Today, a friend of my sister was visiting that looks pretty good. I was on toilet earlier and there everything was clean and then she went to Clo and when I came back on the wardrades Three four short hair. Where do they come from? Are the pubic hair? Th
Are the pubic hair or what do you think?
Do you like to show you naked against the same age? Is aimed at guys between 15-18. Freda I have no problem with, but do not make it extra, but sometimes the stop comes. E.g. during swimming lessons or when staying and so :) Lucas I'm not pulling me extr
Nude guys?
And please indicate what sex is you. smooth choose 44% Other hairstyle choose 33% Very much hairy Choose 22% Normal hairy, a little reduced choose 0% Only short stubble choose 0% Hairy with pattern Choose 0% Doug I like both sexes, but prefer men. I woul
Which intimate hairstyle is you best best for the sex partner?
Cool would be an answer and an age and gender. Complete shave choose 54% Trimmed CHOOSE 21% Natural growth Choose 21% Hairstyle Choose 4% Veronica Hello 123456789LS, I leave the intimate area at regular intervals in a beautician with sugar paste! in this
How do you carry your ski hair?
To the boys 13 to 14 do you and if yes are shaved these? Yes Choose 75% No Choose 25% Other Answer Choose 0% Kerry Hair only belongs to the head: D Everything else must go away with me Claude Everyone has to know themselves. When the majority would write
Do you have pubic hair?
Hey, I (female, 14) in 2 days the first time school swimming, ninth class. I feel a bit uncomfortable anyway, to swim in front of my class, because I'm not just the best swimmer, but it bothers me something else, my pubic hair. I have very thick and dark
Shaving pubic hairs (swimming, girl, puberty)?
Briefly on the SIPP pages to 0 in the restaurant, for example Kellie If you absolutely need it, why not. But hygienic is certainly not, do you like that if hair lies around from others? Bruce Ask the owner of the public toilet .. No. Joking aside. Do it
Can one cut pubic hairs on public toilets?
e.g. No pubic treatment with 14 years O..? Muriel But many remain to 30: -) Brandi Girls are faster. If in guys then the groschen falls, but quickly pick up. Wallace Yes, is SE Hugh Yes, it is.
Is it often that guys come very late into puberty!?
Hey is 15 and you too and I wanted to ask how I get my best girlfriend that we masturbate together because I absolutely try to try it together with a girl together (we are constantly talking about sex). Mildred It's best to ask them in a quiet minute of
Do you have an idea as you can masturbate with his best friend as a boy?
My question is all about the girls. What do you think of pubic hairs in the intimate area with guys. Looking forward to your answers LG Barry Hi, so I find it hygienic and pleasant if a boy is shaved down what my friend is also the case ✌
Question to the girls?
I have long stopped myself anymore. My pubic hairs are now 5cm long. How long can pubic hair be? Will you still grow? Should I shave? (How short I should cut it?) Are 5cm a lot or little? Daryl I find that extremely unattractive in men when the pubic hai
Sham hair very long!?
I'm 15 and female Yes I know it's coming on me if I want to do it or not But I'm interested in how you see that you can find it with 15 should shave in the intimate area Shelley I've started shaving at 14 or 15 not only under the armpits, just because I
Shaving or not with 15?
Bin 15 and female Are there really girls who do with other girls S * Xting and find it cool Kayla Yes, of course, there are: P Jessica Yes Klaro. Krystal Yes
Girls who do with girls S * Xting?
Nobody likes her. No, your biological benefits do not interest me. Becky Normally one shaves when a hair disturb Walter Depilatory Cream I think
How is you going to start his ass hairs?
Can one cut his pubic hair instead of a razor with a scissors? Owen Can you do ... But I would rather leave it! ... Benjamin One part of the hair is you getting off, but not all. Holly Yes, of course. All hair can be cut with a scissors. Gustavo NU, shav
Shaving with scissors?
Sorry! I usually do not have any sex questions ... from WAT must date. Completely shaved: Perfect choose 70% An in the form of fragmented bush or stroke: perfect choose 17% A poet full of bush: Perfect choose 13% Paulette Please vote only men. Thanks Ver
Question to Men: How do you find pubic hairs in women?
I shaved my pubic bush bush 3-4 weeks ago. So far they have not grown much so far. My question is, does the bush come back or stay my pubic hairs now? Thank you in advance Gloria would remain so short, there would be no advertising for razors, waxing, ip
Will my puba hair come back?
Please with age and gender :) other response Choose 36% not choose 28% 2 times a week Choose 24% 3 times a week Choose 8% Daily Choose 4% Holly My partner and I never shave. Looks out of adults, we like better and one saves annoying shaving pimples Roder
How often do you shave below?