Hello! I have been driving instructor for 14 years and so far I stayed - different, like my male colleagues - spared by loversed driving students always. Recently I got a letter in which a former student admits romantic feelings for me. I'm totally perpl
Storage student in love with me?
Paulette arrives at the rental service. Some require a higher minimum age, some calculate higher costs in the absence of experience. Roosevelt would never have come to me ... You have to think for a very long time . Grant depends on the rental car compan
With 18 rent a 6-seater, that works?
Since my driving instructor relates to me so that it almost goes into the direction of harassment, I thought about the driving school to write a review that this driving school is not necessarily suitable for young girls. However, he entertains the drivi
Driving School Write a bad review?
I have a question about speed limits and punishments in a violation. Recently I read that the speed swirlers on highways are only a "guideline". Why is a penalty (eg points, driving ban or bus money) when exceeding these speeds is raised? There are only
Speed ​​limit on highway only a recommendation?
Please not No Choose 75% Yes Choose 25% Kurt No, I do not think .. can be that you have to switch back to online lessons, driving hours with test .. but driving hours are also possible with high incidence. Isaac If you are vaccinated or recovered you wil
Will the driving schools be tight in the fall?
Hello, I soon have my practical driver's license examination (B) and wanted to ask what you need to know. I already know a lot, but wanted to ask what you know with you so Drankam and what you know. Thank you PS: I do not want to ask my teacher as he alw
Departure control?
Yes Choose 50% ne Choose 36% No driver's license CHOOSE 14% Miranda I'm only 15, but so far, I am quite reliable that I can make it the first time.
Did you pass the first attempt at the driver's license?
I was in the Kaufland today and wanted me a 0.20l bottle of sparkling wine, purchased with 8%. But at the cash register I was told I should not buy them, although I have shown their identity card as well as driver's license and even AOK card. I am 1.50 g
No alcohol, though identity card and driver's license?
I have passed the theory test with 0 mistakes a week ago. Unfortunately, I can not say something about the practice. Since I accidentally stepped on the brake for only 4 hours of the journey for the second time in the gas and had a unwanted full braking
Driving school breaks training, what now?
I signed up at the driving school and I received 2 times BTM (Cannabis) among others last year but there were always small quantities. Will those of them know and may require MPU or something like that? Jeannie This will definitely get the driver's licen
Does the driver's license get from my ads?
Hello, it has been since which I have passed my theory exam and now on my practical hours already 3.5 months have passed. I have often reported at the driving school, as it was in the beginning I would have to wait about a month, but every time you put a
Should I change my driving school?
Can someone generally explain how the driver's license is made (from start to finish) and how much it would cost. Bin soon 17 (pupil) and wants to pay off myself but do not know where to work to earn so much money. Alex You go to the driving school and s
How much should one save for the driver's license?
If you build an accident and you have not specified his illness, then the driver's license is deprived? Or does it happen even if you specified it? Allison When you build a waste and you have not specified your illness, then the driver's license is depri
What happens if you do not specify his diseases in the driver's license?
Hello people, I built a slight accident when parking and I came slightly opposed to a car. I was on a (beside) parking lot from a gym. I broke out panick and did not know what to do. I am 18 and have my driver's license for a month. I have decided to mak
Car accident when parking?
Hi, I'm currently doing my driver's license and had been a few hours. At the beginning everything was fine but now the collar is bursting. He beats me if I do not know the answer, so a beating, what he often does and extreme disturbs. He often mecked me
Driver's teacher beats me and notice one?
Is it bad if I liege liege dress for my journey hours? I always pull excerpts and I see how my teacher looks to me in the neckline. I have my exam next week. My teacher said he would like to show me on Sunday how to park better so that I existed he said
Driving driving lessons loose?
I have recently passed my driver's license and recently got a mountain road. Since this is very winding and you drive this rather in the 2nd or 3rd gear. Since buses come to opposite, I drive especially carefully. Then there are those who want to overtak
Did I act properly?
Servus Which of these two car models do you like better? Citron C4 D4 HTTPS: / /Images.app.goo.gl/vftebqxzpcq9xqev7 or KODA Octavia https://images.app.goo.gl/fxh8kw5uzehdg5um8 Citron C4 CHOOSE 53% KODA Octavia Choose 47% Julie I like the Citroen better,
What do you like better?
Hello, I have made my driver's license recently only with 27 years. (For financial reasons, this was not possible earlier and not necessarily necessary). I would like to rent a car abroad (EU). Do the providers look to the driver's license date or rather
Rent car with fresh driver's license, too early?
I was recently flashed by a mobile flasher in a 50 zone, but I drove 34 km / h, but a shield was allowed from 22-6 clock speed 30 allowed and it was already 22:30 when I was flashed. What now? Tanya Waiting what's coming, then pay the 10 € and good. You
I was recently flashed in a 50 zone, but I drove 34kmh?