I turned a few days 19 and love a girl is 16. Since I do not want to do anything wrong, I wanted to ask if something is ok or the age is too big. Marvin Hello Anamontana! completely normal and often not bad Have a nice evening Nathan Bad in Two relations
Boy 19, girl 16 in a relationship bad or oke?
Hello, does anyone know why many radio stations on TV Alt_ stands? PS: The transmitters work Marjorie I'm not sure (I have not seen this yet), but it could be that "alternative frequencies" are meant, many channels are to be received on multiple frequenc
Why is many radio stations on the TV Alt_?
Sophie That would have had to be 10/11 years at that time. Molly Believe with 14/15 but right with orgasm with 16 (female ) Alfred M and 9! Brian with 12/13 CA Doyle With 8 or 9 I am now 11
When did you satisfy yourself for the first time that you have not yet?
Imagine you, you may have your favorite relatives for a week who have all the holidays and make something with them there. However, since you the only ones in the age, otherwise older (40 +). Would you like to do it anyway? Yes in any case! CHOOSE 67% ot
Would you do it?
I wanted to know which your favorite songs are Johnny Cash. My Favorite is "Ring of Fire"! Jeremy The duets with his June ... Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash - 'Cause I Love You Johnny Cash & June Carter - It Ain't Me, Babe All the best for you! Grace Hall
Favorite song Johnny Cash?
Hello, I am almost 23 years old and is always appreciated to 16, 17 to a maximum of 18. I'm always clean and relatively elegantly dressed, wearing blouses / skirts, little, but for that Ordinary jewelry. I am educated and can express me very well, I'm a
I look young?
Hello I am 28 years old and thought that I am a pretty young man until I read this: Now I feel me stintalt because I'm already 28 Kim Get a Wikipedia access and correct it if you do not like it. I have such an access and let it stand, then it is so indif
What do you say?
And what do you think he is for a country man Marty 15-17 Pole or Russian Elizabeth 18 or 19 classic German Gregg 14-15 In any case too young to add his pictures to the grid Spencer 18 and Azerbaijan Bradley Felt 300 and apparently Ostfriese.
How old would you appreciate him?
So I'm now 16 soon 17 and find all either funny, asocial or just annoying only when gambling I find "cool" people but that does not help even if they all live far away and could find the partner too much Doof Become ... Do you know the problem too? Jimmy
Are there any normal people in my age?
And what are annoying from it? I am mostly exposed to younger CHOOSE 77% Actually, most of them are close to their estimates I will mostly older estimated choose 8% James I am 14 and I'm mostly appreciated a bit older. But only for 2-3 years. But that ma
Will you rather appreciate older or younger than you are?
Older (IM Female) Choose 32% Sensitive IM m / w? Choose 27% Younger (Iinnice Male Choose 23% Older (I am male) Choose 14% Significantly older bin m / w? Choose 5% Younger (Bin Female) Choose 0% Significantly Younger Bin m / W? Choose 0% Jackie NB. And th
Is her rather on older or younger?
I've seen in a Tiktok that a woman saw the said "enjoyed the youth, because age is cruel." Is that correct? And are you happy? That goes to all old people. Darnell It is not the pure joy now, but also no hell squalse. ^^ You know that the life is managea
To all over 60: Is it bad to be old?
If you look at photos of 20 year olds in the 1950s and today, you see the 20 year old clearly younger nowadays. Does this have to do with the life style? For example, I am significantly aged from 19 to 22. But I was also homeless, and generally did not h
See young disciples?
Leland I do not know what that should be, but if it is an illegal crap, then I would leave the fingers completely from it. The age does not matter. LG Ann NO after using such special words like black pills, it can be concluded that you are busy with it t
Is it with 18 too young to become
Answer honest. Miriam Be honest? What do you find more old just die or the other I would take the first. Samantha Everyone has to answer for themselves! My opinion brings you as little as your me brings! ; -) Angie old and rich. Find that has more style
Dear young and bankrupt or very old and rich?
Why does age play a big role? I mean it does not say anything about people when someone calls me on Instagram and asks me how old I'm or Base chat or so and I aged my age my sorry too young but why? If I do not even know me I can be ripe and really far i
A good acquaintance is degree with her daughter pregnant. She is 32 years old Alberto This is a normal age for the first child. The average age at the first child is in Germany at almost 30 years. In any case, she is sufficiently young to get a second ch
Would you feel too old with 32 for the first child?
That's allowed I know. But I would be interested in how others see. Sharon Everyone should love who he or she wants. Comic looks will always give it, especially with a big age difference, but you have to be about it. Janice Of course. If both are like th
May an 18 year old with a 36-year-old?