With which radiation or what is that will be opened? Hazel arrives at the car. My BMW I open through the mechanical action of the key. =) Angelica radio, infrared, depending on the model Kristie Keys also Ruben Funk. Probably somewhere in the centimeter
Open car?
Auto Yes Choose 73% No Choose 27% Kathy Heyy; D 100% Jaaa I ... until now only a parking lot but I can imagine it. Anyway I have always loved autogames :) LG Alice
Do you have a driving fun?
VW creates the manual circuit, which does not matter so well with many car riders. What is yours if you have the free choice between automatic and manual circuit? And please also vote only persons who actually own the driver's license. Hand circulation,
Manual or automatic?
I can not wait to see the results. I am strictly against a general speed limit on highways. This makes you the whole economy broken ..... It does not buy any more a fast car if you can not use it in some places. And noise does not primarily arise through
Is the law changed after the federal election 2021 in favor of a tempolimit?
We decided to sell our car. It is an old Ford Ka our whole pride! Unfortunately, he does not get a TV anymore, and we do not have the financial resources for the expensive repair! So we have to sell our Willi. The dealer offered us 100 € for him. That's
Should we sell our car?
If I'm sad or someone what told me and then go to my friend, he always cuddles me is normal. But sometimes he pulls his top so that he is upper body freely and takes me into his arm or pulls his pants, or pushes me against his step. I do not mind sweetly
Why does my friend always pull out when I'm sad?
Paulette arrives at the rental service. Some require a higher minimum age, some calculate higher costs in the absence of experience. Roosevelt would never have come to me ... You have to think for a very long time . Grant depends on the rental car compan
With 18 rent a 6-seater, that works?
Does he optically appeal to you? Yes Choose 62% No Choose 23% Go CHOOSE 15% Nellie The current model I find optically even pretty and succeeded! The new Audi TT personally even reminds me of a Bisserl to the second generation of the Audi R8 - mainly due
Do you like the Audi TT?
A girlfriend had his birthday. I wanted to give her special, but did not know what. The book stood that gifts reminiscent of something important are well suited. On demand, she meant her cousin was very important to her. I only know that he died at a car
How do you apologize?
Hello, I'll go over soon from a 125er to a 600er. Unfortunately, she has original too much horsepower, so I have to throttle her. How do I get you home best and cheap to me? And how do I get them to the TV then? I will install the throttle yourself, may
How can you transport a motorcycle?
Since my driving instructor relates to me so that it almost goes into the direction of harassment, I thought about the driving school to write a review that this driving school is not necessarily suitable for young girls. However, he entertains the drivi
Driving School Write a bad review?
Hello, I would like to buy a motorcycle. The TV of this motorcycle has expired 04/2020, but the motorcycle is still logged in and stands on private property. If I drive now with the expired TV directly to the TV I get then at the TV a punishment because
With expired TÜV to the TÜV?
Carla I believe there is such a special key with which the bus driver can complete from the outside. Renee The bus drivers are all gechiped and then goes The automatic. Ruth Hello, This can close the bus driver from outside. It would not be different;) L
Who closes the door if the bus driver leaves the bus?
Hello, I just set myself over the A7 today and just waved. I realized that many truck drivers give horns or light horns and have many car drivers Also averaged back. I think that's great, made me very happy. But why do you do that or do you do that too?
Waving highway?
Many say yes the French cars are not good, but I find the new models of Peugeot nice. Wow new peugeots what? Bobby A current Peugeot is neat and not worse than a current model of Opel (so much on Stellantis) or any asian Midprice brand such as Nissan, Mi
Are the new Peugeots good vehicles?
Hello, As already in the title I opted for an E39 5er BMW as a first car. Well, I deserve almost 850 net without any expenses per month, and shy me Not to invest in the car. I would look priced for an E39 for up to 3000 €. The insurance would only run o
BMW E39 (520i) as a first car as azubi?
or is it "sad" Do not have a stimulus for it, or doubt that I will ever have to it, generally on its own car. All in my age, Irwie JZ already started driving license No because Choose 67% Yes because Choose 20% otherwise the choose 13% Jennifer I have on
Do you find it
Camille This will be a Chevrolet Camaro from 1982-93 :)
What is the name of this car model?
I hereby describe my life. I grew up in a not very prosperous family. We always had enough to eat and also holiday was possible every 2 years. However, we did not lived in the beautiful corners of the city .. In my childhood I have many nice memories tha
How do you appreciate my life previous life?
It makes me extensive angry when I park a vehicle on the disabled parking lot, although the driver is healthy and cheerful! For example, at the supermarket What is your opinion? Will you also be angry? LG Clay Well, I have already used it to help that ot
Park on handicapped parking?