To the women: which these three men would choose? Man A: End of 20, has an average job where he does not deserve much but is sufficient for him because he can handle money well . He looks averaging, he is not ugly, but rather unobtrusively, nothing speci
Which man would you decide?
Hello everybody, I have been sexually excited in an exaggerated way for several months. I have no partner and therefore I masturbate every day. Sometimes 5-7 times without a break in between. (I'm 19 years old) I can not control myself and I am aware tha
Masturbating, sex addiction, strong desire for masturbation?
I turned a few days 19 and love a girl is 16. Since I do not want to do anything wrong, I wanted to ask if something is ok or the age is too big. Marvin Hello Anamontana! completely normal and often not bad Have a nice evening Nathan Bad in Two relations
Boy 19, girl 16 in a relationship bad or oke?
. Cedric JAP :) CARY Some. Demands are available. Katherine Yes, unfortunately. But you will not blind, do not worry. That had the Kath. Church thought. Colleen No, what does something want to write about it?
Just so there are really people who only write about SB?
Have little idea about religion and would like to know more. Can Christians lead a love relationship and then carry out sexual practices before marriage? Please prove with Bible locations ... Islam and Judaism are unless I know. Yes Choose 56% No Choose
To the Christians: Is a relationship and sex before marriage allowed in Christia
No Choose 60% Yes, was good choose 35% Yes, but was not good choose 5% Rickey My father has eaten a cactus fruit. Was great he said. But after 10 minutes, the pain started extremely many small needles in the pulp. Daniel I would not recommend, almost all
Have you ever eaten cactus?
Daily Choose 47% I am a woman Choose 26% Weekly Choose 11% Monthly Choose 5% Choose 5% Never choose 5% Adrian different. One to a maximum of three times a week, sometimes only once every two weeks. Dorothy Most MIN 1x on the Day
How often do you have an orgamus?
Hello! I have been driving instructor for 14 years and so far I stayed - different, like my male colleagues - spared by loversed driving students always. Recently I got a letter in which a former student admits romantic feelings for me. I'm totally perpl
Storage student in love with me?
Logically, the ones that are not interested in such as gays etc. I ask from curiosity Suzanne I would rather mean that the overall "picture" must vote for me. Of course, there are also certain instincts with pure, such as the lactation in the early child
What will your men find so fascinating to women's breasts?
I had M16 had written in my last question that my girlfriend W17 wants a threesome. We also had him, since I wanted to fulfill my friend. However, the other young M15 had a bigger penis than me. Now I'm scared that my girlfriend finds him horny than me.
Other boy at threesome had bigger?
My friend is 22 and I 15 years old. He wants to undergo that I like him, he liked to punish me, for example, with a firm slap on the butt, I should call him Daddy He always calls me something like my little princess, he is standing on it when I'm bitchy
Is he possibly pedophile?
Have my first time soon and wanted to know how to do that? Trevor This is partially individual. You can also try themselves and take the lead. But only as long as she likes. You can make things like, normally 1-3 finger in the hole, then turn out and mov
How do you finger a girl?
I always thought that if you have more money at the cash register than you have to pay for you to get no return. That's why I always thought that everyone is stupid because they have never given the money to match :). What's the attitude? Salvador Ha, th
What are stupid things that you thought as a child?
Hello dear community, I have a little "problem". So in the last hour in German we had the topic "classification of our life in life sections". So we should divide our life in timings and describe through which coincidence that happened in our lives, we a
My teacher suddenly hates me?
Hi! I'm bi-sexually and go to the fitness center regularly. There I have already seen enimate guys who I realize real or attractive and would like to get to know better. Only I do not know exactly how I should appeal to someone to talk. Besides, I am unc
How to address other guys in the fitness center as bi-sexual guys?
I've been know my best friend for a few years, but we have only been taking best friends for a few months and often meet ourselves and spend more often. If we meet ourselves, we often cuddle it is usually behind me so we lie spoons he His abdomen then al
Does he want more than just friendship?
Hey I met this boy at work. He started flirting bit to flirt. But we did jokes. What I found OK. He was stopping Bissel Touchey, which I found OK. And has just made compliments, (so that I am pretty and have a good figure) but just charming. And somethin
A handsome man has flirted with, can not take it seriously?
Hey, I'm M17 and always ask me what that is. Always if I have on-stopped I feel a disgust on what I have on-stopped and simultaneously feel something mourning. I always think, why ... What did I do? "I mean seriously, I'll get guilty of guilt. Is that no
After the online disgust?
Is it possible to contact deceased by means of a medium? Carrie can succeed if one and alone on the God frequencies is 1 to 5 megahertz. But always goes wrong if a co-wesentender does not vibrate at the same frequency. Johnny Impossible I say Tell yourse
Is it possible to contact the deceased?
So it was as follows. I was showering and just came out of the bathroom, there was suddenly a classmates that I have known for 13 years before me. We always push us when we see each other for the first time in one day and we did that again this time. I d
Was you ever seen naked by a classmate?