I want to sell my nude pictures on the internet. Do these additional income have to be taxed? If so, how are you done exactly? If that plays a role: I am a student. Clyde If you depend on the main profession up to, you may be able to achieve up to 410 eu
Do I have to pay tax when I sell nude pictures?
What would you have to study to become geostrategists and analyst? The tasks should be to analyze and predict the future consequences of geopolitical actions of the economy, finance, military, politics, intelligence services, etc. . Salvador There is no
How can you become geostrategists and analyst?
Hello, There are, for example, the Benjamin Franklin Effect : You are often sympathetic if you ask someone else. Or the Werther Effect: It comes to more suicides when reported in the messages about it. What interesting effects are there still? Victoria S
Psychology: What
Suppose I get 10 m of Aliens gold for my services and sell that to a gold dealer. They have it from Mars. Do I have to prove, by whom the gold is? How much would I get? Could I turn a knit from it, because of the Gold? Could one argue that the gold was i
Sell ​​gold from the universe?
My parents have already promised me (26) and my sister (32) that they help each of us financially (equally sharing) when buying our first apartment / house. You have saved a long time. 6 years ago, my sister, with the help of my parents, bought a house h
Family dispute: sister gets house and I nothing?
80 Different Products Choose 60% 1 Very expensive product CHOOSE 40% Conrad Comes on what a product
What would you do with 800 €: prefer many (about 80), cheaper products or 1 very
Would you be vaccinated for 100 € against Corona with the vaccine of your choice? Already choose 60% ne this side effects and thus choose 33% Safe Choose 6% Kelly Nope ... I do not trust the stuff on the way. I do not want to exclude that basically but
Villing for money?
I know someone who lives in a 550 inhabitant village and has been bound for 12 years and bought a house with the partner. Your parents and girlfriends live directly in the same street in the surrounding houses. His friends live in the same village and in
Is it often that people stay in very small villages in unfortunate relationships
Why do not have to draw in social housing and drive with public transport? Florence Do you have an example? It also depends on whether the company has of that debt or he as a private person. Clyde liabilities and have money (abroad z. B. or in cute relat
How can one as prominent million leaches but still live in the luxury?
Apart from morality now. Why should one still pay for games, movies, series or programs? There is now all for free on the internet, and it's also easy to come. Felicia Simply, even digital products such as, for example, films and games and so, cost a lot
Why should you still pay for digital products?
Our teacher has told us that everything would be much easier if there would be no more money, and we would go to swapping things as soon as possible. I'm just wondering if that would work in today's time because I see several problems there. But I would
Are you satisfied with the existence of money?
Can it be that people have a lot of money to do more sports and pay more attention to the diet as people with low income or Hartz 4? I fall for me that many richer people who know I know more like a good body and many people who are the poorer rather suf
Richer people vs poorer people and health?
In Germany, there is allegedly € 1,535 million millionaires. So persons who own 1 million or more. That's a very accurate number. How do you know the exact number of millionaires in Germany? Or is the freely invented? For example, if I am broker at the
Where can one supposed to know the exact number of millionaires in Germany?
If a 20-year-old normal citizen / in an industrial land would suddenly get 1 million euros, the money would be enough for all life, or until death, or consumes a normal citizen of an industrialized country in life more than a million Euro? Would you work
Is 1 million euros sufficient for a normal citizen?
Media report: In France, one of the EU's most extensive anti-terroral laws can enter into force. It plans to use algorithms that evaluate which Internet users share terror-suspicious content. [...] Critics had monomed that the law is expanding the monito
Is the fight against terrorism in Europe meanwhile too far?
Some people in Germany or find here, "Berlin is the last dirty hole." Why "Hates" your Berlin? Benny I really can not understand why there are so many people who hate Berlin. I for my part, dear Berlin! It's my second home and I grew up there quasi. So I
How can one explain it psychologically, philosophical, sociological, etc. that rich people do not fully get their neck, instead more and more richer? Floyd Hi, just because you can and enjoy it to surround yourself with beautiful things. Gives you a good
Why do rich people get their neck full?
Did you find it on my external hard drive, was stored in a former online game folder I had moved in 2011 and that was then "play money" what am I doing now? How and where can I sell them? Duane Game money ... If it were Bitcoins in a game, which are comp
I think I have 18 bitcoins?
Hello people, Time for interest, what has been about your highest annual salary including all special payments (in euros), but without severance pay? More information about professional experience at the time, job, special payment included yes / no, we h
Your highest annual salary?
Hello, I do not want to come to Germany in Muslims from Muslim countries, as I think the Islamic culture of ours for inferior - especially how they deal with women. In addition, Muslims from Islamic countries tend to an anti-Semitic attitude. Am I theref
Culture: Am I racist?