How do you find that a few women starting to take for themselves only to take the male name because they are annoyed by the gender and they do not care if they are a doctor or doctor, employee or machinery, teacher or teacher To show that she does not ne
Women against genders?
I have finished my second picture of leather residues (upcycling). Must still edit a few details and remove the adhesive residues from the image. Would like to know your opinion on my second work. 55x55cm tall. Have another picture of my first work. Fred
Can you give an opinion?
Hey, is it possible to rebuild a Berlingo / partner box car from a 2 seater to a 3-seater legally? (ie to replace the single seat through a 2-bank) In the appendix are the example photos: Myrtle Technically possible, this will be safe, but how many desig
3er bench Citroen Berlingo / Peugeot Partner?
I got leather residues from a business that were intended for waste. I made a modern artwork for me. I would like to know what you think and like you find it. Shaun Is Frieda Kahlo? And if no, then ups, sorry. I find (if it is of you !!) that it looks gr
Your opinions are needed!?