Islam critic usually claim that Islam is to blame for Islamism. Colonialism is not the sole cause of the emergence of Islamism, as little as it is responsible for all problems of the decolonized Arab and other Islamic states. However, his essential featu
Does Europe contribute the main debt to the emergence of Islamism and the proble
Henrietta There is no conspiracy theory but fact that AIPAC is a very powerful lobby in the USA. AIPAC: "Better than any other lobby" "Kosher Nostra" meticulously pursues the AIPAC, an organization of 250 employees and 100,000 members, the tuning behavio
Why do conspiracy theorists say that the US is controlled by Israel?
Wayne They had only 3 weeks distance It concerns mainly older ones which have a weak immune system and have already been vaccinated in January the protective effect lets After 6 months, especially with BIONTECH Nevertheless, we are very well in front of
Why does not the vaccine against Covid-19 in Israel help anymore?
Israel has one of the strongest and state-of-the-art armies worldwide and is well equipped and that have several times defeated several Arab nations in wars. The Israelis also have America as a best friend of one of the strongest nations worldwide. In ad
Why are the Palestinians not just doing?
They were criticized because they have severely violated a border police. Gaza has been bombed. Comirantly interested in the dozens of injured Palestinians (including children) Nobody. But what do you think, how would they have to react when they are sho
How did the Palestinians have to react to Gaza, when they were shot on them? Myra Where the Mothers of Sons Never Case Their Weeping Where the Fathers of Faith in the Ground Lie Sleeping Where the Seeds of Time Have A Whirlwind reading OH Jerusalem is. Where the Cobblestones Wet with th
Hebrew - can someone translate this song
Do you know a website that reports on hope stories from the Middle East? Where are the Israelis the "evil" and the Palestinians are the "good" or vice versa ? Where good deeds be appreciated of both pages ? as an example the page https://www.lifegate-reh
Hope stories from the Middle East?
Why are so many vaccinated in Israel in the hospital? Does the vaccine no longer work as well as before? Lonnie "Why are so many vaccinated in Israel in the hospital?" So many? approx. 220 pre-patients, partly pre-impaired and ancient. Almost all not onl
Israel vaccinated?
Media Report: Although one comes to jail for gay sex in Gaza, a queere party row feels the "Palestinian liberation" - and finishes cooperation with a Techno Club who stands to Israel. [...] In the Gaza Strip, same-sex sex can be punished between men with
How can it be that sometimes is a homosexual Pro Palestine?
In Israel, the risk groups are vaccinated against the coronavirus. In addition, 62 percent of the total population received both vaccinations, 67 percent at least one vaccination. Only 400 corona patients are treated on the country's intensive care stati
Government in Israel threatens Lockdown?
In Eastern Jerusalem, so the Israeli critics, Palestinians violently thrown out of homes. I was looking for information and came to an interview. This was the following: 1875 Buy a Jewish Foundation These properties In 1948, the Jews were expelled from i
Ostjerusalem - Who means the houses?
Media report: Only days after a deadly drone attack on an oil tanker, Iran is now also responsible for a possible ship's removal in the Gulf of Oman. [...] last one week ago, a Briton and the Romanian captain had been killed at a drone attack on the oil
Are the US and Israel plan a war against Iran?
If you do not know about that: A few days ago I asked a question about the expulsion of the Palestinians. Here you will find her. Yesterday, the Israeli court should have decided whether 4 families are to be distributed. Did you notice something? Please
Did you know what the journalist Tarek Bae has reported in the German media?
What do you think? Where does the protest of women stay in Westbank, Israel and the Gaza Strip? Whether missiles of the Hamas, bombs of the Israelis or attacks of the Fatah, why you do not hear that women defend themselves. Because they have to look afte
Where is the opinion of women - Palestine
The Algerian Judoka Fethi Nourine has taken care of the Olympics in Tokyo for a scandal. The 30-year-old retreated his participation in the class up to 73 kilograms to do not have to compete in the second round against the Israeli Tohar Butbul in the cas
Anti-Semitism at the Olympic Games, what is your opinion?
In the first place it should be noted, I have absolutely nothing against Jews, never knowingly encountered one and have no reason to have a negative attitude to them as well. My question refers to the general perception (currently in the case of Bhakdi)
Is there a general commitment to like Jews and express themselves positively abo
Will the 3 temple be built soon or does that still take? Rudy The third temple was made of meat and blood. ERGO will no longer need a third temple from stones. The temple cleaning John 2, 13 The pavity of the Jews was near and Jesus moved up to Jerusalem
3 Temple Jerusalem?
He said, as long as the Palestinians no longer love their children than they hate Israel, there will be no peace. For me he has testified in a sentence, what I try to explain all the time. Salvatore The sentence is perfectly properly correct, the problem
How do you find this set of CEM Özdemir to the Palestine Coneflact?
Hello, I have a Kurdish girlfriend from Diyarbakir who repeatedly criticizes Turkey but praises Lebanon. She says Lebanon is civilized and tolerant than Turkey. I know Turkey as a modern state. Lebanese are usually negative here in Berlin (Clan members e
Is Lebanon modern?
How do you get the idea that you defend yourself against balloons with missiles? Stanley I realize what balloons that were, but still. Charles The Brand Balloons were not accidental, but were the reaction to ultra-legal Israelis, who demonstrated in Jeru
Has Israel not defended himself too hard?