To the women: which these three men would choose? Man A: End of 20, has an average job where he does not deserve much but is sufficient for him because he can handle money well . He looks averaging, he is not ugly, but rather unobtrusively, nothing speci
Which man would you decide?
Have recently found my mum so slips with hole between the legs. Have seen in the Inet that there are those for men and women. Who carries something in everyday life? Al For "Certain hours" I would once ; o) In addition, one applies to this in the red lig
Do you wear open panties in everyday life?
Logically, the ones that are not interested in such as gays etc. I ask from curiosity Suzanne I would rather mean that the overall "picture" must vote for me. Of course, there are also certain instincts with pure, such as the lactation in the early child
What will your men find so fascinating to women's breasts?
Hi! I'm bi-sexually and go to the fitness center regularly. There I have already seen enimate guys who I realize real or attractive and would like to get to know better. Only I do not know exactly how I should appeal to someone to talk. Besides, I am unc
How to address other guys in the fitness center as bi-sexual guys?
Hey I met this boy at work. He started flirting bit to flirt. But we did jokes. What I found OK. He was stopping Bissel Touchey, which I found OK. And has just made compliments, (so that I am pretty and have a good figure) but just charming. And somethin
A handsome man has flirted with, can not take it seriously?
We kissed and then had a normal contact. Then he blocked me without saying anything. Today he unblocked me and said he would have more interested in others, but then noted that it was a mistake to block me and that he is interested again and wants to con
Would you continue interested in someone who have Ghosted?
Earlier or later I actually want a partner. And as a Bible spreader Christ, of course, only one woman in question as a partner, a Christian. And well in my past, I was atheist, and gay. Had many changing partners, many men. Actually, I was hardly better
Woman marry despite the past?
I can understand women in women. I just do not look why gays are not looking for women. There is something like praise, genes. Never look at it. Thank you. LG Flora Because you want to go out of yourself and close your feelings and views to others. This
Why are not gays on women?
I think the idea of ​​being forced to be something against my will to be quite beautiful and do not quite understand the problem at a loverboy ELBERT If you have some predisposition (so more devot) and have an emotional connection to such a person, the
Loverboy: really so bad?
In addition to other people MARC may not be allowed. However, whether it is "excitement of public annoyance, it also depends on whether someone indicates you, or you in the immediate vicinity. Others drives it . If you are looking for others to watch the
Can you have sex on the lake?
Good day com. It is said that it lives better, but is that? LG I can not assess whether I am beautiful Choose 48% other opinion Choose 22% It can be very exhausting his choose 17% Does not affect me, I feel ugly choose 9% It makes everything simple choos
Survey - How does it feel for you to be a nice person?
Do you like more silver jewelry or golden jewelry? We are not talking about a cheap fashion jewelry here. Thank you in advance Silver Jewelry Bin W Choose 41% Silver Jewelry Bin M Choose 27% Golden Jewelry Bin W Choose 27% Golden Jewelry Bin M Choose 5%
Have heard the virus can not be treated and the warts are growing after even if they were treated by creams or distance. but they disappear alone after years. Does he have experience? is a penisk body Lola Fountewares are transmitted by direct skin conta
Faigewarze ignore the man (too small, aesthetically does not bother) Is there ok
Jon Then it will be because you have seen too many other beautiful women, which has nothing to do with reality. Clark Ask your girlfriend, what she imagines. But do not wonder if you tell you wild scenes from porn. Kristina Who knows who your girlfriend
Why do I have to think of sex with other women to get the climax when sex with t
TRICIA Some women like to dance. Likewise some men. So ask why some people like to dance. Because they have fun. Quite simple. Ernest Because it's fun Lionel Represent yourself in public? (Competition?) Satisfy community feeling? A kind of pairing ritual
Why are women dancing?
(I ask for interest in which people think about it) Jean The outfit would have a background of more in contrast being better fit. In addition, this groove botheres in the ground and generally the picture is photographed diagonally. Otherwise, like others
What do you think if you see the picture?
long choose 79% no matter choose 21% briefly choose 0% Shelley Hello ... I have always long or longer hair, both in my wife and with me as well .... VG from Chazzy13 (-: Rudy Personally, longer hair nicer, is just a matter of taste :) Roxanne is a one Si
Which hair length men are more?
Is it forbidden in Islam when headscarf-carrying Muslim women get good mood through conversations before marriage with foreign men (eg by flirting)? Is there any evidence, or notes from the Koran and or the Hadith ? Jeanne No, to have a good mood is not
Is in Islam good mood Haram?
I think so incredibly sexy if someone says but does not know why that sounds rather derive Lewis You just stand on Dirty Talk. This is a completely normal game direction of human sexuality. That's nothing, for what you would like to be ashamed of doing n
Why does that turn me so when someone says he wants to broke me f ..?
He dismissed me and I hate him from the deepest heart. I think he is a sexist because he expects me that I am good. But not all women are pretty, so I'm not bad in bed. Or? Jennie Even if the type would be sexist or superficially or stupid, he still has
Is it sexist if he does not sleep me?