I'm a bit confused and that for years, everyone I ask something else. (Sorry for the quality) May I would say blue gray Candice Blue?
Which eye color is that?
Hello dear ones! I know this question has been asked thousand times but yes I want to do it again Haha What is your LGBTQIA? Positive, because ... (support it) choose 68% negative, because ... (homophobic) choose 21% neutral (to what extent?) Choose 12%
What about LGBTQIA?
by friends, parents, internet and schools Kristie The sooner, the better. Wisen is a good thing. Merle On average, gays at the age of 9, and lesbians aged 10 their sexual orientation: Gay Males Were, On Average , Aware of Same Sex Attraction at About Age
What do you think of Early Enlightenment General and About LGBTQIA + in particul
Does your super gay find unnecessary? Yes Choose 79% No Choose 21% Olive It kindly specifies more and more. That's just a "cool" trend. In the end, it is completely irrelevant. Soon, it starts that there are 10 different types of "vegan" and 20 different
Super gay unnecessary?
Have been friends with a girl with a girl since last week and actually, when I think of you, I get a whisper. LOL. If I know that I'll see her right away, I'm always extremely excited when I talk to her then I'm not excited, but extremely happy. LOL. Tod
Am I falling in love or do I like you very much?
Back to the beginning, I support LGBTQ, I'm not transhiped or something There are many the saying there are up to 4 sexes. But I think there is only two namely male and female. Noninary in my opinion belongs to the sex identities (as well as gender fluid
Is my opinion ok?
Hello and nice day, Me would be interested in the opinion of the other users about gender conversions, because I am at other views and why other people see things as they see them very interested. Support it, although not affected CHOOSE 51% Accept Choos
How is yours to gender conversions?
I find it normal, especially because I am part of it. I find normal and support choose 58% I find abnormal choose 30% I find normal support not choose 12% Jesse Now a lot of writing "it is not normal, so abnormal because it is not the standard, which is
Does your LGBTQIA find normal or do you support it?
So! This question should not insult or provoke anyone. I even think that I'm vllt asexual. I just thought about it because one told that. He has said that asexuality and homosexuality are gene mistakes, because in evolution consider only those who multip
ASExuality & homosexuality?
Is it a "sign" if you have lacquered thumb, index finger, small finger in eg black nail polish and lacquered medium and ring fingers in eg white nail polish? or. If you have 3 fingers in another nail polish color than the other 2? BRW. On social media ha
I am heard to LGBTQ + and got me to JZ only with my best friend and my parents. If the IWI comes out weird over when I saw a rainbow chain in the school, because I hold KB on questions from the people Kristie If you feel comfortable with it, do you. If y
Attract rainbow chain to school?
Hetero Choose 42% Bisexual Choose 25% Lesbian | Gay Choose 8% ASExuell Choose 8% Other -> Choose 8% PanSexual Choose 6% Omnisexual Choose 3% Byron I'm male and actually standing very hard on women, but I had had tansy moments where I just felt these feel
What sexuality do you have?
Hello, I always and more and more about the topics: Feminism (which tends to make pure men's hatred), racism and LGBTQIA +, so I would like to ask you in mind all of them together, because I think these topics are always hanging More together. In my opin
What is your social mix?
Hi I wanted to know the signs and features when someone stands on you and how to recognize that ... BI BI, I do not give a gender! Thank you in advance LG☀️ Jeff Okay, here a pair of signs that come up with the quick ones: He is looking for your proxim
Features that someone finds you / in love?
I belong yourself and supporters :) And you? He belong to it and support! CHOOSE 33% Support NOT but accepting choose 31% Do not accept Choose 19% for other reasons Do not belong to Supported Choose 14% Do not accept for religious reasons Choose 2% Kathl
What about LGBTQ +?
LGBTQIA + is a collective name for lesbian, Gay, Bi-, Trans, Queer, Inter Asexual, and others that do not comply with gender and sexuality. Question is just for those who have classes. No choose 50% More than two choose 27% 1 Choose 9% other choose 9% 2
How many in your class are open LGBTQIA +?
Whether book, film, series manga, anime, .... or in real Which is you personally best Karen Call Me by Your Name or Love, Simon But Call Me by Your Name has a great aesthetics while Love, Simon rather a high-school drama is In the field of manga, I recom
What is the best gay love story?
Do you support it? Why / not? At least you accept it? Why / not? What is different about these people? Why can not you just love whom you want? Do you even know what to do with your homotry And generally caused LGBTQ phobia? If religious: So I do not kno
Opinion of LGBTQ?