or only water? (except for special occasions) No Choose 53% Yes, only still water Choose 42% Yes, only water choose 5% Francis Still is too boring, I am preferably medium, drinking coffee, tea, from time to time nen juice and very, very rare a soft drink
Do you only drink still water?
Hey, a few weeks ago was my best friend (13) for a few days in London. And she was also shopping with her family together. When they came back, she showed me everything she has bought everything and everything was fine. But then she also bought such a th
Are not we normal anymore?
Yellow Choose 31% Blue Choose 23% Orange Choose 15% Red Choose 15% Green Choose 8% Other Color Choose 8% Brown Choose 0% Christian Since I am a small child, I like the color yellow. Meanwhile, especially the colors are yellow and purple. But I love all t
Is there a color that gives you a happy feeling?
Please take care of the legislative rules and has priority to CHOOSE 48% I am not important to me CHOOSE 29% Thus (mediocre) Choose 10% very important (I am a frequent ktiv in environmental actions) Choose 5% important, but not the most important for me
How important is the topic of environmental protection?
From .. Stainless Steel Choose 43% Hard Plastic Choose 22% Glass Choose 17% Bamboo Choose 9% Silicone Choose 4% Other Material Choose 4% Paper Choose 0% Felix Well, I have so far only had straws from this material. Or just made of plastic when I drank ou
Which material do you prefer your straws?
How would you prepare a cup of chocolate milk? first the cocoa choose 45% first the milk choose 41% Other preparation Choose 9% Both simultaneously choose 5% Wilbert Shockolade, milk and spices come first into the pot Amber Cocoa, additional spices, milk
What comes first in the cup?
For a long time my embarrassing experiences have constantly busy me. Meanwhile, however, I realized that such situations can not undo anyway, which is why it is unnecessary to think about such experiences. I am short of me, but more not choose 38% I thin
How is you with your embarrassing experiences?
Clean toilets! Choose 41% Clean windows! Choose 24% Vacuuming / wiping! Choose 18% Wrap cabinets! Choose 12% Computer refrigerator! Choose 6% Clean bath tub / shower! Choose 0% Miscellaneous: Choose 0% Guy So I do not do because I still live with my pare
Which housework do you prefer least?
irresponsible because ... Choose 40% is fine, because ... Choose 36% other opinion ... Choose 24% CARY It is always an individual decision. It can not be a flat rate for or against a vaccination. It must always be the entirety of all circumstances in the
Survey: What do you think of people who have not vaccinated so far?
What else ... Choose 63% Cola. Choose 13% red wine. Choose 8% Beer. Choose 8% Sparkling wine. Choose 4% Fanta. Choose 4% white wine. Choose 0% ED Water (still)
If you were a drink, which would you be most likely?
Hey: 3 I wanted to ask how to call it so if there is a term for this if you are these classic sounds, for example: "MHM, HM, MH, Shhh" or "Argh, Ugh " I would like to know how to know something like that: 3 I'm looking forward to reply MfG: 3 EDITIT HEY
How is this called?
Good day, My (M, 17) Summer holidays will be over soon. What may not be missing? Exactly, my worries for the future. I live in Switzerland and have always made me a lot of trouble in school. Through this, I also received a course as a computer scientist
How can I better handle this everyday life?
or. what is that supposed to mean? What do you mean? Aaron Life is a game and as long as you live, you have to play. A b e ru you decide whether you are part of as a character or as a player. The meaning of your life is to go on a journey of discovery, t
Is life a game?
Thank you for the answers Nicole Keeping my emotions under control, paying attention to my weight, keeping my psyche in balance ... in school time still the strict routine. Randal Strong fears, uncertainty, not satisfied with my body, love life and the s
What problems do you have in everyday life?
I prefer choose 39% I prefer choose 30% I like both choose 21% Other response Choose 6% I do not like choose 3% of them Brooke Cooking clearly - almost every day. I'm not the guy who stands on sweet, so I did not bake it so (though, for need I'll get it)
Are you rather the person who prefer to cook or bake?
9-10 am Choose 27% 6 Choose 15% 7 CHOOSE 15% 5 Choose 12% 8-9 o'clock CHOOSE 12% 11-12 am Choose 12% 4 Choose 8% Mindy Hi, I have been awake since 8:15 and I got up at 8:30. Greeting Vanni :) Roberto Shortly after 6 ... like every day of the week! :-) To
Since when are you already awake today?
The question goes to people who believe in God or even gods. Emanuel Please do not answer if you do not Eula I believe in God, I am a Christian. My faith is very important to me. I think it's nice when people from their faith can draw hope, comfort and s
What a role has God in your life?
Or is that an obstacle for you? What are your justifications? The question is mainly concerned with people who are not big for such stuff. I herself grew up with anime and has always been a hobby, I know that many people like me as repellent, I would lik
Would you have a relationship with a person who has the anime or / and manga as
Hi: 3 How do you call this behavior if a person does someone forbid what makes it myself? I'm interested in Iwie MFG Darren in some situations perhaps also double-morale, but not always applies. Tommy With a wink one can say that this person is preaching
How is this called?