Islam critic usually claim that Islam is to blame for Islamism. Colonialism is not the sole cause of the emergence of Islamism, as little as it is responsible for all problems of the decolonized Arab and other Islamic states. However, his essential featu
Does Europe contribute the main debt to the emergence of Islamism and the proble
So God can produce everything he wants and destroy that again. I wonder God actually destroy yourself Please only meaningful answers Debbie Hello Locas410, If you follow the statements of certain contents of beliefs, God is omnipotent - which may always
Have little idea about religion and would like to know more. Can Christians lead a love relationship and then carry out sexual practices before marriage? Please prove with Bible locations ... Islam and Judaism are unless I know. Yes Choose 56% No Choose
To the Christians: Is a relationship and sex before marriage allowed in Christia
I am very interested in that topic faith and religions of old cultures and peoples. Which god of antiquity is your opinion the interesting or what faith is the excited. And please not call Jesus, Yahweh, Allah or Hinduism. LG Ivan Young boy. I just asked
Who is your opinion according to the most instructured God or goddess?
Bernard I think that can not be answered. Because something like a landscape is notarized notarized. Maybe even today was the last. Camille is not two years ago:
When would the last human victim work?
If you are eg. The opinion is the abortion murder, or that a fetus should already be treated as a person, then the circumstances of his creation do not change it. Natalie This is a really good question! I have never understood why suddenly differences ar
Why do many people who are in principle against abortions are exceptions, for ex
Merle If you do it out of a strong will, you're sinful again because you will then grow up. You can not do that anyway. We should simply realize that we do not get anything on the line, ask God for forgiveness (which he offers us in Jesus Christ) and the
Everywhere is the seduction, sin in the world, how do I make a strong will, so t
I think it's just making a mind that God exists. That's why I wanted to know about you, why you think he exists Sarah Apart from that I do not believe in any personalized entity that one calls God or Allha or otherwise. Nevertheless, would be for the exi
Why does she believe in a God?
I'm actually Christian (M22), but circumscribe are very great. I would like to preserve my foreskin in a capsule, but I'm afraid that it is funny so my question: Should I convert to Judaism? Andy One belongs to a religion because of his faith, not becaus
I am a Christian, but find the possibility of circumcision very suitable for my
Since the death of my grandfather, I still sustaine, I often think about the existence of eternal life after death. My grandfather was believer (Catholic). What do you think there is God at all and a world after death? And does the way over Jesus lead to
Does the way over Jesus really lead to God?
The church has just allowed himself much too many scandals in the last few years and alienates Totally what they should be. And I do not see it a tax to pay that a church gets already enough money, and in the past children raped, people erupted, burned w
Why do nothing with church have to do?
For me this is a mystery! On the one hand, one can derive themselves by physical basic knowledge that free will not exist In determinism, everything builds on each other - without we influenced it. Would the quantum theory (she seems to deny determinism)
Why do so many believe in the free will?
I mean for the men does not even need a justification, he can simply dismiss them. While in Christianity divorce is practically forbidden, even for men. Why is that? And why should a man have 4 women? And why should the woman do not refuse sex? And why s
Why is divorce in Islam simple?
There is probably hardly a professional group she is so hated as missionaries, specific Christian missionaries. In many countries, the risk is also great that it is either the prison, attacked, is killed, or executed. Can it be that people have a problem
Why are missionaries hated?
I mean you would never believe that a house builds itself from itself, just does not make sense Wendell You are right, a house can not build you by yourself, this can not give God either. There are many reasons why I do not believe in God. Why should I b
Why does not you believe in God do not believe in him?
Or, people were always so Ada I think the people of the past had a better quality of life when there were rich farmers. Leonard According to Bible, there have always been people who are wrong from the point of view of the Bible. You need people with whom
Were the people of humiliating and hearts full of Bible?
Nothing in this world seems to return to this feeling. No worldly love. It's even so full for me that I do not need human love anymore, and I do not need any more secular things, just his love. Why was I ignorant as athe for so long? Why, did not I think
Why is God's love so unbelievable?
Did the Mala noticed? The people in Germany barely believe in God except naturally we Muslims in German Lkand. why is that? My Muslim opinion must believe in God God has created the earth and people Jason This lies in my opinion, especially because peopl
Why do not so many believe in God in Germany?
Allison pray. and do everything to the glory of God - because then your whole life is for prayer. Prayer is the door opener to a mental room One is with God, no matter where and when. The spirit of mind is the first answer of the mind and he also talks t
How can I strengthen my relationship with God?
Suppose a person wants to harm another person (hatred, retribution, revenge, etc.) by ramming him a screwdriver into the thigh. Would this be justified to God if he rammed afterwards, without the knowledge of the "sacrifice", even in secret, also a screw
What does the God believe from it?