I had M16 had written in my last question that my girlfriend W17 wants a threesome. We also had him, since I wanted to fulfill my friend. However, the other young M15 had a bigger penis than me. Now I'm scared that my girlfriend finds him horny than me.
Other boy at threesome had bigger?
Hi! I'm bi-sexually and go to the fitness center regularly. There I have already seen enimate guys who I realize real or attractive and would like to get to know better. Only I do not know exactly how I should appeal to someone to talk. Besides, I am unc
How to address other guys in the fitness center as bi-sexual guys?
If you want to know if you can do something with the shower head or the wall or other techniques. BIN M13 Ian mastubing under the shower jet! (then: Cleaning: -) Dianne Machs prefer not, sperm flocks with contact With water and then it depends on it ever
How to do in the shower SB?
I write a story and need a name for the above. Even if it does not really matter, I want that the name fits. I hope you can help me and thank you in advance !! Clyde No. Find the name great. Alexandra Leandro Carlos Gabriele Deanna Arthur Alexandra Alexa
Name for boy with blond hair and tattoos?
I think the idea of ​​being forced to be something against my will to be quite beautiful and do not quite understand the problem at a loverboy ELBERT If you have some predisposition (so more devot) and have an emotional connection to such a person, the
Loverboy: really so bad?
:) Choose 64% Choose 36% Winifred Find the smileys funnies with the bet characters and are faster to find / make Nina None of the two Myra I find the others stupid and I never use them. :) Ashley Emojis always let people look like mainstreamfags or as pe
Which emojis / smileys do you like more?
Find the full Nice and so;) Boy Calvin Yes I have a Sixpack. I also do a lot of sport but I feel a bit of male with Sixpack Tracey I am a boy: I e.g. Find it disgusting if a woman / girl has a sixpack .. Jeannette A bit, but actually I do not do much spo
Do you have girl Sixpack?
Imagine you have a girlfriend and her since a lake or so and she has no bathing things with and no change clothes, but she likes to go in her slip and bra bathing. The laundry is dark Man sees nothing but it is already obvious that it is normal underwear
Girlfriend wants to go to the public in underwear?
Hey together, I had a peculiar meeting with a boy last Saturday. We know each other for a long time and understand us well, ultimately we have arranged to eat. When eating he constantly told me how well he finds that I would stand so much and he would st
Strange meeting with boys?
I'm a bit confused and that for years, everyone I ask something else. (Sorry for the quality) May I would say blue gray Candice Blue?
Which eye color is that?
Hi I wanted to know if your bacon rolls on the stomach Me and my siblings have very little fat on the body (but we are also a very sporty family) I look forward to reply
Do you have bacon rolls?
I'm going to a celebration tomorrow and have Bock. I'm not the most attractive but how can you do that drunk guys find an attractive and then you can relax bissl rummen on. I know stupid hahahah Steven Haha OK. Well, why not? Of course that does not alwa
How can you get many guys around one evening?
Why do girls see every sentence as a way ?? Should girls on the street no longer respond anymore? But wait until one is addressed as a boy ?? or how does it work? Gregg Women should not be appealed, which always emerges from a desperation, and that does
Why do girls see everything as well?
Hi I'm M16. The question is really unpleasant but I just make them. So my sister W14 almost 15 runs often at home in the bra. This sometimes I get a stiff. Do not really want it but it just happens. Am I now weird or is it normal that that happens? Ignac
Get stand because of my sister?
I have a buddy with whom I sometimes at Discord Chill and we masturbate now and then. I asked myself if there are games that make it more interesting. I do not my video games but as things like truth or duty or other party games, except that you include
Does your good games know to make masturbating more interesting?
Do you have to do when your SB did and came to the toilet so pee Yes Choose 78% No Choose 22% Emily Yes from time to time Clifton My girlfriend says yes
Mädels is it similar to you?
Hello, I'm 17 and have the problem that when masturbating the foreskin no longer goes over the glans to put it, if I pull it down completely and my member is maximally excited. The acorn is too thick, so to speak, so that the foreskin can be pulled forwa
Foreskin does not go over the glans in the stiff state?
I was at a party yesterday and got his number from a boy. I've not written with him today but not so long, he's gentle and playing a lot, he answers very short sometimes with Jo, etc. I've written what he has read it and did not answer it ( was today). I
How can I arouse his interest?
Hello people. I have to say that I find it really mega sweet when guys offer me their jacket when I'm cold. Often, however, I have noticed that guys themselves is cold, of course, they do not say it and but they still offer your jacket. I know that you g
Why does your guys and girls give your jackets, if you are cold too?
I'm in love with someone's 19th, I'm 12. Until when should I wait? So what age would be the best of here below? If it would be to wait 100 years! I'm female 18 and 25 Choose 63% 16 and 23 Choose 19% 20 and 27 choose 19% 12 and 19 Choose 0% 14 and 21 Choo
What is the most normal?