Daily Choose 47% I am a woman Choose 26% Weekly Choose 11% Monthly Choose 5% Choose 5% Never choose 5% Adrian different. One to a maximum of three times a week, sometimes only once every two weeks. Dorothy Most MIN 1x on the Day
How often do you have an orgamus?
Tobacco, snuff and cigars a warning is on it. But why not with alcohol? Why are cigarillos without hazard images and cigarettes with danger images? Suzanne You can also get addicted to coffee or sugarware and many other products! Should one now make of d
Why is no warning on the alcohol?
I am female and have from birth to secret councils. At these corners are less hair and only baby hairs that will not be long. Is there something that you can do about it, so any means? Donnie No, there is nothing you could do about it. The hair approach
Can secret councils that you have from birth, go away?
SHEILA Attached to the diet and, above all, the liquid balance! Bananas & Schoki Stopper, for example! We create the harsh by means of regular yarnena suppositories Chair before! Terry This shows the diet and how much you drink Elvira This is due to the
Wiso Sometimes you have to press the bowel moving firmly and sometimes everythin
Hello, I would like to know, when you go exactly as vaccinated. If you are z. B. Monday has been vaccinated, then it is then officially valued on Monday after exactly two weeks as vaccinated or only on the next day - so on Tuesday? Thank you for an answe
When is it officially considered a vaccinated?
[+++ Edit by Support +++; Image removed] Hey! My psychologist said today: "Congratulations!", The scars will you have it with 85. If this is true that these scars faded slightly? So I mean I've been doing for months and you just do not go away. (Please d
Hey! Do these scars heal?
I have just read an interesting discussion elsewhere elsewhere and would like to put this question in the room. Currently, except for isolated cases, suicides are reported to prevent counterparts. This is actually an observation confirmed by studies that
Should be reported in the media about suicides?
Hello everybody, Actually, I did not want to ask a question about Corona. But One thing is very busy and about this question , hoping that some people have experiences in this regard and may help me. It's about that one goes Yes, as you all know, can rea
Question about Corona vaccine with e.g. Children's wishes?
No matter where and when, everywhere you hear from 11 -14 year olds who talk about alcohol, smoking and drugs, etc ... they even take it at this young years. Why is it talking about it with such a young age? I find it somehow not normal - everyone will b
Why do so many at 11 - 14 years talk about alcohol, smoking, drugs ...?
Since about a year I have a continuous grin can not remain serious. Must also honestly confess me, it was not good for the last few months Maybe I just want to hide that it is not so good with me. It has gotten better. Nevertheless, I have a continuous g
Continuous grin I can not get away?
We Germans are a potato volk. Several times a week choose 50% rarely choose 21% once a week choose 11% several times a month ago Choose 7% About once a month choose 4% Daily Choose 4% Never Choose 4% TRICIA Total different. Times are 5-7x the yoke Ewas w
How often do you eat potatoes?
I called the health insurance company of my husband this morning, and that did not mean no problem the sending something and then the card is there in about 10 days. Then I am assured to families until I work again. I could not reach my expert from the A
Do I have to wait 10 days now until I can go to the doctor?
Hey people I have suddenly got sore throat since the afternoon, which are different than usual one-sided and it hurts when swallowing. I was afraid that it could be Corona afterwards a quick test and was negative. Did someone had the same experiences and
Sore throat?
Do you think that something like love exists or can that be scientifically disassemble? I believe in love CHOOSE 65% Love can chemically explain choose 35% Ignacio I do not just believe in love, but I'm firmly convinced that it gives you. For me, love, e
Do you believe in love or not?
I feel so bad. And I hurt me so much. And I can not find out of this hole anymore. I have only pain In my heart. And no I really do not want any attention only I see no life more. This hole was opened by this world of hell. I do not want anymore sufferin
Do you sometimes hardly have life hopping?
That would be cruel ... ELIAS The sneeze creates a very high pressure in the whole body, even in the head. I have not heard that the eyes could fall out in sneezing. However, there are people who do not loudly sneeze out, but suppress the nieser. I know
Is it true that when you sneeze the eyes, you can fall out?
Hello people. I have to say that I find it really mega sweet when guys offer me their jacket when I'm cold. Often, however, I have noticed that guys themselves is cold, of course, they do not say it and but they still offer your jacket. I know that you g
Why does your guys and girls give your jackets, if you are cold too?
My mother was stopped for 20-30 minutes without oxygen and is now in artificial coma. The one doctors say that they will die and the others they will do it. Is who knows about these values ​​and can say if they are good? Ronnie Nobody knows the history
Artificial coma values?
Hi, I'm a white man and have a bright penis. Can you get the somehow black? I know weird question, but maybe someone has an answer. Peter You can let him tattoo. Leticia Black? With black shoe wax; -) is not durable and dyes. Terry cream with shoe wax. L
Can you somehow get a black penis?