refrigerator is not really cold. The schnitzel I would make in the pan and completely carefully. Is that ok or should I rather throw away? Leslie Roast & eat I would not anymore.
Throw it away?
Seeking, what tastes more? Italian cuisine Choose 52% German cuisine Choose 23% Both Choose 13% Turkish Kitchen Choose 13% Duane Everything would have to be, not both. Josephine If I have to decide for a permanent, then Italy. Almost everything tastes me
What is better?
No Choose 73% Yes Choose 27% Boyd Find it so easily better to eat. : D Jean * Brecht And No, I find it better when the long are.
Brecht you the spaghetti before cooking?
Is basil or oregano better for a tomato sauce? Dominic Oregano would be more suitable for a pizza sauce. I prefer basil in pasta. But you can also take both for both. It's a matter of taste: -) Daniel It fits both; Depending on your personal taste. But b
Which herbs for tomato sauce?
Today with me: Gnocchi from the cooling from 03.07.21 with tomato sauce from 17.07.21 and tuna of 20.08 .21 Habs already closed and was really good, therefore a symbol image: Do you also eat expired foods? Sometimes Choose 52 % yes constantly choose 22%
Do you eat expired food?
Yes Choose 56% No Choose 22% Yes, and have it really eaten Choose 22% Danielle Heyy, Yes I have made in my childhood even many sand cake that really eaten! But only such a little biting! Sand tastes a horrible .. Of course, of course, did not want to adm
Have you baked cake as a child of sand?
The vegetables must be available in the German supermarket. Norma Breaded cauliflower Cauliflower Schnitzel Cutting beans with germic ham in cream sauce with basmatine rice Broccoli cream soup Mini-peppers easily fried and fill with herbal cream cheese E
What exciting vegetable dishes are spontaneous?
From .. Stainless Steel Choose 43% Hard Plastic Choose 22% Glass Choose 17% Bamboo Choose 9% Silicone Choose 4% Other Material Choose 4% Paper Choose 0% Felix Well, I have so far only had straws from this material. Or just made of plastic when I drank ou
Which material do you prefer your straws?
No, I do not choose 48% No, but I have choose 26% Yes, and I still do choose 26 % Marlon I mean naturally uncooked - Patty My dad has always blended over too long spaghetti So we broke the home 1x, then rest. For me, I do not do that, I'm already big and
Have you ever broken hard spaghetti?
What can you eat as lunch what is a few calories, but at the same time nutritious and healthy? And it also has to make sure. Has pickled garlic and kimchi little calories? Glenda PS: It must be vegetarian because I do not eat living beings Shelley Saladt
Which court has the least calories?
And generally to make everything yourself and rather not the finished to buy what is in the shop? Because of the whole sugar, etc ... my bread and everything too Mamie Yes is healthier. For just over 8-10 years, I have been doing the most self for just o
Is it healthier to make bread scales (vegan) yourself?
How would you prepare a cup of chocolate milk? first the cocoa choose 45% first the milk choose 41% Other preparation Choose 9% Both simultaneously choose 5% Wilbert Shockolade, milk and spices come first into the pot Amber Cocoa, additional spices, milk
What comes first in the cup?
In your opinion, it is a sign of intigration / inclusion or cosmopolitanism to consume dishes that are not out of your culture. Or is it for you a form of racism other cultures to unpack your food and thus operate Cultural Approprion (cultural appropriat
Foreign food: cosmopolitanism or racism?
Son beautiful rolls with Mett (and onions) There should only be the answers which also eat meat Yes, is delicious choose 58% No, I do not Tasty Choose 29% Anders Choose 13% Ida "Such a kilo Mett gives us averaging a day." "I like to eat Mettbrtchen witho
Did you like Mettbrötchen?
I do not think it's not necessary, because I cook the jam cooking hot idleness and all the germs are killed. Nevertheless, it is pointed out in all cooking instructions. Yes, they must first be sterilized choose 100% No, it is not necessary Choose 0% Ale
Sterilize jam glasses in boiling water?
Or should one change something? Do not Change Choose 56% Change Choose 28% Some Choose 17% Fred I would all omit the many sweets. They have at a breakfast, in my opinion, nothing to look for. Something sausage can be, cheese, especially cream cheese as a
Is the good breakfast?
What does the perfect world look like for you? :) For me, the world is perfect, if There are no more people who are right or tend to the right There is no nationalism Songs are not getting shorter It is easy to cook complicated dishes We introduce a soci
What does the perfect world look like for you?
I prefer choose 39% I prefer choose 30% I like both choose 21% Other response Choose 6% I do not like choose 3% of them Brooke Cooking clearly - almost every day. I'm not the guy who stands on sweet, so I did not bake it so (though, for need I'll get it)
Are you rather the person who prefer to cook or bake?
Guys, that's important ... What is your FAV noodle varieties? So introduces you before you can only eat this a variety for your whole life, no matter what sauce etc. (Bolognese, Carbonara, Tomato cream, standard tomato sauce ...), What kind of variety wo
What is your favorite noodle?