Javier Yes, z. B. The Party! Vivian The party even makes more such advertising Nathan : -) My patent subsidiary shows Just a photo of an afd poster. House task was to make photos of the election posters of the parties. On the AFD poster is easy. Free. Li
Makes Eig. A party only approximately as much fiercal advertising like the AFD?
I find the afd. The AFD Choose 62% The green choose 18% the left choose 15% The CDU / CSU CHOOSE 3% Others Choose 3% The SPD CHOOSE 0% The FDP Choose 0% Dana This is coming now ... When it comes to policies, my opinion is: Green / SPD When it comes to be
What is the worst party in the Bundestag?
In the parties not listed here, I think that's clear. AfD Choose 61% CDU Choose 29% FDP CHOOSE 6% CSU CHOOSE 3% Casey None of the mentioned, and not the olive green, or the SPD. Who chooses the established parties, chooses another four years Standstill &
Which of these parties will you never choose?
Hello, I have two problems and do not know and do not talk to someone talking about it. And I also exposed a trigger warning here. First: I was 2 days ago on a big birthday party where several people were. I came first and we were perfect. The rest of th
I feel so disgusting for rummages with a guy?
My mother says I can not celebrate my birthday. She says that the Prophet Mohammed said (Sallahu Aleihi Wa Salam) has said that birthday was unnecessary to celebrate. If he did not say it, it is still pointless to explain it. Bin 12 / Male Victor Look He
How should I persuade my mother to celebrate my birthday?
So in the future what do you think which party would make it best? CDU / CSU CHOOSE 34% No choose 34% FDP CHOOSE 15% Green Choose 9% Left Choose 9% SPD CHOOSE 0% Irving According to the upcoming historical electoral defeat (of course, not yet carved in s
Which party would most likely coalize with the AFD in the future?
https://www.ahlahl-o-mat.de/bundestagelection2021/app/main_app.html Here is my once with all and then only with those already in the Bundestag sit Samuel Free voters 72.6% Orville For me, almost everything that was first displayed to me I would never cho
What is your result in election tomato?
I can not wait to see the results. I am strictly against a general speed limit on highways. This makes you the whole economy broken ..... It does not buy any more a fast car if you can not use it in some places. And noise does not primarily arise through
Is the law changed after the federal election 2021 in favor of a tempolimit?
I have a buddy with whom I sometimes at Discord Chill and we masturbate now and then. I asked myself if there are games that make it more interesting. I do not my video games but as things like truth or duty or other party games, except that you include
Does your good games know to make masturbating more interesting?
The green choose 29% AfD Choose 22% SPD CHOOSE 16% FDP CHOOSE 13% The left choose 9% Other choose 7% CDU CHOOSE 4% Brittany A liberal party. I do not know exactly what. But in the liberal direction it will go. Adam The only good party Veronica My electio
The general election is at the door, who is your favorite?
Regardless of whom you personally find it. Who hit best? Mr. Scholz Choose 53% Ms Baerbock Choose 35% Mr. Load Choose 12% Andrea Mrs. Beebock has surprised me very much. For me she was no longer in the race because I only heard negative things about her.
Who has thought best in TV-Triple?
I was at a party yesterday and got his number from a boy. I've not written with him today but not so long, he's gentle and playing a lot, he answers very short sometimes with Jo, etc. I've written what he has read it and did not answer it ( was today). I
How can I arouse his interest?
Hi! Know me zero with politics. I only know that the Greens with environmental protection, animal welfare and climate change promote. Why do you hear from so many that the green are bad. Can this explain that? I'm pretty neutral set up I do not ask this
Why are the Greens be so problematic?
Hey, in my area sometimes meet up to 2000 people at the weekend (of course depends on the weather and Corona) to take party and drink. Several times the police and a paramedics had to intervene because it is tied in such a way. Of these events, I do not
Am I a
The Greens were briefly higher in the surveys than the CDU, but now the survey values ​​are clearly sinking. Evan Hello, I think the internal complications are still damaging you something. In addition, the strength of the Social Democrats. Nevertheles
Why do the Greens lose in the survey values?
Yes Choose 90% No, definitely not choose 5% I only choose against a party so really for a choose 5% Maybe Choose 0% Georgia It has to be something (and that I do not mean that we should continue to right, please do not choose the AFD !!) Change in our co
Want to choose in September?
What is the goal of this party? Unfortunately, I can not understand the scientific bark on the internet. Can someone help me ?? Christina However, there are the only one who denotes a simple and light language as a different point of view. The AFD is bas
What exactly does the AfD do?
I met one thing on a party, held with the hands, she laid her head on my shoulder etc. After a bit, we have now made a meeting for next week. My question: Will you / the girl talk about me / the guy at this moment? What is talked about? Will the chat bre
Talk about girls about guys?
Why is it for me away from Tinder (in bars, clubs, with friends etc) very easy to meet a very pretty woman and more (kissing, sex) than on Tinder? At Tinder I even barely match matches ... Hazel The ratio of men to girls at Tinder is probably 20: 1 On av
Why is it easy away from Tinder?
Is choice again in the fall, so I have to know until then. Most parties support yes e.g. Abortion. And the health insurance companies pay that, although a child is not a disease. Santiago Of course, there are the: Departure C - Christians for Germany a C
Is there a party that is compliant with the 10 commandments?