How do you find it? Personally, I've heard this song for the first time at 7 years when I was on the way to Denmark. Now I am 13 and I still like this song. It awakens so many memories. Yes Choose 84% No Choose
Do you like this song?
Hello I'm Lukas, 17. The question is mainly about you girls. Which underpants like guys best and also which brands? Mostly I carry either the panties above or the boxers Below Glenn Find that the 2nd picture most beautiful but her should wear what you wa
Which underpants should we wear guys?
I always have such funny questions, IK, but it would just be interested. Nicholas That is very difficult. Mostly it is about very emotional moments and after years you do not know if your own experience has been experienced or you have told behind it. Sa
What is the first thing you remember :)?
I really swore that I approach a next potential relationship differently like us. I'm a total head of head and I think much too much about everything. I'm doing too much pressure, I want it all to be perfect. He would like to like him. What if I do not l
Am I to Unlocker and make me too much pressure before the date?
What is your intention behind it? Medical Choose 61% Other reasons Choose 22% Religious Choose 9% Aesthetically Choose 9% hygienic choose 0% Erin I have curted myself in adulthood of aesthetic reasons. This is in adults as I think completely okay, as lon
Was you trimmed or do you have it?
Imagine you, you may have your favorite relatives for a week who have all the holidays and make something with them there. However, since you the only ones in the age, otherwise older (40 +). Would you like to do it anyway? Yes in any case! CHOOSE 67% ot
Would you do it?
I (W16) somehow have very strong problems with recognizing whether young interest in me or if I recognize it or at least suspect how to handle it. This is actually a pity, because often I also interest and I wish a friend for a long time. e.g. Was I frie
How do you notice if a boy likes me?
Hello everybody, I am looking for a rare name for one of my stories. This time: A boy name with initial letters A. The name should be adapted to a freigger and both to a city and a country boy. The boy from the story should be about 13 years old, has blo
Rare boy names with initial letters a?
On YouTube there are different YouTube Knale which there is to learn something. I already know many many, but would like to learn more. Can you recommend any? The I watch: Logical Lemon Simplicissimus MARK ROBER TheBackyardScientist Veritizium TED-ED Do
Does your knowledge channels know?
I'm 17 / m and I think really a small penis when he is stiff, he is almost always 13 or 14 cm but he looks so small with pornoos are there 25cm cocks .... I'm really down I Am 1.84.m and 65kilo but muscle mass Vernon If you are orienting yourself to the
Penis too small?
Hii, what kind of characteristics or peculiarities can be attractive to other people, but are not so popular or widespread? Harriet I pay attention to people first on the fingernails and the teeth. I do not know but these are things that I consider first
Random things that you find attractive?
Yo guys, sometimes a question. My buddies and I (19-21) want to drive spontaneously somewhere in August / September Wos good girls. Have your iWelche ideas? We myself thought Netherlands, Malle Suchas but tells her where else maybe. Leo Albania is there
Sex holiday with buddies?
I got to know a boy and tomorrow the 8th date with him We have and already kissed and kinked When I can expect that he says he wants a bee ? Anita if he feels it. This can be after the 3rd date, but only after 3 years. Ask himself, then you do not have t
How long does it take to be together?
Are you top or bottom and how old are you? Top Choose 57% Bottom Choose 43% Eugene I would like to be both, but for the active part my best piece is too moody.
To those who are Gay / BI / PAN / UTW (M)?
A parents say that I am too young for beds, but I'm already 13 and would like to start to bed Kristopher Are you a Christian? Because I can only refer to it, otherwise I do not know myself ... There is a lot of "prefabricated" prayers, but I personally d
What do you have to say as a woman at prayer?
Please give gender with and how big you are. (Need it for the school, ethics lessons because our theme is self-confidence and wishes.) LG 1.80m- (+) 1.90m Choose 64% 1.75m -1.80m Choose 14% 1.49m-1.55m Choose 9% 1.60m 1.65m Choose 9% 1.70m-175m. CHOOSE 5
What is your dream body size?
The cousin of my brother is called. How do you find the name? Cool Name Choose 86% The name is stupid choose 14% Sarah Hello! I often find rare names much nicer than frequent. Amir is one of them. Is a very sound name. Incidentally, Prince in Arabic, whi
How do you find the name Amir?
Or do you still have a top, the pants not quite undressed, etc. Norman is fully assumed if I come from the school e.g. I'm coming home only quickly my T-shirt but let my jogging pants. Sometimes I have only a jogging pants without underpants and T-shirt.
At boys. Are you completely naked in the masturbated?
Hello I am 28 years old and thought that I am a pretty young man until I read this: Now I feel me stintalt because I'm already 28 Kim Get a Wikipedia access and correct it if you do not like it. I have such an access and let it stand, then it is so indif
What do you say?
No, I do not do. Choose 50% Yes, I do. CHOOSE 39% Other answer, namely ... Choose 7% Yes, but only partially. Choose 4% OPAL NA clear. Looks much better, is hygienic and I sweat and stink so fast. Well and body hair I find generally disgusting, so I mean
To all men: Shaved your armpits?