If you are eg. The opinion is the abortion murder, or that a fetus should already be treated as a person, then the circumstances of his creation do not change it. Natalie This is a really good question! I have never understood why suddenly differences ar
Why do many people who are in principle against abortions are exceptions, for ex
I always thought that if you have more money at the cash register than you have to pay for you to get no return. That's why I always thought that everyone is stupid because they have never given the money to match :). What's the attitude? Salvador Ha, th
What are stupid things that you thought as a child?
Minnie I guess most of them want to see themselves confirmed in their decisions. If you then have children yourself, so bad it runs for them, then usually tell only how beautiful it is. If one then is different, the one is attacked. That would be my idea
Why is one designated as a children's hat if you do not want to own?
Hello, My parents were 35 and 37 years old when I was born. I have become just 2.5 months 21 and they will be 56 and 58 years old in a few days. If I compare with others from my environment, then your parents are usually only at the end of 40 or early 50
Were parents too old at my birth (single child)?
Hello, My teacher has today in the classroom after a discussion "I hate all of you!" Said. In very loud and angry tone. We were very shocked. We often contradicted her why it came to discussion. The motzt and always screams. It's full of aggression probl
Teacher says,
Hello, so my social worker told me that the vaccine does not bring anything and that more or equally many vaccinated as unvacaked are in the hospitals. She would also have claimed that all the time intensive beds were mined, so a scarcity prevails and th
Social worker denies corona?
As a child, I stole sweets. Have you ever stolen something? Claws is not good in most cases. Yes Choose 70% No Choose 30% June Once once, I was wrongly accused of theft as a child, and once I did it from group force in young youth. In both cases nothing
Have you ever stolen something?
Hello people, I got off 9 weeks ago and the first 5-6 weeks everything was nice. But for a few weeks no child makes me crazy! She is just calm when she sleeps. If she is awake, she cries continuously, spits uninterruptedly - which is why she gets hungry
My child (9 weeks) makes me totally crazy?
Hey, Are teachers sad if they are bullied or generally offended by students? Are the sad or interested in it ?? LG Teachers are sad. CHOOSE 69% Other statement / opinion ... Choose 21% Teachers are not sad. CHOOSE 10% Cristina Even a teacher is of course
Are teachers sad when they are bullied?
I do not like these little unnecessary people because they always think they could do everything they want! I'm at work ... I work as a seller in a bakery and constantly when so small Satan's roast arrive the with your dirty and greasy fingers to the sli
Children go to me on the last nerve?
Suppose girls. Many men are on big boobs and at a girl is there nothing. Why does a flat chest of pedophile promise people, for example? Can not understand that at all. Thanks for your effort Mindy I think if you are sexually frustrated and do not get an
What found pedophiler on a child so appealing?
No matter where and when, everywhere you hear from 11 -14 year olds who talk about alcohol, smoking and drugs, etc ... they even take it at this young years. Why is it talking about it with such a young age? I find it somehow not normal - everyone will b
Why do so many at 11 - 14 years talk about alcohol, smoking, drugs ...?
When I was still small, it has played a lot more series where you could learn something too. In addition, the actors or figures on television did not talk to such a so though they were completely stupid. There I find you have already expected a little mo
Why are the children's series getting stunned?
This is not correct choose 89% This is correct CHOOSE 11% Jeanette There are many anime that a very serious sound and humor is also allowed adults - even if there are many whose humor is dried. I'm already 30+ and of course series are only precisely exci
Anime is just what children & childish adults?
In Switzerland, there has been a referendum regarding the "marriage for all" and the other side now uses the argument that children need parents of both sexes. Are there studies that examined that? Is that purely scientifically seen, rather true or wrong
Is there a study examining whether children of a homosexual marriage are disadva
So in advance I have always had no interest in a Kurdin or a Turkish, although I just heard yourself. I can not do anything with a Kurdin / Turkish .. Never interested. What is this? My parents would like to see a Kurdin / Turkin next to me once as a gir
Would you marry a Kurdin / Turkin as a Turk?
And why? What would you do there or want to experience again? 1980s. CHOOSE 56% 2000s. Choose 22% 1970s. Choose 11% 1960s. Choose 11% 1990s. Choose 0% 1950s. Choose 0% 1940s. Choose 0% Sean I would not beam there .... "Want to experience something again"
Suppose you could come to the past and then in the past, which of these decades
Kay Mostly things like low self-confidence as well as a bad self-esteem occur. The children are often closed and sometimes stay for a lifetime. Even depression can not be ruled out. Depending on how the childhood was, the hold can be like a trauma, which
Which (late) sequences does it have if a child never receives love from his pare
Carroll That may. Look at the movie: "the first name". Best the version with CM autumn, that's exactly what it's about Lucas It can encounter contradiction / resistance at the registry office, because one does not know the homes of the parents. Can be th
Can you call his son
Gregg is just a special step in life So yes, children can be exhausting and annoying, but they can also show so many other pages as adults Nelson You know that's like sex: Certain things you should not just tell you, you should try it. Benjamin You can o
What's great about having children?