Glass bottles Choose 57% Plastic bottles CHOOSE 43% Madeline actually plastic because easier to wear or on the go. Also does not give everything I like to drink in glass bottles. Would like to buy less plastic ... If there is so automatic in my closer ar
Do you prefer to buy glass bottles or plastic bottles?
Do you buy FIFA 22? I will buy it, but that will be my last FIFA for the next few years. No Choose 78% Yes Choose 22% Maybe Choose 0% What is it? Choose 0% Kenneth Nope, since the PC version is still the load-gene version, I also play FIFA 17 until the P
Buy FIFA 22?
Which kotatsus have a good quality and are cheap (max. Approx. 400, - €) Jack HMMM, difficult. Due to the more low demand here, the things are quite expensive. How about a home? Elvira preferably in Rakuten directly from Japan. The deliver to Germany. B
Where do I buy best Kotatsus?
Please be honest, the product you have acquired and it is and remains the best product? Florence It is my phone from the usefulness. Just all the things you can do with it, like photos, calls, games etc. United in such a small device are simply incredibl
What is your favorite product?
Bin M / 16 and search for high heels for male feet (men's feet instead of "for men", as high heels are unisex). I have the shoe size 42/43 and it's hard for me to put high heels made for women's feet. So where can you find and buy / order? Darnell The be
Where can you find / buy high heels for men's feet?
Here once the 1st outfit I would like to buy a pair of dance practice videos (KPOP), or stop outfits that look similar. Can you tell me where I get that and how it would be worthwhile it. And if there are the outfits in a similar, cheaper variant? And ma
Where can I get these outfits?
Louise Dalllo Tina, This depends on the offer and quality . I would always decide for quality and only goes through personal test and when it comes to the back and healthy sleep also goes through . The problem is only, a good seating is usually a bad sle
Would your sofa bed buy at IKEA or at Segmüller?
The Rapper Lil Uzi Vert bought the Jupiter, my question is like and with whom could he buy a planet when planets are not in our possession and who sells a planet sold. Willie That's not exactly how to name stars or stars or buy a moon plot. One has no ri
Where can I buy a planet?
Hello, Do you pay attention to the price when buying food, so you usually buy the cheap or is you doing that? In it So, I do not look at the price, but I only buy the own brands. Suppose I put that in the shopping cart, which I need and pay it in the end
Do you pay attention to the price when shopping?
Hello, I have visited 4 bunnies and can not decide which I should get. The 2 lives in a garden in a pretty big enclosure and look healthy. (Apparent attitude) Now sent the breeder pictures of his enclosure, which looks like this: This attitude is not rea
Would you buy baby bunny from this attitude?
Is this true matching this saying? Can you also confirm that - from owner experiences? "Expensive" but does not necessarily mean "good", right? Thank you! Jamie Yes, especially with clothes. If a shirt costs only 20 euros, then I'll stop 3 for the price.
Who buys cheap, buys two times?
I would be interested ... I order either at Zalando or at Hollister PS: Buy online clothes I mean C & A / H & M CHOOSE 50% Zalando Choose 25 % Other (please call) Choose 25% Shein Choose 0% ASOS CHOOSE 0% Hollister / Abercrombie Choose 0% Nike / Adidas /
Where does your clothes buy?
Can you only rent books in a library or buy completely? Delbert So you can make the move that you borrow the book, then holds until JMD complains, say the book was lost and give you the money for the book. PS: That's what I had done in elementary school
Only borrow or buy in a library?
I am 25, but look at something younger. Will often be used everywhere in shops, etc. I do not care. In general, however, people are a bit naughty to me especially in Germany. As an example ... I was shopping at Lidl and forgot to live a cash separator on
Why are some often used as others?
I bought wedding earrings. Just well, I do not marry. But I found her nice. Emmett Yes, recently as small sheet metal boxes where soap is in it. The boxes have all a different design and actually I bought it only because it looks so beautiful. A real use
Have you ever bought something, just because of the external, for what you actua
I do not know which diapers I should buy (only in business) Since I like diapers very much and would try them Jeff Let yourself be advised in the medical office. Lionel Pampers (I hope I have written correctly)
Which diaper buy in business (16 years)?
Please justify . No Choose 46% Yes Choose 38% Going Choose 15% Greg Yes and No. With quality, the hold has little to do and are certain things in the continuous use one pays twice. Then I can buy something high quality right away. But so things like tras
Survey: Do you like to buy action?
... Aldi Choose 62% Lidl Choose 38% Joshua Discounter are not on my list Kurt I buy almost only at Aldi. van I do not like to know JZ but there is a Lidl around the corner (my school) I often go there. LG Todd REWE. Jared Amazon now
Where do you like to buy?
These cat babies are all of a user and partly the kittens are at an age where you can not even separate from the mother. However, this indicates that you can not visit the mother animal and also generally indicate almost nothing about the different cat b
Illegal cat trading on eBay?
Completely regardless of how unrealistic is something. Let's say we live in a world that consists of majority of women (60%) and inspect the world in women. Men are under the control of women and have to adapt to their wishes. They are seen as property t
Question to the women: When husbands would buy, which would you buy?