Marlene He has allowed her to transfer German tax millions to the United States through Cum & Ex. See 75A4-4031-A9D7-68CA53C839F6 https://s
What does Olaf Scholz have to do with the Warburg Bank?
Why was the 68 movement in Germany (the Germany still shaping today) close to the Chinese dictator Mao? It has known China led to the Stone Age. Jonathon That can only be considered, it was a rebellion against the existing establishment. More similaritie
Why was the 68 movement Mao near?
Which of the mentioned political directions corresponds to your political orientation most? Social Liberal / Left Choose 52% Conservative / Center Choose 24% Right Choose 12% Wirtschaftliberal Choose 3% Socialist / Communist Choose 3% LinksExtrem / antif
Where would you classify yourself politically?
Climate protection is a topic that has been known and feared for 30 years. In all the time, governments and parties were on the lever to counteract the development. At the state and plane governed CDU, SPD, FDP or the Greens ... but except "make more exp
If the climate protection has supposedly top priority, why are the prices for pu
Yes Choose 90% No, definitely not choose 5% I only choose against a party so really for a choose 5% Maybe Choose 0% Georgia It has to be something (and that I do not mean that we should continue to right, please do not choose the AFD !!) Change in our co
Want to choose in September?
Everything is anonymous So be honest AfD Choose 36% Green Choose 27% The left choose 17% CDU / CSU CHOOSE 7% SPD CHOOSE 7% FDP CHOOSE 7% Free voters Choose 0% Josefina I live in Switzerland but I would take a small party. Many of these parties listed the
Who would you choose?
Heyho! I asked what your favorite color is so in the Umfrae see yes only red and ... if your favorite color is eg olive green then you chooses green and then simply writes In the answer My color is olives green purple / pink choose 29% red choose 24% gre
(Survey) What is your favorite color?
Media Report: Green Chancellor Candidate Annalena Baerbock calls for a migrant rate for authorities and an immigration ministry in an interview with the Turkish community in Germany. "We are not an immigration country. We are an immigration company "[...
How do the Greens introduce the integration of immigrants?
Black Choose 33% Blue Choose 26% Another choose 15% White
Which color do you like best?
Many people, so I feel like a multicultural gesture. A world in which there are no limits and everyone can live where he wants. What is your opinion? Matt The persons from other cultures enrich our society. In many areas of our everyday life, it was no l
What do you think about a multicultural society?
Hey, I go to the eighth grade and have the problem that I've been in the class nen types the extremely homophobic. He brings sayings like: "Curning and burning all gays. Since I have LGBTQ Support I can not sit quietly there and ignore it. (I've already
Homophobic people in the class?
Why did it have been such a voices of voices for some time? What do the Greens do better? Or are they only chosen because the other parties appear unbeless? BEULAH Sub-failure of the old parties Good menu honeycomb (hypocritical) is well received by kidd
What did the Greens do so much? B843-0e8241c8f756 In the Greens, there is just a dispute because in Saarland a man at the top of a ballot. According to t
How do you find this in-party problem of the Greens?
In addition, I would be interested if you think that politics is doing much or rather not much for the environment and the climate. With a detailed justification! :) very important! Choose 66% little to not important. Choose 18% important, but there are
How important is climate protection and environmental protection?
"Pay high taxes and have little taxes even in old age, as thanks, you can wear mask while the old ones are already vacation, although Corona is hardly dangerous for you. This seems to be the motto in Germany." Pensioners and retirees are paid from tax ra
Do young people in Germany have no future and should emigrate?
Can someone explain? Dustin Because the state of Israel - covered by the US veto law in resolutions of the UN - the West Bank Zerzied to make a two-state solution impossible. Irving There was the idea of ​​the two states solution. However, the Muslims
Why is Palestine always smaller?
If you need to give the color green a first name, how would you call green? I would be interested in whether more male or more female names come out. Please respond before you read the answers of the others. And if you want, you can also answer my other
Which first name would you give the color green?
The scandals pile up. She has faked or embellished her CV. Among other things, to be a member of an organization, where you can not become a member;) Normally, in this day is a lot of proven in the curriculum vitae with certificates, memberships, documen
Has carcock made dead because of the CV?
The alternative for Germany Choose 70% Alliance 90 / The Green Choose 20% Both Choose 10% Ryan It does not take long and do not even reach the 5% hurdle - and that's good! Elijah The AFD has neither The chance to get the potential in government responsib
Which of the two games has a politically extreme government form in the long ter
Who wants to become Chancellor's knowledge that the Vita is very accurate from the media. Ms. Baerbock or the party traded the Greens here "unwise"? Tweet of the day : Annalena Baerbocks Eighth Error The Exxpress has encountered seven errors in the CV of
Personal or party