Logically, the ones that are not interested in such as gays etc. I ask from curiosity Suzanne I would rather mean that the overall "picture" must vote for me. Of course, there are also certain instincts with pure, such as the lactation in the early child
What will your men find so fascinating to women's breasts?
Other choose 63% CHOOSE 30% CHOOSE 4% Choose 4% Choose 0% CHOOSE 0% Choose 0% Bobby I use rather: : D: / :( :) XD -.- -_- But from the Emoji probably
Which Emoji do you use the most?
Hi Who likes the good old Bob Marley? Says :) LG I like very good Choose 75% I generally no reggae choose 13% other opinion Choose 13% I do not like choose 0% Sara In my opinion, he is still one of the best reggae interpreters ever ... and unfortunately
Music - opinion of Bob Marley
I always hear from people how much they need sex, and they could not live without a life. And I think that's very strange as a Christian. Because, I have not been redeemed by these desires and feelings. I did not have a penetration for sex. Maybe I want
Do you need sex?
Vicki Hutten hikes can take place exclusively in Villingen-Schwenningen. To maintain the privacy of the persons concerned, however, the rules of assembly law are strictly adhered to.
Where do you plan your next hooking hike?
Animal & Special Protection Choose 43% Medical & Health Choose 19% Environmental Protection & Climate Protection Choose 14% Diesetry and Hungerhilfe Choose 14% Children's & Youth aid Choose 10% Enrique I prefer to donate my hard-earned money in animal &
Where would you most likely donate your money?
For me this is a mystery! On the one hand, one can derive themselves by physical basic knowledge that free will not exist In determinism, everything builds on each other - without we influenced it. Would the quantum theory (she seems to deny determinism)
Why do so many believe in the free will?
Violence is a solution choose 55% No Violence is no solution Choose 45% Tracey At it, on it, for what when and what you define as violence. Scare a person in order to protect others in front of him, sometimes even to protect man in front of himself appea
Why do you often hear in society / policy that violence is not a solution but wi
TERI on the beach between the beach baskets Pedro not completely voluntary from a man ... Lora Hey my hottest experience was. Sex with a friend in the public sauna! Casey Sex on the high seat in the forest .. Dale Virgo
What was your crassest sexual experience?
I'm seriously looking for help with God and worshiped him !!!!!!!!!! Yes I have and it came back !! Choose 58% Yes, but I did not hear me !! Choose 21% No Something I've never done seriously !! Choose 21% Others !! Choose 0% Dave Today I know how to ask
Survey - Have you ever seriously asked God for help?
Male - Short Choose 38% Female - Medium-length, long choose 31% Male - Middle length, long choose 23% Female - long choose 8% Gilberto I have been briefly wearing my hair for almost 7 years. During the Lockdown in the early days of the pandemic my hair w
Survey: Do you have a short or long hair?
School, work, pension, death Rogelio not. The weekly working time is constantly decreasing. It is not so long ago that Saturday was a normal working day. Addendum: Here you can see the development of the week working time of 82 hours (1825) over 60 hours
Let's all live in a modern slave system / hamster wheel?
No Choose 65% Yes Choose 35% Randolph In itself, the idea is great, but practically the cutting and bread is difficult .. The arm is probably a bit lighter, but if you come to the hand, it will be complicated . Ethel The eye is known to be with and that
Would you buy these sausage hands?
Loving, (crazy) and restrained. So I would describe myself. You? Van Yin (with which one word can I cover 6-8 words LOL (dark, soft, cold, negative, passive, quiet (Q: Wikipedia) (so would be reserved with me too pure fit)) Londers Slytherin (and a word
How would you describe yourself in three words?
What is my destiny, why am I here? I will ask God I do not know. Otherwise I want to die again. Has an experience with something? Lynne Yes! I found the meaning / determination of my life in a life in / with Jesus. Read time in John or any other book in
How do I experience what my determination is in life?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhisazo5GL0 Very good! Choose 92% cult - but not my music style! Choose 8% very bad! Choose 0% Vickie An uraltongong, which one often does not hear for years. But if then the first chords sound, you know immediately that i
How do you find the song
I have been working for a while, since I have been little since I was always a good timing at stopping (secret) TV watching. For example, I was always 1 min before the arrival of my Mam in my room. Or, that I opened in CSGO 6 boxes u D got a knife (200 €
Do you feel luck and people who have more / less luck?
Terri There is no general answer. Maybe sometimes actually the partner because it does not matter but mostly it's the psyche. A unique experience, for example, performance pressure, excitement. Whoever is in the loop, of course, then to come out problems
How do erectational disorders arise?
Next to my sport, I now go for a walk for a walk to come to 10000 steps, that's what your health is what? Julio This brings heart and cycle slightly and stimulates the intestine. From around, you get constipation, movement keeps the intestine active. Thr
I always walk an hour for a walk - does that?
Wesley cooperate art with society without being devoured by it. Ergo, the art you to be yourself without ending alone. Joan Let go of a great art and confidence that everything becomes good. Claudia In my opinion, art of life is exactly the But what is t
What is your view or your own opinion the biggest art in life?