Would that be bad? Marsha No, that would not be bad at all. But on the contrary. Everything is better than CDU / CSU, SPD and GREEN. We have to finally become more progressive, open to what new and the party has next to satire also a very good election p
What would happen if
Dominick They can only move rarms and nothing. Only good for political entertainment. Really (Hofnarrpartei) Get State Party Financing? Stauffenberger have still living descendants (same last name). Tara Great party. Actually, every poster is good. But w
Your opinion on this poster of the very good party the party?
Ellen Yes, so great that it is always listed under "Other", ie below 5%, somewhere in political nowhere ... Terri Because she has not conflicted and clearly to promote cat videos on the Internet. Ashley You should think about the term "great resonance" a
Why does the party have such a great response in the voter?