Funny fresh choose 62% Lays Choose 23% CHIO CHOOSE 15% Pombr Choose 0% Private brand CHOOSE 0% Alnatura Choose 0% Barbara I find very good. Roland Such a thing is ^^ Grle :)
What is the best chips mark?
Today, my ex-mother-in-law was with me. She told that her granddaughter, which is 12 years old and has long been quite overweight, does not want to go to a children's birthday, as this takes place in a outdoor pool And she is ashamed to appear in the swi
Grandma wants to continue their pretty overweight granddaughter contrary to the
What would you prefer? Chip Dose Choose 53% Chip Tube Choose 47% Rex Hello :) I find doses are more practical, the content does not crumple then and you can close it without any effort. LG Ravibess LG Ravibess Miguel There is less air inside and it's mor
Chip tube or chipsboard (survey)?
Which chips do you like most? So from the respective brand. LG Funny fresh Choose 28% Pringles Choose 28% Other: Choose 21% Lays Choose 14% Pombr Choose 10% CrunChips Choose 0% Luca's Pombr belongs to Funnyfrisch, did you know it? I think so if you look
Which chips do you like more?
Hello, which chips do you like the most? Just true LG and thanks to all, the tuning / answers
Which chips do you like?
Or in other words: Would you rather take gummy bears or chips? : D Sweet! Choose 59% salty! Choose 41% Kyle Only the chocolate, or the cake, then automatically comes the appetite on chips, then deserted on sweet, always changing Jessie noodles or 1/3 Tot
Survey: Did you prefer sweet or salty?
also with variety and brand Potato Chips Choose 54% Nuts Choose 14% Flips Choose 9% Other nobility Choose 9% Chips from other vegetables / cereals Choose 6% SOLETTI CHOOSE 6% Balls Choose 3% Katie Survey to Sweet Pondon
Which knacks makes it addictive?
french choose 95% Chip choose 3% Founding Choose 3% Katrina But actually uglyly fried potatoes Julie Unhealthy food. George Normal stop
How do you call that?