You are invited here to name all topics that are no longer tolerated, tattered, debrowed, or ignored many places. This is to serve as a collective tank for personal experiences, because I want to write an article about it, and also wants to install a few
Free utterance: What can you not talk about?
Bernard I think that can not be answered. Because something like a landscape is notarized notarized. Maybe even today was the last. Camille is not two years ago:
When would the last human victim work?
So in many advertisements there are a lot of black, Asians, ... before. Many companies do that so to be better out. Partly many more such people come than "white". Since I wanted to ask if the racist is. There are people who say: take more black into adv
Is not that racist?
From current occasion .. When people without any expertise whose business basis is freedom of expression want to dictate others, whether and how they have to speak publicly ... .. ladies & gentlemen: Jan Bhmermann
What do you think about Jan Böhmermann?
I mean why donate so many people for animal species. But forget the children in Africa, Brazil, India, etc. Animals also have feelings similar to me, but animals about little ones Children to put or let a child die because you want to save a small rare m
Why are people, animals more important than hungry children in Africa who die ev
Phillip There are friendly and grimming people everywhere. One can believe I believe, no city that has only a kind of people XD. Where I have to say when we have driven the school a week sailing ship and had created somewhere in the Netherlands at a port
In which cities are people friendly?
Which living person is known from most people in the world? I think Donald Trump, the Pope or Cristiano Ronaldo. What do you mean? Christian Lady Gaga she has been seen from 5 billion people and belongs Beatrice Xi Jinping ANA Greta. Gladys would also ta
Who is the most famous living person in the world?
Other choose 63% CHOOSE 30% CHOOSE 4% Choose 4% Choose 0% CHOOSE 0% Choose 0% Bobby I use rather: : D: / :( :) XD -.- -_- But from the Emoji probably
Which Emoji do you use the most?
What is your opinion?! Taylor Honesty is usually accepted. Only the kind as it is said is not necessarily. A friend of mine always tells her opinion on a very respectful, polite and constructive way. In the end, the opposite is always accepted, even if i
Why is honesty challenged by many and then not accepted?
Hello, I want to become gaming youtuberin and I have a few questions about youtube channel What do I have to pay attention to, if I create a channel I have to set a lot? I take on OBS How can I get a good quality What attitude is good? How do I have to m
Gaming Youtuberin?
1) High ponytail 2) Flat ponytail High ponytail CHOOSE 50% Flat ponytail Choose 50% Drew Of course, the high ponytail looks great well with the woman. Luis looks chillters :)) A deep braid looks so strictly. Stanley likes Shortly in women. Lorenzo I pref
Which hairstyle do you find more beautiful?
Servus More and more often like boards show their "ass" or post pictures of themselves in the bikini. I mean you do you, but I wonder what. There is nothing there what they could show. In the end, she only got Hate for that. So why do they do? Do not und
Why give girls with flat breasts?
We kissed and then had a normal contact. Then he blocked me without saying anything. Today he unblocked me and said he would have more interested in others, but then noted that it was a mistake to block me and that he is interested again and wants to con
Would you continue interested in someone who have Ghosted?
Violence is a solution choose 55% No Violence is no solution Choose 45% Tracey At it, on it, for what when and what you define as violence. Scare a person in order to protect others in front of him, sometimes even to protect man in front of himself appea
Why do you often hear in society / policy that violence is not a solution but wi
Minnie I guess most of them want to see themselves confirmed in their decisions. If you then have children yourself, so bad it runs for them, then usually tell only how beautiful it is. If one then is different, the one is attacked. That would be my idea
Why is one designated as a children's hat if you do not want to own?
No Choose 65% Yes Choose 35% Randolph In itself, the idea is great, but practically the cutting and bread is difficult .. The arm is probably a bit lighter, but if you come to the hand, it will be complicated . Ethel The eye is known to be with and that
Would you buy these sausage hands?
I'm 24 and have no luck in love. But I do not want any girlfriend, but really a woman who is fully in love with me. Is there anything else at all. I see most girls and I do not like them. I just want a woman for whole life, one knows me well. How do you
I would like to find true love?
Why is that? Maxine Hello Yolo, This often has different reasons, and always arrives on the person. I think so about 20 is often so because you realize that you get older. Many people also do not like it, relationship whites find it uncomfortable when co
Why do some people like their birthday?
What is the right scientific naming for man and what is the difference in their use and meaning? Jeremiah "Homo refers to the genus, Sapiens the species. Both concepts come from the biological system. Homo Sapiens Sapiens and, for example, Homo Sapiens N
What is the differently between the terms Homo Sapiens and Homo Sapiens Sapiens?
Today I was a walk and I noticed that people do not look at the face, when they pass me on me. Most of the look straight straight as soon as I look at their face. What is this or is this very normal today? Elvira Because it would be rude, as it is aggres
Why do people do not look at the passenger ride?