Islam critic usually claim that Islam is to blame for Islamism. Colonialism is not the sole cause of the emergence of Islamism, as little as it is responsible for all problems of the decolonized Arab and other Islamic states. However, his essential featu
Does Europe contribute the main debt to the emergence of Islamism and the proble
Seen a month ago in southern France. Thank you in advance. Darnell Hello, Unfortunately, the spider is not good I can only advise. Maybe it is a forest angle spider ( Tegenaria Silvestris)
What is this spider?
The former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas said 2013: "I will tell you something. I was two years before the start of violence in Syria because of other talks in England. During my stay there I met with British lace officials who expressed me to pre
Did the West planned the war in Syria from the beginning?
Media report: However, while we observe the debacle of the United States Chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan - Kabul as Saigon No. 2 - whisperes us a ghostly voice: What if America does not return? What if it never returns to the world stage? [...] China
What happens if the US does not want to continue the World Police?
Many say yes the French cars are not good, but I find the new models of Peugeot nice. Wow new peugeots what? Bobby A current Peugeot is neat and not worse than a current model of Opel (so much on Stellantis) or any asian Midprice brand such as Nissan, Mi
Are the new Peugeots good vehicles?
Yes, we should, on the other hand, demonstrate Choose 67% Unfortunately, you can not do anything against this oppression Choose 33% Blanche or remains something other than "demonstrate"? Please remain objective, please remain in the subject and thank you
What can you do for the women's rights in France? Should we demonstrate against
How long does it take? Daniel expected in autumn, appreciate October. Boyd when it is admitted. Maybe 2022. Do you look here .AMP Tonya The previ
When is the Valneva vaccine to Germany?
Lynda Because the French are not as well organized as we have, we have a good union so we do business councils, they regulate a lot of stuff already in advance and thus they receive social peace, the French also have the French No strike money and theref
Why did Germany have no protest culture and political proceedings like France?
e.g. that citizens are banned under 18 headscarf, the Burka prohibited that mosques are monitored, etc. My cousin who lives there said that it was still "relaxed and loose", because if a "other" would come to power, it would be much bad than now. I find
How do you find the action / procedure of France?
The main role has a very well-known (bald) French actor! Action: A violin musician comes to a focal point school to teach the pupils. Many students have no desire, but a dark-skinned boy has talent. The musician builds a bond to him and will be invited b
What's the name of this French movie?
Hello :) Why is it in French enough to learn other languages? Does it have any historical reasons o..? Thank you for your help LG LIN Jamie I know France and England (GB) best. Fahr to England; The British like no other language except their own, let alo
Why do the French attach so much emphasis on their language?
Hello dear ones, do you know maybe you know French songs about friendship or a French song with which you can show a person that you are always there for you? Thank you in advance Earnest Cline Dion: Hymne l'Amiti
Does anyone know French songs about friendship?
As in Germany? Or remain the French in the French mother tongue? Dana Hello, Anglicisms are likely to be far less common in French than in German, as the French are very proud of their language. Anglicisms For more than 20 years, were prohibited by law i
Are so many English words in everyday life are used in France?
Florence Life experience has shown most, that you should not screw the expectations too high if you do not want to experience bitter disappointment ... and should you win, are They all happy - whereby it was of course only pure luck. ; -) Pablo The think
Football EM - Why are many of the opinion that Germany biases the game against F
I say a really strong game and it will be 2: 2 or 2: 1 for Germany. Christina Hello David761! I'm morefringed a 3: 1 for France. The games currently at a much higher level than Germany. In the international ranking we are only in 12, France is 2 https: /
Today France against Germany What do you typing?
Hi, The European Football Championship has begun and Germany has received a heavy group. My question would be about you, what does your team dare how far will we come or is the title in it? Please leave! I believe that in the second round final. LG. WIDD
How far is Germany at the EM 2021?
Yes, because ... Choose 50% No, because ... Choose 25% Other ... Choose 25% Cedric Hey, Jap, I like France full eg the language, the food, the culture the capital, etc. :) LG Nichole had never been there .. just run through, on the way to Spain .. So I c
Do you like France