So my father beats me Already I'm 10 or younger it started with a light kick but now it has become really bad (Bin 14) It is also part of it, pulling on the hair and hit with the fist (too Face) And he has just made it again so he forces me to go into th
What should I do if my father beats me?
Hello, My parents were 35 and 37 years old when I was born. I have become just 2.5 months 21 and they will be 56 and 58 years old in a few days. If I compare with others from my environment, then your parents are usually only at the end of 40 or early 50
Were parents too old at my birth (single child)?
Hello on the girls rather, If you have big breasts, is that with you on the family or are you the only ones have the big breasts? I lies with me in the Family. LG Marie Shelly is in the family. My grandma always made jokes about her 'Zitz "and the other
Is that in the family?
Hello, so my social worker told me that the vaccine does not bring anything and that more or equally many vaccinated as unvacaked are in the hospitals. She would also have claimed that all the time intensive beds were mined, so a scarcity prevails and th
Social worker denies corona?
I'm nearly 18 and custom Dis Net more .. Gretchen If you are 18, your parents would have to refrain from access and remove an equipped lock. Of my knowledge, there is also the opportunity to put it back to an iPhone if necessary Show all knitswes. Casey
How can you sell the 8ch no longer my parents ask for permission on the iPhone?
My mother says I can not celebrate my birthday. She says that the Prophet Mohammed said (Sallahu Aleihi Wa Salam) has said that birthday was unnecessary to celebrate. If he did not say it, it is still pointless to explain it. Bin 12 / Male Victor Look He
How should I persuade my mother to celebrate my birthday?
Did you ever be disturbed or caught? ELSIE Yes, my parents were Gassi and my friend and I've rummed and so and have followed us accordingly, as we heard them ... they were already at the door and I've got to the door Never attracted faster and quieter th
Schonmal with intimate acts of parents, friends or whom had been disturbed?
OK people actually did not want to ask this question. But it burdens me. And it's about a situation that happened yesterday. So first I am a 24, almost 25 year old man and my family comes from the Arab Emirates and it is so that my father and I had more
My father wants me to marry and say I forgot the culture and honor?
I know that sounds stupid but is there a way to become cisgender again? Somehow a therapy or something? (I'm trans and yeah, I have pretty stress because of that and I feel bad to my parents and my friends because they are angry with that) Marilyn If you
Can you get cisgender again?
Hello, I'm 12 and it's about my parents (mother, stepfather), family (have 3 half siblings 6.3 and 0) and treat my parents ... (that will come as a 2nd question) now is that Problem They stairs and seggences all the time (every day at least 3 x) no matte
Parents are horrible?
So my girlfriend has decided to leave Islam and to be a Christian but her parents do not see that so that Net more that we both ZSM are they suppress the girl right Ramiro You can learn to endure the pain and pressure. You can grow on this crisis and lea
What should I do my girlfriend has stress at home with her parents?
So my parents are slightly irritable and rain over everything. School is more important than the health of your children. "You just want the best for you" Bla Bla They were even children and would have to know how much pressure they do and how bad it goe
Why are (my) parents?
Hello! My problem is that my father has experienced by my homosexuality. I've been gay for several years, but he never knew that. Mine Sister has spotted off in my absence! Now it's out! I'm so afraid of the reaction that I have not contacted him for day
Father has experienced by my homosexuality?
And why? What would you do there or want to experience again? 1980s. CHOOSE 56% 2000s. Choose 22% 1970s. Choose 11% 1960s. Choose 11% 1990s. Choose 0% 1950s. Choose 0% 1940s. Choose 0% Sean I would not beam there .... "Want to experience something again"
Suppose you could come to the past and then in the past, which of these decades
Hi, how do I react M / 13 if my mom / dad or sister caught me at Wi * Hsen (I have never caught) June Hello, I have never been caught, but I would probably get proper panic. Although, if my dad would be, it is not So bad, because he did that guaranteed t
How do I react?
I have been caught neither the sex nor in the mufflery now, because I'm always careful. And what about you? Did you ever get caught and if yes by whom ? And what happened after that? How did you manage it? Meredith Earlier of the parents in morning sex,
Caught with sex or maturable?
Kay Mostly things like low self-confidence as well as a bad self-esteem occur. The children are often closed and sometimes stay for a lifetime. Even depression can not be ruled out. Depending on how the childhood was, the hold can be like a trauma, which
Which (late) sequences does it have if a child never receives love from his pare
Ruben What do you want? At the age of 30, you are old enough to decide for yourself. Be a normal dispute can you show that you still think of him. If you put in a true conflict and contact your father's father, it's ok to have distance. Giwalato ELIAS Of
The relationship with my dad is tense should I still congratulate him for his bi
Strict parents with clear rules Choose 67% Extremely loose parents without rules Choose 33% Meredith not completely loose, but rather quiet. Because from mistakes we learn themselves and we have to experience themselves as all first themselves before it
What kind of parents do you find better?
My little brother (12) "abused" our animals. No, he is not beating her, but he does terrible things. What is he doing? He puffs dog or cat in the face. He burp dog or cat in the face. He pupst dog or cat in the face. He was already bitten slightly. My pa
Help, my brother