1) High ponytail 2) Flat ponytail High ponytail CHOOSE 50% Flat ponytail Choose 50% Drew Of course, the high ponytail looks great well with the woman. Luis looks chillters :)) A deep braid looks so strictly. Stanley likes Shortly in women. Lorenzo I pref
Which hairstyle do you find more beautiful?
Servus More and more often like boards show their "ass" or post pictures of themselves in the bikini. I mean you do you, but I wonder what. There is nothing there what they could show. In the end, she only got Hate for that. So why do they do? Do not und
Why give girls with flat breasts?
Richard Bald would be impossible! The haircut is not very favorable, the top hair should be thinner! Dewey In the head shape I would advise against a smooth advised as long as it is possible.
Bald or no bald? What's better me?
Male - Short Choose 38% Female - Medium-length, long choose 31% Male - Middle length, long choose 23% Female - long choose 8% Gilberto I have been briefly wearing my hair for almost 7 years. During the Lockdown in the early days of the pandemic my hair w
Survey: Do you have a short or long hair?
Good day com. It is said that it lives better, but is that? LG I can not assess whether I am beautiful Choose 48% other opinion Choose 22% It can be very exhausting his choose 17% Does not affect me, I feel ugly choose 9% It makes everything simple choos
Survey - How does it feel for you to be a nice person?
Do you like more silver jewelry or golden jewelry? We are not talking about a cheap fashion jewelry here. Thank you in advance Silver Jewelry Bin W Choose 41% Silver Jewelry Bin M Choose 27% Golden Jewelry Bin W Choose 27% Golden Jewelry Bin M Choose 5%
I would like to hear your opinion about my appearance, but I'm afraid that the photos will then emerge somewhere somewhere, or JMD. Then then gives himself to me ... I should now put a picture of me or not? No Do Dear Choose 92% Yes set in Choose 8% Ann
I want to evaluate my appearance here?
I'm a bit confused and that for years, everyone I ask something else. (Sorry for the quality) May I would say blue gray Candice Blue?
Which eye color is that?
(I ask for interest in which people think about it) Jean The outfit would have a background of more in contrast being better fit. In addition, this groove botheres in the ground and generally the picture is photographed diagonally. Otherwise, like others
What do you think if you see the picture?
I happened to me yesterday, I ignored it, but was very hurt then. I ignore it choose 55% I say something back Choose 29% I'm not talking about the person Choose 10% I cry choose 3% I defend choose 3% Glen I would look in my opposite with raised eyebrows
What do you think of it, if someone tells you from the other sex that you are ug
1 (MAN BUN) CHOOSE 40% 2 (Buzz Cut) Choose 28% 3 (Undercut) Choose 16% 4 (Messy Undercut) Choose 16% Salvatore Normally undercut, but the hairstyles on the pictures look extremely shit. Clayton Man Bun. But Messy Undercut only when the face looks so angu
Which hairstyle do you find best?
It's really just about the hair Color !! 1. Blue 2. Purple 3. Green 2. Purple Choose 46% 1. Blue Choose 31% 3. Green choose 23% Clay My opinion: does not look nice, and you only harm your hair unnecessarily. Hugo Purple
Which colored hair color can you find the most beautiful?
Heyo! Have a severe question for you;) How do you find my appearance? Bearable or rather bad? Link with picture Already thank you for your answers :) Neither nice nor ugly, normally just choose 57% Very nice choose 14% ugly than many other choose 14% bea
How do you find my appearance?
Hey guys, This question is aimed at the girls and women: -) Which of these greens can be found at a man most beautiful Emerald Green Choose 57% Gray Choose 43% Light Green Choose 0% Schilfgreen Choose 0% Julian So if I have never paid attention to a thin
Which green is most beautiful?
I am 21 years old and I've recently noticed that my right half of the face looks great or thicker than my left. My smile is somehow awry .... on one side is higher than on the other. I wanted to know if only I do this right away because I pay more on it
Do you see my facial asymmetry strong?
Fabrizio, one of the actors from Berlin day and night, has tattoos, Do you think that's nice? Do not find beautiful choose 57% Not with him Choose 14% Few, only at certain points Choose 14% Other choose 10% Find Tattoos Nice Choose 5% Sometimes Choose 0%
Do you find the tattoos nice?
Nancy Of course, but not at all at once. For reasons of hygiene, maybe once a month. But then I would do it with everyone who participates. When looking, I'm not critical anyway. There would have to come bad. For me, the criterion is much more important
Would you hold hands with every woman who looks nice and reasonably normal and s
Can people be that people in a long-standing relationship or marriage more and more of the appearance are more and more similar, or is not that the case.? And if so, why.? Julie I also found that in long-term married couples that they are more and more r
Trueness is always the same?
No Choose 73% Yes Choose 27% Arlene Sporty defined is a must. This shows that you are disciplined and respected. However, it should not be too much. Since I am very sporty myself, my partner should be able to keep up. Dean No, that's not important to me.
Is it important to you if your partner is muscular?
Bobby You can not really say that are always single fitting, although I think that a woman tends to get light help or a partner tend to get. Randy All Both have it difficult Does the word "average man" count now as so bad? Or 0815? Only curious, it alway
Who has it harder in life the 0815 average woman or the 0815 average man - (both