Yes Choose 54% No Choose 46% Mary And I am and live it well Nina Bin Queer with a clear preference to women! With men I would not really believe what. Although I simp for male anime characters but so relationship would I have nothing to be with you Louis
Question to the girls, you are also Bi?
So how is you to lgbtq
Question How is your LGBTQ
This question is aimed at gay / bio / pansexual men who are more on dominant, male men. What exactly are you looking for in such men? This can be a particular appearance, certain styles, looks, clothing styles, or even behaviors or character properties!
What do Devote men like masculine guys?
What kind of sexual direction is you? Hetero Choose 52% Bi Choose 19% Other Choose 10% Gay Choose 8% ASEXUAL CHOOSE 7% PAN CHOOSE 4% Queer Choose 0% Geneva Seen by Mannheim, most of the largest part is normal. The smaller part is left Rhine, so by Ludwig
What are you?
Princess Charming (a woman chooses from 20 women) Choose 50% The Bachelor (a man chooses from 20 women) Choose 19% Prince Charming (a man chooses from 20 men) Choose 19% The bachelorette (a woman chooses from 20 men) Choose 12% Pat Of course, I have noth
Which of these four similar dasing shows do you like best?
Hello, I'm 17 years old and hot Laura. I am bisexual and have just a relationship with my girlfriend, how can I tell my parents that I'm bisexual, my parents do not keep from LGBTQ Pablo I do not think much of this movement. Because at some point you wil
How parents tell lesbian?
Yes Choose 75% No, because Choose 25% Doreen Transmands Yes, Transmans No. (I'm lesbian) Loretta What does this have to do with bisexuality? But yes, of course I would :) Cora So if I were hetero, I would not only have cis people data .. Do not know what
If your BI is: would you have a transgender data?
Hello! I'm w / 12-16 and noted that I have a crush on my beast. There were many signs like: Jealousy (on another best friend of her, since she does not live in my neighborhood), I liked eye contact, and the like. Problem: She does not live in the same ci
In love with BFF?