Have recently found my mum so slips with hole between the legs. Have seen in the Inet that there are those for men and women. Who carries something in everyday life? Al For "Certain hours" I would once ; o) In addition, one applies to this in the red lig
Do you wear open panties in everyday life?
How is that that I always have a bad mood for 10-20 minutes after masturbating, so if I stop? Funny, right? Evan Yes that is in fact weird. You seem to feel guilty, or think you're doing something bad. That should not be like that. Either do you just kee
Hi! I'm bi-sexually and go to the fitness center regularly. There I have already seen enimate guys who I realize real or attractive and would like to get to know better. Only I do not know exactly how I should appeal to someone to talk. Besides, I am unc
How to address other guys in the fitness center as bi-sexual guys?
Servus More and more often like boards show their "ass" or post pictures of themselves in the bikini. I mean you do you, but I wonder what. There is nothing there what they could show. In the end, she only got Hate for that. So why do they do? Do not und
Why give girls with flat breasts?
Terry It is so thin that it does not look healthy Felix I think she's beautiful
How do you find the figure?
How often does it masturbate several times a day choose 57% several times a week Choose 29% once a month Choose 14% once a day choose 0% Once every 2-3 days choose 0% Once per week Choose 0% A few times a month Choose 0% Cora less than once a month. I'm
Question to youthful girls?
Hello, Previous: I know that sounds, as if it is not true, but please take the time to read everything. I (m / 16) have the problem That my girlfriend (W / 17) is very loud during sex. Many are now saying that this is totally horny and envy. It's not tha
Girlfriend screams with sex?
I know this question is very pervert but can you do anything that you are not touched so fast? Because otherwise you will be wet on not so pleasant places ... Hubert is good, it's not good when Mrs. Sudas is so hull, as she had so many men that she staye
How can you prevent you get wet quickly?
I mean whether girls have some thought or even a picture in front of themselves or more. Thank you Marty Unfortunately, I have used the word "back", said naturally mastobiers or "self-satisfaction" or another matching word Ricky So we girls do it Of cour
Get girls on a down as the guys?
I think the idea of ​​being forced to be something against my will to be quite beautiful and do not quite understand the problem at a loverboy ELBERT If you have some predisposition (so more devot) and have an emotional connection to such a person, the
Loverboy: really so bad?
Blue Choose 78% Black Choose 22% Jasmine The Blue is a normal dress as you wear it, if you hold a dress .. The black would also be a normal dress if it would not be completely blended. Looks out when a skirt was pulled up under the chest. April At the to
Which dress can you find nice?
:) Choose 64% Choose 36% Winifred Find the smileys funnies with the bet characters and are faster to find / make Nina None of the two Myra I find the others stupid and I never use them. :) Ashley Emojis always let people look like mainstreamfags or as pe
Which emojis / smileys do you like more?
or not. Or do you just keep this page back? Yes Choose 71% No Choose 29% Pamela is different from girl to girls, you can / should not be generalized and we humans are different, so you can say a snight exactly. However, I like to talk about something lik
Do girls like to talk about perverse things?
I'm W17 now have a lot of courses in the new school years alone where I have no seatbank or can not talk to that and then I'm always boring and I'm totally Horny and get any fantasies. Often also with people who are also in the course and I know from my
What to do against Horny at school?
Do you like more silver jewelry or golden jewelry? We are not talking about a cheap fashion jewelry here. Thank you in advance Silver Jewelry Bin W Choose 41% Silver Jewelry Bin M Choose 27% Golden Jewelry Bin W Choose 27% Golden Jewelry Bin M Choose 5%
Imagine you have a girlfriend and her since a lake or so and she has no bathing things with and no change clothes, but she likes to go in her slip and bra bathing. The laundry is dark Man sees nothing but it is already obvious that it is normal underwear
Girlfriend wants to go to the public in underwear?
Complete without context Yvonne I think she finds you sympathetic and waits you make the first step. If you find her nice, then smile and ask her if she feels like to eat an ice cream with you. Katie That can have different reasons, one of them is of cou
Why does she smile me random?
How do you find it? Personally, I've heard this song for the first time at 7 years when I was on the way to Denmark. Now I am 13 and I still like this song. It awakens so many memories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBUMGQ5YVRA Yes Choose 84% No Choose
Do you like this song?
Hi I wanted to know if your bacon rolls on the stomach Me and my siblings have very little fat on the body (but we are also a very sporty family) I look forward to reply
Do you have bacon rolls?
I m 14 broke your opinion. I have a good friend (we have already known each other since elementary school) and meet and us more often. She wanted to stay with me (the last time she stayed with me is certainly already 2 years ago) that was not the problem
Did I behave properly?