What brings it now that so gasoline is more expensive, and it should be even more expensive. What's this supposed to do that, the poor are still poorer, this country is so expensive: ( I am a career entity (training) we pay so high taxes in Germany, then
What brings me now expensive gasoline?
No Choose 72% Yes Choose 17% Other Opinion Choose 11% Jean https://m.Tagenspiegel.de/politik/ziel-schneller-al-walten-wickfafft-wiren-werden-die-e-Million-ElectroAutos-im-juli Disease / 27384556.html IRVIN is the future and still has a lot of potential t
Are you for a quick change from cars with conventional combustion drive to cars
I like that. Why? Yes Choose 55% No Choose 45% Ramiro is not mine, is rather disgusting. In a question someone has answered: When inhaled, the toxic and carcinogenic benzene is (up to 1 % In gasoline included) the biggest problem. Other ingredients also
Is Benzinguch for you pleasant, at the tank?
Yes, that's not even choose 67% No, the fuel price are still alright Choose 33% I'm not affected, ride only by public choose 0% Allen I have a gas car and would buy an electric car, but do not hold so long, the batteries do not hold so long and that's no
What do you think about the increased fuel price?