You are invited here to name all topics that are no longer tolerated, tattered, debrowed, or ignored many places. This is to serve as a collective tank for personal experiences, because I want to write an article about it, and also wants to install a few
Free utterance: What can you not talk about? Russell This is an excited man who asks the question: "Is that a vaccination campaign here?" Yes, of course. Then he stimulates about it On television, the recommendations of the stiko are spread. Yes and? It b
Does the man on corona and vaccine right?
Heyy First, I do not want to hurt hereby! I just thought about it today (have no other hobbies) No matter. In any case, everyone probably knows everyone with the molder heads and negries that were renamed in chocolates because the name was racist. But th
Is the racist and you do not have to change it (skin color)?
HiOOOOO, I have been dealing with the topic quite a long time and it excels me too much. I find that religion and state must be strictly separated from each other. It only brings haziness to govern. I mean, look at the Islamic countries. Every time such
Religion and state No thank you?
To those who are vaccinated or projects to vaccinate in the near future. This refers, of course, the corona vaccination! What was the main reason you get vaccinated? Health Protection against death, before heavy course or hospitalization Extra Protection
What was the main reason to vaccinate you?
Leo I mean the FDP of course. Nicholas was a spelling error. Sandra FP and AFD: both a legal populist and deeply xenophobic pile. FDP: A neoliberal party that does not understand that the FRG is a social market economy and unfortunately Still believes in
What do you think about the FPÖ / AFD / FPD?
Hello! I'm back. I have a question. Novals peace in our current political system? I often ask myself how to realize peace in the world. Do you have to go away from capitalism, but what would come after capitalism? Is there anything from ....? Or how woul
Prevails peace in capitalism?
Pause Button Choose 74% Spring Button Choose 26% Melinda If I had an overspring button, maybe I would like to miss really important moments, whether good or bad. It belongs to life. Break Button is much more logistic because you could pause the beautiful
Would you prefer a
e.g. It gets pole. Determined, which the police and / or Bundeswehr are entitled to observe the refuser forcibly. How would you react to it? Would it matter or would you use for the rights of denier (right to self-determination, right to integrity, etc.)
Would you use for the rights of vaccinations, if you miss them under physical co
What should be done with religious people (strictly believing Jews, Christians and Muslims) that do not fit the values ​​of the majority society (which is non-religious or liberal religious)? Somehow it is problematic , if string-religious people - whe
What should you do with religious people who do not fit into the majority societ
We love all Germany and are glad to live here so saves me first. I would only care if Muslims would actually be ready to live among the rules of God. Yes Choose 46% No Choose 38% Perhaps Choose 8% Miscellaneous Choose 8% Bill Religion and State must be s
To the Muslims: Would you live in a fair country where the true Sharia prevails?
What does she mean to you. Would you fight for it? Do you think that there are counter models (like monarchy or a dictatorship)? Democracy is very important to me Choose 67% Democracy I do not care Choose 14% Democracy Democracy Democracy It is more impo
How important is you democracy? https: // www / Muenchen / City / Seder-Live Bars Pub Rules Press Conference Muenchen-Bayern-90885217.html In it people are in front of the law, talking to court, al
According to the Basic Law, all people are equal to the law. What is the discrim
Is there discrimination against non-vaccinated when your old freedoms do not get back? Alfredo Is it discrimination against non-vaccinated when your old freedoms do not get back? There are no "old freedoms" and no new ones. There is the freedoms seeking
Discrimination against non-vaccinated?
Ken As long as there is leisure time, there is also freedom. " Work is free". Of because of. Becky The unabaged and provincial environment, the more controlled one of the individual. Gloria theoretically yes. Practical Eig. Not. There are always laws, et
Is there freedom in Germany?
From September, the Corona measures will be lifted there- but only for vaccinated and geneses. Those who decide against the vaccine is therefore extremely disadvantaged, it will not produce a pressure that it does not approach the flu vaccine, for exampl
Does Baden-Württemberg now introduce the two-class society?
Edith Spatial: No! I checked! Religious: No! I am free! Working technical: Jein! is a matter of view Financial: Jein! There are grimbers And since we (yet) can not emigrate to other planets, it is a fact that we have to live on earth whether we want or n
Are we trapped people on earth? I feel caught on this earth?
What would you buy everything? How far would you go? Amy It depends on it. There are things that would not disturb me if they would no longer be possible or that would not be worth to look at a rebellion Hugh I would leave everything and leave me a hut B
How important is your freedom?
For me personally, a car means freedom and independence. Also in an emergency can be reacted quickly ... What does a car mean for you, how is it integrated in your life? What benefits does it have for you. Please no comments about the environment and cli
What meaning does a car have for you?
In principle, we work throughout the day, either the last 4-6 hours a day with the friends or alone on the weekend will then be celebrated on parties and sometimes even drugs taken only at the end of the same To repeat Kack sometime falls in love childre
Is life really so nice?