To the women: which these three men would choose? Man A: End of 20, has an average job where he does not deserve much but is sufficient for him because he can handle money well . He looks averaging, he is not ugly, but rather unobtrusively, nothing speci
Which man would you decide?
Today, a friend of my sister was visiting that looks pretty good. I was on toilet earlier and there everything was clean and then she went to Clo and when I came back on the wardrades Three four short hair. Where do they come from? Are the pubic hair? Th
Are the pubic hair or what do you think?
Ebony Yes, he may. But is unusual. You should have sovereign counter or - if that too is too impressed - ignore the question skillfully. Brandi It is not punishable but such questions are really inappropriate if you just knows the person zero. Of course
May a foreign adult man just ask me if I already wear tangas!?
Have recently found my mum so slips with hole between the legs. Have seen in the Inet that there are those for men and women. Who carries something in everyday life? Al For "Certain hours" I would once ; o) In addition, one applies to this in the red lig
Do you wear open panties in everyday life?
Do not misunderstand the question, but how are women pee? So how is the urine in women? I talked about the topic shortly with my best friend about the topic, and she said she would not sit on a toilet, but for example, try to pee or squat pee, her urine
How do women pee?
Logically, the ones that are not interested in such as gays etc. I ask from curiosity Suzanne I would rather mean that the overall "picture" must vote for me. Of course, there are also certain instincts with pure, such as the lactation in the early child
What will your men find so fascinating to women's breasts?
Louis It depends on the circumstances. If you hold your head between your legs or position so that you can look under the skirt, you can already call you sexual harassment. But if you can look under the skirt because of your seating position or posture,
Is it punishable women to look under the skirt without photographing it (for exa
Hi! I'm bi-sexually and go to the fitness center regularly. There I have already seen enimate guys who I realize real or attractive and would like to get to know better. Only I do not know exactly how I should appeal to someone to talk. Besides, I am unc
How to address other guys in the fitness center as bi-sexual guys?
Servus More and more often like boards show their "ass" or post pictures of themselves in the bikini. I mean you do you, but I wonder what. There is nothing there what they could show. In the end, she only got Hate for that. So why do they do? Do not und
Why give girls with flat breasts?
Richard Bald would be impossible! The haircut is not very favorable, the top hair should be thinner! Dewey In the head shape I would advise against a smooth advised as long as it is possible.
Bald or no bald? What's better me?
We kissed and then had a normal contact. Then he blocked me without saying anything. Today he unblocked me and said he would have more interested in others, but then noted that it was a mistake to block me and that he is interested again and wants to con
Would you continue interested in someone who have Ghosted?
Hello, I feel as if this size women extremely intimidates. Can you do so if you are so great at all get to the women? Bernadette For me Purzel with 1.69 m at 1.92 m the border. Not, because that intimidates me, it just does not feel well, constantly putt
With 1.94m women too big?
And if so what was it Peter Hello good question.No I have never stolen what has been stolen. Bin an honest person. Sonntag I wish you. LG Klose11 Clara Yes, a perfume when I was 12. When I left the store spoke me a defective and I ran, he afterwards. Tha
Have you ever stolen something?
Randall Well preserved by Marxism-Leninism of the 1950s. And who stands on this pink-Luxembourg style ... Elias Taste Ricky The East Stop :)
How can you be as sweet with over 50 as Sarah Wagenknecht?
I mean for the men does not even need a justification, he can simply dismiss them. While in Christianity divorce is practically forbidden, even for men. Why is that? And why should a man have 4 women? And why should the woman do not refuse sex? And why s
Why is divorce in Islam simple?
Earlier or later I actually want a partner. And as a Bible spreader Christ, of course, only one woman in question as a partner, a Christian. And well in my past, I was atheist, and gay. Had many changing partners, many men. Actually, I was hardly better
Woman marry despite the past?
I can understand women in women. I just do not look why gays are not looking for women. There is something like praise, genes. Never look at it. Thank you. LG Flora Because you want to go out of yourself and close your feelings and views to others. This
Why are not gays on women?
* If you have a partner * Lucia My best friend got me a nice young woman in the summer of 2012, which was new to the city and still no one knew - this year we got married: -) My two former girlfriends I met at the school (Realschule and Vocational School
Where did you get to know your partner?
I think the idea of ​​being forced to be something against my will to be quite beautiful and do not quite understand the problem at a loverboy ELBERT If you have some predisposition (so more devot) and have an emotional connection to such a person, the
Loverboy: really so bad?
Blue Choose 78% Black Choose 22% Jasmine The Blue is a normal dress as you wear it, if you hold a dress .. The black would also be a normal dress if it would not be completely blended. Looks out when a skirt was pulled up under the chest. April At the to
Which dress can you find nice?