Hey community! There are so many comfortable garments that you prefer never want to take off again. What is your favorite? Incidentally, the question refers to tops. LG LenydiaMango
Clothing: Which is the most comfortable for you?
Have recently found my mum so slips with hole between the legs. Have seen in the Inet that there are those for men and women. Who carries something in everyday life? Al For "Certain hours" I would once ; o) In addition, one applies to this in the red lig
Do you wear open panties in everyday life?
Would be interested. No Choose 71% Sleep without pajamas Choose 21% Yes Choose 7% Hugh I did not even iron my suit shirts when I worked ... : D (C) OUCHII ISAAC I basically only sleep Nagger / Naggerd / Naggisch / Naked In this respect, I do not need to
Are you ironing your pajamas?
Male - Short Choose 38% Female - Medium-length, long choose 31% Male - Middle length, long choose 23% Female - long choose 8% Gilberto I have been briefly wearing my hair for almost 7 years. During the Lockdown in the early days of the pandemic my hair w
Survey: Do you have a short or long hair?
Blue Choose 78% Black Choose 22% Jasmine The Blue is a normal dress as you wear it, if you hold a dress .. The black would also be a normal dress if it would not be completely blended. Looks out when a skirt was pulled up under the chest. April At the to
Which dress can you find nice?
So that all guests are completely naked, but especially the bridal couple? Julian Hello Regina, In some report, I read that it's not just in theory - but also actually. Although I believe in remember - that was in the US. It would not be - but at least t
Nudist wedding - is that?
Meredith I think so. Airlines like the private came Air have to look anyway that they can continue to operate. They will urge them, because in particular by tourism, the Taliban can generate revenue by taxes. And Afghanistan will also remain a country to
Will the airline traffic in Kabul run again after the takeover by Taliban?
Do you like more silver jewelry or golden jewelry? We are not talking about a cheap fashion jewelry here. Thank you in advance Silver Jewelry Bin W Choose 41% Silver Jewelry Bin M Choose 27% Golden Jewelry Bin W Choose 27% Golden Jewelry Bin M Choose 5%
Hello everybody, I'm 23, was an Incel for years, because I could never find a friend, though that was my all the biggest wish. It was until recently a total exercise in women. Work on me now and develop myself in a positive and hopeful direction. I met a
How can I (Incel) best conclude with my girlfriend?
Heyo! Have a severe question for you;) How do you find my appearance? Bearable or rather bad? Link with picture Already thank you for your answers :) Neither nice nor ugly, normally just choose 57% Very nice choose 14% ugly than many other choose 14% bea
How do you find my appearance?
I my so comfortable pants is logical But otherwise? Gregory When I had another job in which I had to wear a suit, it was still the case that I had more or less separate divisions in the wardrobe for home and work, but now Renne I privately as in the prof
Are you wearing other clothes at home?
It is aware that everyone looks different, but they would be interested in your approximate opinions Looks real Nice from Choose 33% Well ... Choose 33% Looks Okay from Choose 25% Looks Complete Sch **** E from Choose 8% Reginald would be too big for me
What do you think of such glasses with a boy?
Love people ... I ask for a modatschlag ... Here is a photo of me in the dress in a hotel lobby, as I last the last time ... Only Unfortunately of God I'm not satisfied with the shoes. They look too pale, something inappropriate. What do you think? And y
Which heels should I wear to my dress?
Why do old people and teachers have such a problem with sweatpants, especially what does it matter to what others wear as if they inflict mental damage and then always the same from speech that is a sign of disrespect for bla bla Colin other customs. Man
Jogging pants and old people?
Which brand is your Alta's shoes. NE other brand CHOOSE 46% Nike Choose 29% Adidas Choose 12% Vans Choose 7% CONVERSE CHOOSE 2% Noname / own brand CHOOSE 2% GEOX CHOOSE 0% Gerard In the sports area, I wear sneakers from Reebok. They have good models for
Which shoe brand do you wear?
No (justification) Choose 83% Yes (Justification) Choose 17% Sam Only sometimes when there is something nice. I like to go more about lifers or fashion houses with brands that it often often gives Sales I do not find the quality very well and if at H & M
Do you like to buy clothes in H and M?
Some wear string and otherwise nothing under. What's going on? Slip Choose 37% String Choose 30% None Choose 26% Other Choose 7% Shelley Basically, I would refrain from Leggings on underwear. But the sport helps me a string, so that everything stays tidy
What do you carry on sports under the leggings?
How do you like these shoes? Rochelle Hello Jen12jen, You have to like it, above all you have to run with it. You look good, with the right outfit. Dana Cheap and extremely uncomfortable Linda 5/10. Valerie Not SO
Shoes, brown?
Sandra Nah, that's no problem & I find that red sports shoes / sneakers can look like in everyday life to a beige or black chino totally cool ^ ^ courage to color I think ... otherwise If you are attracting a thing, let him talk about talking & pulling o
Can I wear as young red sports shoes or do I look for gay with it?
Moin, I (M, 50) recently attracted leggings for the first time to go under the people (city, shopping). How do you find? Bah, that does not look! CHOOSE 36% is O.K. CHOOSE 34% Well, if you like Choose 20% Looks Sus Choose 8% As a man in your age - is it
As a man in leggings?