You are invited here to name all topics that are no longer tolerated, tattered, debrowed, or ignored many places. This is to serve as a collective tank for personal experiences, because I want to write an article about it, and also wants to install a few
Free utterance: What can you not talk about?
From current occasion .. When people without any expertise whose business basis is freedom of expression want to dictate others, whether and how they have to speak publicly ... .. ladies & gentlemen: Jan Bhmermann
What do you think about Jan Böhmermann?
No Choose 45% Yes Choose 25% Occasionally CHOOSE 25% Do not know the shipment. Choose 5% Martha As a child of the fire .... But Iwi is always repeated. So it's not really interesting. There should be a highly compressed form when it comes to searching. M
Are you also watching file sign XY?
Would I order something maybe a cup of Claus. Dallas No idea But just download a picture of him somewhere and leave you a cup or . Print in Rossmann / DM Photoservice ... or equal to a chic claus tag tiss
Does Claus Kleber have a merchandis shop?
Hello, Can I make a video by using the Zdfother music and the background? Estelle Only if both are not copyrighted Rita In my view, this would be a copyright infringement. You can ask at most at ZDF if you allow you that. But I keep unlikely. Sammy basic
Is you likely to publish a video with the ZDFHOek Design on the Internet?
Some look only the games of the German team. How is it with you? I look at as much as possible. CHOOSE 46% not. I find football dull. CHOOSE 27% Only the games with German participation Choose 12% I only look at the interesting pairings. Choose 12% Other
Which EM games do you look at?
For years, the broadcasting contributions (currently 17.50 €) have been a hot topic. While Deutschlandradio gives rise to a increase to hold the quality run citizens: in part partly storm. The public broadcasting is available per year 8,068,000,000 € (
Broadcasting contribution (GEZ): How do you like?
It happens as if the big media report sharply left. Here are some examples from recent time: Report the large media from your point of view? Yes, the large media report predominantly objectively. Choose 63% No, the big media have a tendency to the left.
Report the big media objective?