Have little idea about religion and would like to know more. Can Christians lead a love relationship and then carry out sexual practices before marriage? Please prove with Bible locations ... Islam and Judaism are unless I know. Yes Choose 56% No Choose
To the Christians: Is a relationship and sex before marriage allowed in Christia
I'm actually Christian (M22), but circumscribe are very great. I would like to preserve my foreskin in a capsule, but I'm afraid that it is funny so my question: Should I convert to Judaism? Andy One belongs to a religion because of his faith, not becaus
I am a Christian, but find the possibility of circumcision very suitable for my
Since the death of my grandfather, I still sustaine, I often think about the existence of eternal life after death. My grandfather was believer (Catholic). What do you think there is God at all and a world after death? And does the way over Jesus lead to
Does the way over Jesus really lead to God?
The church has just allowed himself much too many scandals in the last few years and alienates Totally what they should be. And I do not see it a tax to pay that a church gets already enough money, and in the past children raped, people erupted, burned w
Why do nothing with church have to do?
Or, people were always so Ada I think the people of the past had a better quality of life when there were rich farmers. Leonard According to Bible, there have always been people who are wrong from the point of view of the Bible. You need people with whom
Were the people of humiliating and hearts full of Bible?
Nothing in this world seems to return to this feeling. No worldly love. It's even so full for me that I do not need human love anymore, and I do not need any more secular things, just his love. Why was I ignorant as athe for so long? Why, did not I think
Why is God's love so unbelievable?
Allison pray. and do everything to the glory of God - because then your whole life is for prayer. Prayer is the door opener to a mental room One is with God, no matter where and when. The spirit of mind is the first answer of the mind and he also talks t
How can I strengthen my relationship with God?
Why? Conrad Because some people think a life is worth the procurement and more important than the well-being and the decision of the expectant mother. The problem is that women really abort I want to do it or like that. Then only secretly, partly with ad
Why do people have something against abortion (ban vote in Texas)?
Selamn Aleykb I would have a question. Yesterday, my sister and I had a profound discussion Unzuzwar. There was a drum if non-Muslims come directly to hell. I thought that you do not have the right to judge whether a person comes to hell or into the para
Do not Muslims come straight to hell?
Rodolfo character. You lack what God means. God is the energy of truth, justice = love / agape. You have to give it and it will be. By only wanting to desire, use others, you will not get anything yourself. Because it remains those who gave it. Jerry Are
Why are godless aggressive?
For me, this is such a kind of mental disruption that has developed that I need a lot of attention. Has something to do with my past. That's why I have sexual intercourse (sometimes even for money) & style me always completely on getting compliments and
There is a sin I can not stop and take bus?
Good evening together. What I have always asked: Whether there are still Christians in this country? While there are many Christians and convincing with full. But the Christianity is not practiced in any case. Nobody prays, no one FASTET. 60% foreign ran
Christianity still available?
That's what happens after death is better than life. Bridget My opinion is that God is a concept / construct of people, but may be of any other opinion. Therefore, after death, nothing comes, in my opinion. ---- Better You take care of your salvation in
I hope at least?
Believe religious -The Evolution -The Biology -The Physics General Science? If you are religious yourself, can you justify why you do not believe in science? Bradley Believers do not believe in evolution because ... Scientists believe that everything con
Do not believe religious about science?
Hello: D In advance: I myself would not call me a Christian, at least I have been extreme doubts in faith for months, but I am still very interested in the world religions and beliefs. I'm not homophobic, but I know that in the Bible homosexuality is a s
How can he say that after the Bible homosexuality is no sin?
And the wrath of developed again against Israel , and He irritated David against them and said: Go, Count Israel and Judah Samuel 24: 1 and the Satan against Israel and Stimulated David that he counted Israel Chronicle 21: 1 against Israel, Irrited David
Unique contradiction in the Bible?
Is choice again in the fall, so I have to know until then. Most parties support yes e.g. Abortion. And the health insurance companies pay that, although a child is not a disease. Santiago Of course, there are the: Departure C - Christians for Germany a C
Is there a party that is compliant with the 10 commandments?
Who's here of you is religious? And what is you found religion ?? ✨ Yes i am religious
Many say Jesus would be God. Can tell me that someone. How can he be son of God and God himself? Rene The son manifests the father (= the highest). That you find mutatis mutandis e.g. In Colossians, Chapter 1: This is the image of the invisible God, the
Is Jesus God?
Myra "Thanks," I would say. For preservation, prayer hazard, guided tour, grace and love. And, above all, that he saved me: and of course I would have questions: -) LG Everett "Thank God! You are the second best again today." As a rule, I do not need to
If you could tell God something, what would that be?