If so, how old are you? Which gender? How many are you in the family? Do you attract something? No, I live in no choose 95% Yes, I live in a FKK family Choose 5% Jon depends on what you understand under it. We drive again and again in the nudist holiday,
Do you live in a nudist family?
So my father beats me Already I'm 10 or younger it started with a light kick but now it has become really bad (Bin 14) It is also part of it, pulling on the hair and hit with the fist (too Face) And he has just made it again so he forces me to go into th
What should I do if my father beats me?
I had sex with a nearby family member today or last night. I do not feel bad, I talked to him and then and we both agreed with it. Also When I am 18 and he around the 40, we decided to do it. We will do it the next days. My problem is now as I tell my fa
Sex with a close relatives?
Hello, My parents were 35 and 37 years old when I was born. I have become just 2.5 months 21 and they will be 56 and 58 years old in a few days. If I compare with others from my environment, then your parents are usually only at the end of 40 or early 50
Were parents too old at my birth (single child)?
I am permanently guilty of my family for everything and insulted, although I do not do anything. I want to be left in peace, but you do not check it, even if you say it in your face. Then you will be insulted on the deepest and you are surprised if you r
I am permanently guilty of my family for everything and insulted, although I do
My dream is to be housewife from the "job" What do you think - ^ - ^ -? I know that it is not so "accepted" in our society today or as a "profession" will. Of course, I realize that the husband then I.wo also deserve very good money to be able to worry a
Dream Housewife ♡ - * - * -?
Hello on the girls rather, If you have big breasts, is that with you on the family or are you the only ones have the big breasts? I lies with me in the Family. LG Marie Shelly is in the family. My grandma always made jokes about her 'Zitz "and the other
Is that in the family?
As a child, I stole sweets. Have you ever stolen something? Claws is not good in most cases. Yes Choose 70% No Choose 30% June Once once, I was wrongly accused of theft as a child, and once I did it from group force in young youth. In both cases nothing
Have you ever stolen something?
Apart from that my mother comes without knocking in my room annoys me another thing all the more. When I'm working and my mother I think so now, I have said a thousand times not in My room I am 17 and of course also to conceal a few things, I have eg Not
My mother just goes into my room what to do?
My mother says I can not celebrate my birthday. She says that the Prophet Mohammed said (Sallahu Aleihi Wa Salam) has said that birthday was unnecessary to celebrate. If he did not say it, it is still pointless to explain it. Bin 12 / Male Victor Look He
How should I persuade my mother to celebrate my birthday?
Did you ever be disturbed or caught? ELSIE Yes, my parents were Gassi and my friend and I've rummed and so and have followed us accordingly, as we heard them ... they were already at the door and I've got to the door Never attracted faster and quieter th
Schonmal with intimate acts of parents, friends or whom had been disturbed?
Salam Aleikum dear siblings and brothers in Islam! My mother told me the headscarf Was.soll I do now if I feel without a go ICG me so naked and make a sin is supposed to make a sin? wear?? And how should I pray at school help because school is until 13:3
Mother Has Headscarf taken away help?
How do you find it? Personally, I've heard this song for the first time at 7 years when I was on the way to Denmark. Now I am 13 and I still like this song. It awakens so many memories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBUMGQ5YVRA Yes Choose 84% No Choose
Do you like this song?
Hello people, In this text it is not really about me, but I am at a loss and need help. So my sister (ended 13 years old) has not been going to school for 2 days and is most of your time in your room and cries. Even if this is anonymous, I do not like to
What can I do (depression etc.)?
The parents of my husband are helicopter parents. Although he's already in the mid-feet, you want to see bank statements, and most likely want the entire family sitting together in the garden every weekend. In the past, they also called for the house pho
Why are you mixing yourself so much in our lives?
OK people actually did not want to ask this question. But it burdens me. And it's about a situation that happened yesterday. So first I am a 24, almost 25 year old man and my family comes from the Arab Emirates and it is so that my father and I had more
My father wants me to marry and say I forgot the culture and honor?
I have as good as no friends in real life and will always complain my grandma that I'm alone on the birthday and my father says I should look for friends. I am in the course system in the 12th and have set myself next to people, but these want to do noth
Is it bad to be alone on the 18th birthday?
I just do not understand why so many people slip off. She hit a horse, that's not great, but there is so much worse. According to the ideology of the people who have criticized Schleu, every person of the meat eats a cruel terrible person. Please clarify
Why did Annika join such a shitstorm?
In Switzerland, there has been a referendum regarding the "marriage for all" and the other side now uses the argument that children need parents of both sexes. Are there studies that examined that? Is that purely scientifically seen, rather true or wrong
Is there a study examining whether children of a homosexual marriage are disadva
Often one says the cat is the true teacher of man. How did cats influence your childhood? Which teachings have gotten your cat? is Your cat overlooks you intellectually? How much did your cat influence your professional career? Has your cat get children
How much was your development influenced by your cat?