So God can produce everything he wants and destroy that again. I wonder God actually destroy yourself Please only meaningful answers Debbie Hello Locas410, If you follow the statements of certain contents of beliefs, God is omnipotent - which may always
Violence is a solution choose 55% No Violence is no solution Choose 45% Tracey At it, on it, for what when and what you define as violence. Scare a person in order to protect others in front of him, sometimes even to protect man in front of himself appea
Why do you often hear in society / policy that violence is not a solution but wi
The question is the question. I also feel like myself that if I am in love, I'm rather tend to think reasonable, which makes me a lot broken ... I want, if I meet with a man, a day without kissing, for example. And he tries it too. But in the end I throw
Why are many women lowering if they are in love?
Rafael There are stakeholders of individual divorcers now. It is the weapon lobby, but these states are also relocating to several states, the big Zampano is no longer alone, always More often, he is braked. Douglas Probably there is no individual, but a
Who is the most powerful person in the world that determines everything?
Is it a country or business company or a religious organization or anything else? Which organization is it that is currently the most powerful? Marsha The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was influential, which is now Foreign Policy initiative
What is the most powerful organization of the world?
I love this quote and think it's absolutely true and have it in my profile description
Question about this quote?
Hello I have to say in advance that I see an actual democracy in particular a direct democracy critically as the freedom of the individual is as endangered as well. goes here in this question about Austria and Germany, is very similar in many ways. But I
Let's live in a history democracy, or is that just me?
How can one explain it psychologically, philosophical, sociological, etc. that rich people do not fully get their neck, instead more and more richer? Floyd Hi, just because you can and enjoy it to surround yourself with beautiful things. Gives you a good
Why do rich people get their neck full?
What extended or supernatural senses or skills can a person be acquired? Did you have read something in this regard? Thank you Wilbert Hello A well-known of mine has appropriated itself if you believe me all this, he has used about 10 years, he has a sim
What advanced, supersensible senses or skills can a person acquire?
To all women: would you enter a man in the eggs if this (a) would mean, (b) you do not have to be afraid that he resists / reverses them and does not hurt you and (c) you do not Fear should be sued for this or to wear other negative consequences? Backgro
To all women: Do you want to get a man in the eggs?
Good Choose 46% Bad Choose 31% OK Choose 23% Perry Well, The first one brought me the phenom AM2 9600WCJ Alive6G-VSTA 4/4 2.3GHz; With DDR2 and SATA2. Somehow, the cores have been blocked each other. Anyway, I was still a confident Intel fan boy. With th
How did you find the AMD
Hall oils. Today ne simple question! You would choose the AFD if you have the following options: A: If you choose the AFD Do you get a prize. (Money / an object / Something stop) How high / what would the price be so on? B: You would also choose the AFD
Select AFD?
So a unified humanity who cares about big problems and not which country is the richest! With justification please! Yes I want a united world! CHOOSE 54% No I do not want to united world Choose 42% neither nor ... Choose 4% Alberta In contrast, nothing s
Do you want a
I love the feeling that always gives me a special thrill. I think then .. I lie flat and think of wild sex Timothy is not possible for me, people I do not like, I can not find attractive, no idea how something goes. The visible and invisible go over in e
Do you know that when you find people from the other sex, although you do not li
Rene at the political level, for example, Katharina the Great (Russian Czarin), Elizabeth I of England, Cleopatra (Egyptian Pharaonine), Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary (Empress of Austria) and Luise of Prussia (Queen of Prussia).
Which woman was the most powerful ever lived?
So first. I am not a racist. Every life is valuable. But it is so. I have these southern countries skin color. Like that of a sicilian. And it's like that. But I have been that since my childhood. Again. I am not a racist. But it is so. I find pale white
Nausea for people?
Especially when I write a question here, always strive and improve one unnecessarily. I have z. B before asking a question: Why is the net so radical * Most knew what it's about. But then a person came and said something like: No, the net is not radical.
Why are there so many witers?
In my eyes, it's money because it fulfills all material and mostly also in material needs. What do you mean? What else, and ... Choose 38% Dear Choose 19% Money Choose 14% Makes Choose 10% Knowledge & Truth Choose 10% Family Choose 5 % Sex Choose 5% Ben
What is the most important thing in life? Goal orientation?
With your partner / partner here start what, and on the bed lies everywhere money around, this music runs in the background: v = H2N7J1iuhuk Yes, but something of! You have taste choose 57% Ne Choose 43% Richard Hahaha, wou
Would you?
Yes Choose 74% No, can not help me Choose 11% No, have no force choose 7% No, I'm too lazy Choose 4% No, I sweat choose 4% No, does not look at choose 0% Dan Either alone as a sporting activity or with child in the trailer to the playgrounds in the area.
Drive your bike?