Glass bottles Choose 57% Plastic bottles CHOOSE 43% Madeline actually plastic because easier to wear or on the go. Also does not give everything I like to drink in glass bottles. Would like to buy less plastic ... If there is so automatic in my closer ar
Do you prefer to buy glass bottles or plastic bottles?
If all were available. Be honest I hope for many votes :) Christian Lindner (FDP) Choose 27% Olaf Scholz (SPD ) Choose 18% Markus Sder (CSU) Choose 18% Alice Weidel (AFD) Choose 15% Annalena Baerbock (Green) Choose 12% Armin Laschet (CDU) Choose 6% Susan
Which chancellor would you choose?
Hello, I have been Vegan for about half a year of Vegan (before about 10 years vegetarian) and I do not really know why I did it. Clearly I know the benefits of vegan diet and think that's really important, but I had no real reason but just did not decid
Vegan without reason? Next vegan or back to vegetarian?
Apart from women's rights ... An acquaintance has received a highly doped place for several € 10,000 a month offered by his German company in Saudi Arabia. It is between 30 and 40. It should work there for several years and bear personnel responsibility
Is Saudi Arabia for a European young man a pleasant country to live and work?
Hey! A few months ago I booked a holiday in Tuscany with 4 girlfriends, we would drive with Flixbus and then stay in a hotel. The costs are about 300 € for everyone. In contrast to my girlfriends, I am first vaccinated when we are there. And recently, f
Italy vacation yes / no?
Your girlfriend asks you which would be you and says that you have to decide for one of them: You have sex with her 3 times a week. You have sex only once a week with her but will get it from her as many blowjobs / handjobs as you only wish you. For what
Your girlfriend makes you an offer. Which sex life do you want?
Would your child be baptized or put in a religion in an age where they can not and can not decide? No Choose 76% Yes Choose 24% Nancy + I would not give my child in an aging to eat, in which it can decide himself if it wants to be Omnivore or Frutarier.
Would you be baptized your child as a baby?
He is 21, 4 years younger than me and has no girlfriend. He wants to take me a back. He said that he is heterosexual but wants to touch strange penis. How can I cancel him, or should I allow him? I'm heterosexual, have a girlfriend. No idea what should I
My buddy wants to touch me down there, what should I do?
When are you sure to be in which direction do you want to go in professional life? And what have you opted for? I am interested in too many professions and can not decide Angela You should definitely involve several factors, such as ... interests (fits t
When did you know what you want to do later?
Yes, choose is always important. Choose 72% other response Choose 20% No, because many people do not choose. Choose 8% Silvia In a democracy, not only is the most important right, but also a very important bourgeois duty. Since I may choose, I have not e
Is choosing going so important?
Question to you Men: Suppose you are 18 years old and single. You absolutely want to have a girlfriend but just can not find one. You just do not get well with the women and your cards are bad. And hardly something will change with you. Suddenly you will
Would you take a relationship with an older woman?
Cologne because Choose 71% Leipzig Weil Choose 29% Lydia Which city is better and why? Where is quality of life better and infrastructure? Cultural etc? What are advantages and disadvantages with or without a family? Freda Because Leipzig, although signi
Cologne vs. Leipzig, where would you prefer to live?
If you are forced. Go to a casringshow where you sing Choose 46% Go to a Casting Show Where to Dancing Choose 46% No idea Choose 8% Lena What is a casring show? In any case, I prefer to sing. I can not dance and that looks always a bad shape with me. Nev
What would you rather do?
M / 14 go after the summer holidays in the 9th school level of a Waldorf school, I have been in this school for 8 years and have my solid friends there. But since I am very interested in graphics and art, I would like to be in an art school or e.g. In th
I do not know if I should change (school)?
Let's take on, you have already had knowledge about your life in the womb. How would you decide. is a thought game Yes, I would have choose 68% No, definitely not choose 32% Lindsey I have developed enormously - so yes. At any time. Me so fast nothing ou
If you have known how your life will have, would you still want to have it?
I decided no one to love more due to bad experiences with love How do you find the decision other choose 46% bad because ... Choose 38% Good because ... Choose 15% Peggy Just like me, I only pay attention to myself. But: That's not as easy, because what
How do you find my decision?
What would you prefer? Chip Dose Choose 53% Chip Tube Choose 47% Rex Hello :) I find doses are more practical, the content does not crumple then and you can close it without any effort. LG Ravibess LG Ravibess Miguel There is less air inside and it's mor
Chip tube or chipsboard (survey)?
Hi, In his 72nd episode "Minecraft with Luca", Luca has taken the following decisions: After his 100th episode he never wants to enter his world It will then publish the SEED It will be a XXL sequence It goes through again all its significant moments in
How do you find the decisions of Luca (Laserluca)?
Hi! I can not decide which couple sees your opinion better? No. 1 No. 2 Number 2 CHOOSE 56% Number 1 Choose 44% Meredith Hello Rsyoumk, I do not like both. The color pink I like it well, also the loop at the shoe looks cute, but the shoe looks very chunk
Which shoes look better?
Andy did not decide yet, but must now know how to learn how to learn in autumn. Pretty difficult decision because I'm only 14. Martin had to make no decisions until now.
Which was the biggest and most important decision you have to meet?