Hello, I wanted to know if it is allowed when I transport my shot gun in the sealed weapons suitcase in my travel bag, I would then get problems if I might be checked and then the locked weapon suitcase in my Find travel bag? Patrick The entrance is proh
Transport shotgun weapon on the train with weapons suitcases?
Climate protection is a topic that has been known and feared for 30 years. In all the time, governments and parties were on the lever to counteract the development. At the state and plane governed CDU, SPD, FDP or the Greens ... but except "make more exp
If the climate protection has supposedly top priority, why are the prices for pu
Geoffrey I live in Hamburg for 28 years. I've never driven black in my life. And I've actually noticed more than just once that people have driven black. And sadly I have to say that someone who would have prejudice against a particular population group
When you are traveling with the ÖV, have you heard that someone has driven black
Our teacher said that we are planning to plan Monday & Tuesday as we come to school as the tracks strike.In the news was also "from Saturday" that means it starts early? Do not have anyone to drive neither family nor friends. Theodore It does not fall ou
Strike of Deutsche Bahn?
"Restorless": Lauterbach warns of more Corona infections by strikes at the Bahn SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has criticized the threatened renewed railway strike in the Corona Pandemic. "The driver's strike will lead to more corona infections," said
What do you think about Lauterbach's criticism regarding the current railway str
DB Regio Baden-Wrttemberg is there again this year a summer holiday campaign, where the job ticket is valid for public transport throughout the state. I wanted to do with my partner this time day trips to places, where we would never go down. Perhaps it
Which of these places in Baden-Württemberg are worthwhile for a short / day trip
I have to wait until 19:10 on my train and do not know what I could do. I only have 12 €. LG Beth Hike to the lake, admire the castle and back to the train station. Costs no cents. Kathryn Not much. The main train station is far away from the city. Moni
What can you do on Schwerin Hbf for 2 hours?
Unpunctually Choose 56% Why I ask such stupid questions Choose 44% to punctual choose 0% Molly None of the proposed answers. Some trains are punctual and some unpunctual, that's the stop. In my opinion, the communication of the DB is annoying in my opini
How do you find Deutsche Bahn?
Hello, I'm worried a bit, because I hear a weird noise at longer intervals. It's like a railroad, the tupt? (Do not know the word) That came more than 5 times and that for 10 o'clock in the morning or something. Does anyone know what that could be? Nearb
What's that sound?
So I'm w / 17 and next week Saturday I have to go home at night at 1 o'clock alone with the train. I have to be honest because there is a bit scared at night (I sometimes I've been looking at "pervert" during the day. Does anyone know how I can become qu
Drive by train at night (tips, anxiety)?
Hello, If you come back by bus or . On the way, you are offering your older people your seat? (If you are still young and sporty) If you may be one of the elderly, you will often be offered a seat from the younger ones? Yes I ask the people if you want t
Does your older people offer your seat in the bus / train?
Hi, the question is up. Thank you in advance :) Janet HI biscuit lovers;) The price system depends on many factors. While you do not get anything at the super-saving price, because there is a cancellation excluded, you will get the normal price, meanwhil
If I stonize a train ticket how much money do you have to pay and get the money
I have the car 23 and 36 space, but I'm on a place 36, but there is another reservation than my over it for a stop. On top of this screen strikingly, cars is 24. But before the train I was told that I should in the direction here. It The train is numbere
Is there any place number in the complete train only once?
Hello friends, The bridge is on my ticket you can help me ??? LG from the train Mitchell This is the Glzenschtalbrcke in Vogtland. Here The Wikipedia Article! LG and I hope I could help you! EDDIE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/g%C3%B6LTZSCHTALBR%C3%BCCCE
What is this for a bridge and where is it?
Hello, Does anyone know if this year also applies to the first holiday day for free, if you can take at least one 1 in the testimony? Freddie So far this was only in Bavaria, and also there m. W. 2019 to (previously) last time (see https://www.deutscheba
Free train ride with certificate?
Hello, the following .. I was alone in the evening by train and on the train was not much going on. In the next 4rer seat, 2 men sat loudly loud and laughed, but I did not dare to look for a place away, because I thought I might be more attention to me.
Harassment on the train?
Hi people I'll tell you first what I have before, then ask my questions. So: I want with 2 friends for a week 4 h Driving away from us in a holiday apartment And we wanted to stop Kiffen because who has never done it ... (please no teachings that it is n
Cannabis on the train?
What the f * CK?! Julian And they are not used earlier than the 2nd class, so a scandal ... Railing is not really exclusive. The 1st class ticket is worthwhile in the S-Bahn, if there are still sites available there and only standing in the 2nd class. Bo
Why to hell there is the 1st class in the S train in Germany, if everyone comes
The exchange is likely to cost a lot of money, as at least in the HVV thousands of stickers are attached with this term. This, because some people hold him for racist, though he has nothing to do with origin or skin color , I sometimes have the feeling t
What do you think that
What do you most about foot, train, bus, train, plane, bike? Auto Choose 38% Bicycle Choose 25% Bus Choose 15% Bahn Choose 13% I run (almost Everywhere) Choose 8% Train Choose 3% Airplane Choose 0% Willie With the car I am on the way when I have to go to
Which means of a removal means is you most common?