I always hear from people how much they need sex, and they could not live without a life. And I think that's very strange as a Christian. Because, I have not been redeemed by these desires and feelings. I did not have a penetration for sex. Maybe I want
Do you need sex?
I give it 2 good reasons. Do not you know how long one will live. It could be that one dies early, or heavily ill. Your own waiver, or postponing the act, leads the other to this possibility as fewer partners are available. So I plead for a very early fi
Should you have sex as soon as possible?
Especially when it comes to certain sexuality, then I often feel disgust. Is that normal, and healthy like that? If no, why do I react like that? Robert You disgust yourself as a protective reaction :) You obviously have homosexual inclinations that you
Why do I often feel disgust?
There is accusation against Kik: KIK , a red tshirt, shows on some advertising signs The Hitler Greeting. And the clothes racks at Kik have the shape of swastika. What do you think about it? How can these coinciders be explained? Note: Pay attention to t
Is Kik Laden a Nazi?
Here is some ways to handle that. Option A: The better wins → often leads to dispute. In addition, not fair, since different attractive. Option B: The one who prevailed first. Option C: It may first, which has the worse opportunities in women Option D:
You both stand on the same girl / woman.? How is your guys dealing with such a s
Hey, is it possible to rebuild a Berlingo / partner box car from a 2 seater to a 3-seater legally? (ie to replace the single seat through a 2-bank) In the appendix are the example photos: Myrtle Technically possible, this will be safe, but how many desig
3er bench Citroen Berlingo / Peugeot Partner?
Have all theoretical possibilities written in: I say it directly, why it does not go further Choose 80% I move around and leave you back / Ghost Choose 6% I never do it, no matter what happens choose 6% I will be so unnecessary that you / he ends himself
How do you do / have you concluded? Which methods do you use?
I've often shmark for more than 12 hours, but I'm still too little, I want my life to tell me literally that I only eat or go to eat, and then sleep again. So that the time passes faster to death. Is there a way to sleep around 24 hours? Because it makes
How do I sleep even more?
Hello everyone together, I just had one of such '' Shower-thoughts '' and asked me if homosexual women are still virgin, because ever can ever say, because there is no sausage has been laid in the bread roll, and will not happen if I may say that. Thank
Homosexual women for always virgin?