Ginger The former Community currency € became a debt union The € states of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and France are de facto state insolvent. The Corona pandemic has the situation of MM-border states for the tourism existentially exacerbated. If y
Why does AfD want to abolish the euro?
Have little idea about religion and would like to know more. Can Christians lead a love relationship and then carry out sexual practices before marriage? Please prove with Bible locations ... Islam and Judaism are unless I know. Yes Choose 56% No Choose
To the Christians: Is a relationship and sex before marriage allowed in Christia
At the swine flu, there were 2 vaccines of a Baxter, I'm looking for such an impingance. Observed live viruses without any adjuvant. I do not want a tollic fabric with adjuvance, - aluminum connections or other. Is that already in the making? That has ad
Is there a live virus Corona vaccine without adjoyance like Baxter at the swine
I am very interested in that topic faith and religions of old cultures and peoples. Which god of antiquity is your opinion the interesting or what faith is the excited. And please not call Jesus, Yahweh, Allah or Hinduism. LG Ivan Young boy. I just asked
Who is your opinion according to the most instructured God or goddess?
So in many advertisements there are a lot of black, Asians, ... before. Many companies do that so to be better out. Partly many more such people come than "white". Since I wanted to ask if the racist is. There are people who say: take more black into adv
Is not that racist?
I think it's just making a mind that God exists. That's why I wanted to know about you, why you think he exists Sarah Apart from that I do not believe in any personalized entity that one calls God or Allha or otherwise. Nevertheless, would be for the exi
Why does she believe in a God?
From current occasion .. When people without any expertise whose business basis is freedom of expression want to dictate others, whether and how they have to speak publicly ... .. ladies & gentlemen: Jan Bhmermann
What do you think about Jan Böhmermann?
I mean why donate so many people for animal species. But forget the children in Africa, Brazil, India, etc. Animals also have feelings similar to me, but animals about little ones Children to put or let a child die because you want to save a small rare m
Why are people, animals more important than hungry children in Africa who die ev
Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Sder (CSU) has warned in view of the weak survey results for the Union before a missed government participation. The "World on Sunday" (Wams) said the party feet, although If a trend turn is still possible, "but it is inde
What do you think about Söder's opinion: Should CDU and CSU not be in the govern
Would be interested. No Choose 71% Sleep without pajamas Choose 21% Yes Choose 7% Hugh I did not even iron my suit shirts when I worked ... : D (C) OUCHII ISAAC I basically only sleep Nagger / Naggerd / Naggisch / Naked In this respect, I do not need to
Are you ironing your pajamas?
So many circumcision opponents speak instead of "circumcision" of "mutilation", I think I'm not just talking to me if I say that sometimes hurts. Basically, it is always problematic if you in the Autonomy of the body intervenes, the criticism can I under
Why do you speak of mutilation?
The following quote is from the renowned climate researcher Prof. Schellnhuber: "I tell you that we push our children into a global school bus, which is fatally crashed with 98 percent probability." The quote is directed above all to those who still do n
Climate change: Your opinion on this quote?
Selects something. Am an opponent of the death penalty, but wanted to vote choose 50% Gift injection choose 17% Other method Choose 17% Obids Choose 6% Electricity Choose 6% Press CHOOSE 3% Threading Choose 3% Sergio So I am Gerenerell also against the d
Let's take the death penalty would be able to be completed again in Germany. Wha
Something different and ... Choose 60% Orcas Choose 40% Stewart Tyana finds BlueWaale most interesting & I would say megalodon
What are the most fascinating beings of the ocean for you (for me Orcas)?
Do you have it? No, I do not need. Choose 56% Yes, I have. CHOOSE 37% No more choose 7% Soon Choose 0% Otis Privacy is completely catastrophic at Tiktok. In addition, the principle of the platform has no benefit for me. If I need information, I'm looking
Do you have Tiktok?
Since the death of my grandfather, I still sustaine, I often think about the existence of eternal life after death. My grandfather was believer (Catholic). What do you think there is God at all and a world after death? And does the way over Jesus lead to
Does the way over Jesus really lead to God?
Hey, if you would rather choose the AFD or the left? AFD CHOOSE 56% The left choose 44% Joanne Each of which agrees for the AFD here - even as a so-called protest voter, the human resilient SA / SS takes Jargon with Vlkische Speech and the miserable, bil
AfD or the left?
The church has just allowed himself much too many scandals in the last few years and alienates Totally what they should be. And I do not see it a tax to pay that a church gets already enough money, and in the past children raped, people erupted, burned w
Why do nothing with church have to do?
In the parties not listed here, I think that's clear. AfD Choose 61% CDU Choose 29% FDP CHOOSE 6% CSU CHOOSE 3% Casey None of the mentioned, and not the olive green, or the SPD. Who chooses the established parties, chooses another four years Standstill &
Which of these parties will you never choose?
For me this is a mystery! On the one hand, one can derive themselves by physical basic knowledge that free will not exist In determinism, everything builds on each other - without we influenced it. Would the quantum theory (she seems to deny determinism)
Why do so many believe in the free will?