I find the afd. The AFD Choose 62% The green choose 18% the left choose 15% The CDU / CSU CHOOSE 3% Others Choose 3% The SPD CHOOSE 0% The FDP Choose 0% Dana This is coming now ... When it comes to policies, my opinion is: Green / SPD When it comes to be
What is the worst party in the Bundestag?
The chances of becoming Olaf Scholz (SPD) Chancellor are good. Karl Laudutbach (SPD) has already said in an interview that he would have interest to become a health minister. However, it is also unpopular with many, is often referred to and criticized as
Survey: Is the mask obligation abolished when Karl Lauderbach becomes a health m
Which party should be a conservative person who has nothing for the gender and the whole LGBTQ intemination and is for limiting the immigration, but at the same time less corruption, less influence of the lobbyists and a strong welfare state, including a
Which should be a conservative right of the strong welfare state?
So in the future what do you think which party would make it best? CDU / CSU CHOOSE 34% No choose 34% FDP CHOOSE 15% Green Choose 9% Left Choose 9% SPD CHOOSE 0% Irving According to the upcoming historical electoral defeat (of course, not yet carved in s
Which party would most likely coalize with the AFD in the future?
In the end, in my view, it makes no sense, as the SPD is currently responsible for the misery in the country, as they are in the Groko. Would be interesting to hear your opinions. Gladly also from SPD voters. Carol On the one hand, most people recognize
Why do many suddenly choose the SPD?
I can not wait to see the results. I am strictly against a general speed limit on highways. This makes you the whole economy broken ..... It does not buy any more a fast car if you can not use it in some places. And noise does not primarily arise through
Is the law changed after the federal election 2021 in favor of a tempolimit?
Regardless of whether this is really possible. Olaf Scholz Choose 39% Annalena Baerbock Choose 17% Sarah Wagenknecht Choose 17% Alice Weithel Choose 11% Christian Lindner Choose 11% Markus Sder Choose 6% Armin Laschet Choose 0% Warren But unfortunately t
Who should become Chancellor of it?
Merkel has never taken a leaf in front of the mouth at Russia, but it was always trying for a dialogue. Al This depends on who the government in Berlin will be born by the parties? The Chancellor has a directional competence, so its judgment will also wo
How will Germany change to Russia after the federal election?
Everything is anonymous So be honest AfD Choose 36% Green Choose 27% The left choose 17% CDU / CSU CHOOSE 7% SPD CHOOSE 7% FDP CHOOSE 7% Free voters Choose 0% Josefina I live in Switzerland but I would take a small party. Many of these parties listed the
Who would you choose?
Stand today, 11.08.2021, also justify. FDP CHOOSE 31% AFD CHOOSE 21% Alliance 90 / The green choose 15% SPD CHOOSE 13% The left choose 8% others Choose 8% CDU / CSU CHOOSE 5% Clara Not only at the moment. Definitely nothing will change. Rosalie In my opi
Still one and a half months to the election. Which party would you currently cho
Austria Choose 37% Scandinavia Choose 37% Switzerland Choose 7% Netherlands Choose 7% Spain Choose 5% France Choose 5% Luxembourg Choose 2% Kay Hey!
In which of European countries would you emigrate and continue your life there?
Adopted the AFD would get 100% of all votes in Germany at the next federal election ( What will not happen ). What do you think would then be with the Refugees, and their families and perhaps passed children born in Germany? Stephen I appreciate that the
Refugees in Germany When the AFD wins?
I only ask for the parties, who at least have the greatest prospect of the Chancellor. CDU / CSU CHOOSE 58% Alliance90 The green choose 38% SPD CHOOSE 5% Santiago The CDU / CSU will definitely try it. She will continue to try to make the rich and the bet
Which of the three Bundestag parties, will in your opinion, in the Bundestag ele
Bad Choose 88% Good Choose 13% Mattie He seems to me such a professional politician who first thinks of his own advantage. Too smooth, no backbone. We need young people in this office. Volitistrentner As he can sit back comfortably for their remaining ye
How would you find it when Armin Laschet becomes Federal Chancellor?
Since I have become 18 this year, I may choose the first time. NPD CHOOSE 50% AFD CHOOSE 37% The base choose 10% Republican Choose 3% The right choose 0% New Center Choose 0% Aaron deal with the individual parties and their party and election programs. T
Which party choose?
AfD Choose 31% The green choose 29% FDP Choose 13% The left choose 11% CDU Choose 8% SPD CHOOSE 7% Mandy The AFD has won
Bundestag election 2021 - Which party does you choose?
Yes Choose 48% No Choose 26% Other Opinion Choose 26% Meredith It is clear that the parties suddenly promise, especially before important elections, the parties promise to tackle problems (which they have aggressed or ignored themselves) to invest more a
Are people in Germany are deceived especially before elections from politics?
Which party plans the best apartment policy, in your opinion? FDP (eg more new construction, allowance of the land transfer tax, housing allowance) CHOOSE 42% The Greens (eg apartment community, rent boundaries) CHOOSE 17% The left (eg freezing leases, r
Which party has set up the best option for the Bundestag election 2021 to create
Other opinion Choose 27% Yes, both Choose 23% Corona and debt Choose 23% Climate and Environment Choose 15% No, none of the two choose 12% Mildred I have always chosen the same party and this time there is no reason to change. EARL Above all, it is about
Are the most important topics
No Choose 63% Yes Choose 28% Other Opinion Choose 10% Joanne Thanks to the maintenance of Hartz4 sanctions, the workers forced for 16 years to work to a poverty wage, so the living conditions of millions of workers in the country have become worse, while
What do you think, is Mrs. Merkel (Deutsche Chancellor) succeeded in improving l