I totally lust for sex and I'm 14 What should I do I have no solid girlfriend it is ultra heavy Simon Then do SB? Do not understand the problem.
Sex fancy?
Yes Choose 57% Not necessarily Choose 36% No Choose 7% Yes, but you can counteract CHOOSE 0% Sheri Look at Snoop Dogg ^ ^ also depends on the type of drug, the consumption frequency, etc., etc. Jamie Comes on the drug. Caffeine, for example, is very harm
Leave drugs age?
Hey, I'm trying to put my phone away. I want to do something meaningful, I really enjoy learning and exercising. Unfortunately, I do not like that. I can not put my phone or the PS4 away. I want to stop immediately. I do not feel good. That hurts already
I'm addicted to me please help me?
Hello, I am currently the question of how it can be, the currently so many people in my age, regularly consume alcohol, tobacco and illegal noise, and feel so cool. I have never taken alcohol, nicotine or illegal substances in my life. But now these peop
Why is the youth of today as she is?
It is well known that cigarettes and similar tobacco products are harmful to the health and addiction. Should not you simply prohibit, possibly with gradual abolition to e.g. 2030? I know some who can not get away from the cigarette though they weighed i
Should cigarettes be banned?
Breasts, but why? Mandy Since it has been surviving the well-fitted children better and thus get the kind. The people who do not pay attention are extinct. So it is a kind of urinist ink - with one more, in the other less. Barry The men who are addicted
Why are we men addicted to T *?
Hello I had M / 16 yesterday the first time in my life a few Vodka Lemon drank, and was a bit drunk. Is that bad I will not grow anymore, or do I get other health problems? Marion Once it certainly does not hurt. But that should not be a habit. Lindsey A
Drunk a lot a lot?
Am I sick, what's wrong with me ??? I'm not coming out alone, I need help I feel alone, abandoned, me is cold, IVH I'm afraid, I'm scared, what should I do, I need help, I wish help please, no one does not listen to me, or does not anyone see me, nobody
What's wrong with me? Am I sick?
How is the human and animal becoming moon addictive. Lionel from the Internet: in adults, which Sleepwalks , often certain personality characteristics can be detected: introvertedness, low load capacity, low self-esteem. As a trigger stress, sleep depriv
Regarding moon addictive?
I am alcoholics according to my friends ... have now constantly heard it was very bad and you have to treat yourself immediately. Is it really that bad and I absolutely have to be in therapy ...? Claire Hello! You do not have to do anything. But if you h
Do I have to therapy as an alcoholic?
I find sports betting or gambling belongs banned, as people only pull the money out of his pocket. I think it's human being pretty repugingly, if one exploits the need for people and makes them hope that they can be with Tipico / Lotto and the like. http
Survey: should one forbid gambling?
Today is my 9th day in withdrawal and I would like to have myself, just feel so sad and alone, yes that sounds really stupid and so on self-pity but I just do not like to endure that, I still sit here 4 months and would like to get out of alcohol, can al
Addictive pressure comes back?
is always the same pattern. LEDs in their rooms, anime poster on the wall, have a PC, gambling something like Minecraft, Valorant, Fortnite etc ... (nothing extreme), chilling only on discord, have in the social media anime characters as a profile pictur
Why are these anime fangirls so extreme?
Alison If you should be seriously sexious, I would propose a behavioral paper. There you learn to control your sexual impulses. Self-help groups can also help. The goal there is not sexual abstinence, but a controlled handling of sexuality. Single talks
Am sex addicted What should I do?
(Author: Unknown -) According to the meaning of Life? According to the purpose of this world, according to the meaning From humans, according to the meaning of your Personal Life? Each of us urges the question about the meaning. Some displace them questi
So my father has beaten me (I am 24) for years and hardly drunk every day of my childhood and youth. Have no contact now for the 3 years now to him, and could heal a bit in me. My mother has written to me now that he really wants me to meet ... Do you th
Father give a chance?
Yes (with reason) Choose 67% No Choose 33% Lela I honestly seek ne small mobile phone. I am very often on the phone as soon as I have time. I do not have a time then I do not do it much but with every little thing when I go to the clo or then again Josef
Do you have an addiction?
Please write gender and age. Hab's good control choose 73% are addictive choose 27% Elbert neither? I would say if I would start again, then I would have to do that regularly. Probably I could still stop (not necessarily at any time, but depending on the
Are you addicted to SB or do you have it well under control?
Veronica (New answers: This also includes mobile phone and listening to music ...) Shannon Eig ... Joa pretty much the entire time in I'm awake; -; -; Terrell Hi, I do not look permanently on it, but mostly always run a cavated or podcast in the backgrou
How much are you if you have nothing to do during the holidays on the PC?
Hello, I've been telling a girlfriend that I am 19 hours cell phone sometimes on the phone, if it's weeks to end / holidays and so.Sie said that that is not normal, so I want to ask if that can cause any damage. Or if that's seeking and what I can do abo
Am I addicted to 19 hours?