McCes Menu Hamburger Royal TS 7,39 €. or from the restaurant Cheeseburger 6.00 there are also without cheese as a hamburger for 5.50. With homemade sauce fries extra small 1.50 homemade / homemade fries. Pommes Means 2.00 fries large 2.50. The prices of
Where would you prefer to eat a Hamburg / Cheeseburger Burger?
Burito, fries, doners and pizza is very tasty, as I think. Pizza Choose 33% Burger Choose 17% French choose 17% What else choose 17% Gyros Choose 13% Burito Choose 4% Elena but rather in the slow food variant or homemade, then it clearly lasts the longes
What is your favorite fast food?
I'm getting full of hunger on pizza but we have nothing to live at home Do you have tips PAM Drink water. The body often interprets thirst as hungry. Otherwise stopped. The water drinking can also be quite helpful. Jordan Drink a few glasses of water, pr
What do against cravings on fast food?
So - usually I have no hunger for this time. Today I ate much more than usual, and now I suddenly hungry at once. Why can that be? Lorraine , on the other hand, help long-chain carbohydrates - they keep the blood sugar level constant - that prevents hung
More eaten than usual, and suddenly hunger?
Mc Donald's Choose 57% Burger King Choose 43% Mandy rather burgerking. The best ways are local restaurants or smaller chains like Burgerista. Melody There is no difference to me. Where I'm just tastes it best to me or let me taste best. Jeannette Definit
Mc Donald's or Burger King?
Find it just money waste. Pommes I'll pick myself sometimes if I have a hunger, but more not. LG If it does not like choose 53% SO CHOOSE IS SO CHOOSE 25% Mag choose 22% Terrance Do not hold anything from such food. Maybe 2-3 times a year when it comes t
What do you think of McDonalds?
What are your favorites and why? I would just be interested in :) Other choose 43% Citizens King Choose 21% MC Donalds Choose 21% KFC Choose 14% Ashley If "Bock" on "Fast Food", then only from the brand "DIY" - and only vegan, logo! ;) GINA None fulfills
Which fast food chain?
Fast Food! Never Choose 41% 1 per month Already rather choose 32% other choose 15% 1 times in the week Choose 9% Every day Choose 3% 2-4 times Choose 0% 5-7 times Choose 0% Courtney should be called once a week before someone improves me better. Crystal
How often in the week do you go to Burger King, Mc Donalds, etc?
It is very common that people over 40 have a beer belly or twice as weigh as in younger years. What is the reason for this? Rafael Unhealthy diet and often too little movement, especially in office jobs. As a teenager you have to drive bike, as an adult
Why are most of the middle-aged people obese?
If you want to decide German Choose 35% Turkish Choose 15% Chinese Choose 12% Indian Choose 12% American Choose 12% Thayland Choose 8% Mexican Choose 8% Jim Hmm I can not quite decide because my election kitchen is not there. Basically Asian as an overal
Which kitchen would you prefer?
What do you find better? I think both horny, but kebab a little better. What do you find better? Pizza Choose 67% Doner Choose 33% Elbert Hello, Actually, I like both, but if I have to decide then kebab. But not every doner tastes me. LG Abivibess Jody P
Doner or pizza?
With fork or hand? And what as a side dish? Oscar I eat fries, nuggest potato salad Amy A "real" burger belongs to a (slightly roasted) sesame-valve - as it bites the Mouse no thread, as we say francs ...;) My undisputed burger favorite is "No Meat Just
How do you eat the burger (supplement)?
Or in other words: Would you rather take gummy bears or chips? : D Sweet! Choose 59% salty! Choose 41% Kyle Only the chocolate, or the cake, then automatically comes the appetite on chips, then deserted on sweet, always changing Jessie noodles or 1/3 Tot
Survey: Did you prefer sweet or salty?
I love Pizza Funghi from Italian and pizza rolls with pizza rolls and aioli or steamed zucchini with paprika mushrooms and garlic Edith Pizza is great, but also only the restaurant specializing in. I like a pizza with Gorgonzola and Crevettes. Emmett Piz
What is your favorite fast food?
Her with the 1000 € Choose 56% Keep your money choose 44% Brent Since I would be in the hospital at the latest after 2 weeks in the hospital with nerignitis or a bowel breakthrough. I already had to need me again. Peggy Yummnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Would you only eat kebabs for 3000 € for 3000 € 1 month with nice sharp sauce?
More than those I could take Net Water Choose 45% Sprite Choose 20% Ice Tea Choose 20% Coffee Choose 10% Cola Choose 5% MATE CHOOSE 0% FANTA CHOOSE 0% Eric Hello Greeny2, I like all of it from this list, except maybe Mate, since I rarely drink it. I wish
Which drink do you like most?