Islam critic usually claim that Islam is to blame for Islamism. Colonialism is not the sole cause of the emergence of Islamism, as little as it is responsible for all problems of the decolonized Arab and other Islamic states. However, his essential featu
Does Europe contribute the main debt to the emergence of Islamism and the proble
Who do you find at the best of the 6 politicians who need to know their normal? And do you know who you have chosen? I am In some really surprised but in some cases you do not realize much difference. 5 CHOOSE 44% 2 CHOOSE 22% 4 Choose 17% 1 Choose 11% 3
Young politician photos?
Islam critic criticize usually the headscarf. This also confirms many surveys at good question. Some practice criticism, others even demand a prohibition . The English Queen sometimes carries a headscarf, which nobody bothers. There are many more picture
Why are many people bothering at the headscarf of Muslims, but not the headscarf
There are good songs, so I know a couple, but I can not really start with the band with the band. Is it just me that way? I love this band! Choose 33% I do not like them so great, are not mine. Choose 30% I like to stop your music now and then. Choose 27
How do you like the Beatles?
How do you find that the English people demand repeat the EM final? erhein No why should be repeated
England demands repetition?
What is wrong with those? Many videos show how brutal these "fans" behave. Bashing other people, destroy half the city, whistle each time the national anthem of the opponents or harvest their flags ... they never behave well, neither players nor "fans" N
Should the English be excluded from the next World Cup?
First with the little girl, then with the laser pointer and now there seems to be a "Punish a (n word) Day" in England Sorry for this Insults in the picture. What do you think about it? Because that really does not work what to do. Even if that's wrong w
What's up with the English?
I'm not a football fan and did not persecute the em. But I have never noticed that a team was so extreme, which is that? Brent I treat the title of the Italians and the defeat of the English fans who want to distract the national anthems of other Pfeffen
Why was everyone against England?
DWAYNE The English National Hymne is so. If you have just a queen, it means "God Save the Queen". In a king "God Save the King". Nicole The fans have sung the English national anthem. "God Save The Queen" Roberta Any queen is dead and that remains like t
Is the Queen dead?
Yes, I look. Choose 57% No, I do not look. Choose 38% I still consider. Choose 5% Camille Hi, FabriceRage.⚽️ There could only be a powerlessness of it. It starts at 20:15 with the sports studio, even that I do not miss. With athletic greetings, Renate.
Look today the EM 2020 final between England and Italy?
Did you noticed that the British, when the opponents have the possession of the ball? The German national anthem who also had such disrespectful behavior. Nelson That's how they are. If you are supposed to frozen with Brexit on their beyond island. The R
Do not behave the British / Englishman?
Italy Choose 73% England wins CHOOSE 27% TRACY Definitely because I was very for Denmark and found the win England a tiny little one unfair. Besides, I do not like the fans anymore. Erik It will definitely give war the England may ever play. Jeannie Hell
Italy against England today 21 clock What do you think?
Italy Choose 83% England Choose 17% Andrew England is mostly unsympathetic, at least the fans
Who should win the EM?
England plays in the legendary Wembley Stadium and has home advantage. In addition, many so-called football experts have been so often warred, everything is possible in football. Who would have e.g. thought that in 2004 the outsider Greece (!) Europe cha
Survey: Does it also be awarded that England becomes a European champion?
I support like most Italy Italy Choose 86% England Choose 14% Natalie Italy was seen over the entire tournament the best team. Then you should also get the title. Through the inglorious behavior of English "fans", my sympathies have suffered something fo
If you support the EM Final?
Please vote all Italy Choose 71% England Choose 29% Todd Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao Stacey I see Italy front. An English title win would surprise me something. Marguerite Il Nostro Drip Costa Tanto Sergio Don, T Like Italia Pamela Italy
Who wins the EM2020 final?
Yes. Choose 75% No. Choose 25% Raul the games of yes, more possession, much more opportunities. Lens looking at the balance sheet is a beautiful free-core of Denmark and on the other hand an own goal of the Danes and a controversial penalty gate for the
Did England deserved?
I personally find that an absolute wrong decision ... The decision is incorrect choose 93% The decision is correct CHOOSE 7% Roland No, at least on the basis of the subjective assessment. But he is justifiable in very close design. Is a can penalty. Tend
Do you find the penalty for England justified?
What do you typing? Italy Choose 70% England Choose 30% Diane clear Italy,
Who will win the Final EM / 2021?
My tip: England 2: 0 Sheryl I think England wins, so 3: 1, but I do not treat it to the English fans Clyde Hello, I Complete me to your tip. I also appreciate a 2: 0. In the final, Italy will win 2: 1 against England - in the extension! LG Robyn Type a 2
Tonight: England vs Denmark? Who will win?