You are invited here to name all topics that are no longer tolerated, tattered, debrowed, or ignored many places. This is to serve as a collective tank for personal experiences, because I want to write an article about it, and also wants to install a few
Free utterance: What can you not talk about? Very good! Choose 92% cult - but not my music style! Choose 8% very bad! Choose 0% Vickie An uraltongong, which one often does not hear for years. But if then the first chords sound, you know immediately that i
How do you find the song
So mentally easy to be strong, wise to process everything yourself? Angelina Maybe it is at least possible to virtually "look out from the outside" ... that could be a possibility. In crises, it is certainly meaningful to get help. If necessary, also pro
What helps to look at moments in life, his phases or circumstances, from differe
From reaching an incidence of 35 in NRW, the so-called 3-G rule: inner gastronomy, hotels, hairdressers, etc. may only be used when the customers are vaccinated, recovered or tested. I am vaccinated and ask me: How is that controlled? Do I have to show m
Corona: How is the 3G rule controlled?
Mozart (Magic Flute, Figaro, Don Giovanni) Choose 45% Other choose 45% Verdi (La Traviata, AIDA, Rigoletto) Choose 9% Wagner (The ring of the Nibelungen, Tristan and Isolde) Choose 0% r. Strauss (Rosenkavalier, Salome) Choose 0% Puccini (Tosca, Madama Bu
Whose operas can you find the most beautiful?
Denmark will end all corona measures on September 11th. A role model for Germany? No, that is too dangerous. Choose 58% Yes, that's a good idea. CHOOSE 43% Terry Maybe you should first be patient before the euphoric outbreak and wait for the consequences
End of Corona Measures: Denmark as a role model?
It's about this reader bill from the FAZ: Yes. Choose 62% Other answer. Choose 29% No. CHOOSE 10% Estelle Yes, that is definitely authentic. I have only heard yesterday in a radio interview (HR2 - the day) the representation of an Afghanistan expert who
Afghanistan: Does the letters writer right?
Some groups designated as Islamically describe conventionally archaeological traces of other religions and cultures, as they came from "unbelievers". How do you find that? Welcomes the destruction of cultural and religious objects of "evil unbelievers" o
How does your Muslim find that Islamists will deliberately destroy traces of oth
Does the West keep the enemy picture "Russia" artificially upright, or why has Russia serving as an enemy picture? Culture, values, etc. Russia and Europe are closer than those of Europe and the Islamic world or from China and South America. Lynette When
Why is Russia an enemy for the West?
So the life and the population of Switzerland is noticeably affected on any levels (society, economy, politics, etc.) by German positions or behavior in a special way, as a Swiss, one does not get so much with what Germany is on the diverse Levels so dri
What do Swiss Germany see?
Parents who force their children to marry a particular man, or to marry a particular woman, even if fabrication is actually prohibited? And why are there parents who believe they can force their children to marry someone to marry? Or worse, why are there
Is there this in Germany?
How do you find this statement by CDU Chancellor's Candidate Armin Lashet for Corona Policy (Article here )? Not so good. Choose 67% Good. Choose 33% Trevor Nonsensical. For the moment, it looks like this as if at the end of the pandemic without further
In Germany, around 60 percent of the population is completely vaccinated against the Corona virus. This applies in particular to risk groups such as seniors. An overloading of hospitals through serious courses and a collapse of the health system are ther
When should all corona measures be lifted?
So should not serve as an insult but most of the German people come directly with an ad rather to regulate it personally. It's kind of culture, why? May It depends on the point. If someone threatens you to deflect you or a personal conversation is not po
Why are Germans always come with an ad?
What do you know about the Islamic prophets Muhammad? Not so much. Choose 57% relatively much. CHOOSE 43% Roy I know his history, his CV, his career as a prophet and also his results he brought through his death. The topic around him is really manifold,
What do you know about the Prophet Muhammad?
Murat Jacob Not my case. But I think of many Turkish or Arab names. The sound is not mine. Josh I think it's ok. Although there are more beautiful, but also significantly worse;)
How do you find this name?
If yes which and why? No Choose 54% Yes Choose 46% ISAAC No. Luz only against individuals (aspects). Love greetings Edwin I am not against a country in itself, but against certain governments, and thus I mean all Islamic governments, such as in Saudi Ara
Are you against a country?
A boy from my class that comes from Albania has told a Macedonian from my class All Macedonians are simply a mix of Albanians and Serbs? Yes that's Choose 45% No does not it choose 45% Other Answer Choose 9% Darlene Any statement about groups of persons
Time a question is right?
Jan Good that was not asked what Austrian thinks about German. Our common language and the fact that we and the Bavarians have many similarities due to common history (traditions, dialects, leather pants, architecture, beer brewing ...) makes it easy eas
May German Austrians and what do they think about Austrians?