To the women: which these three men would choose? Man A: End of 20, has an average job where he does not deserve much but is sufficient for him because he can handle money well . He looks averaging, he is not ugly, but rather unobtrusively, nothing speci
Which man would you decide?
Pizza Choose 77% Pommes Choose 15% Chips Choose 8% Erika pizza, best homemade, thin and with 3-4 ingredients on it, not more. Anne Pretty poor, your selection !! None of them, since I prefer vegetables and salads eat. Brendan I can do without the other.
What do you like most of this?
Silvia One of me, I always change from time to time, I do not need a collection I think that's pretty annoying even with make up just the most important thing I really need and not 15 lipsticks of which I vllt 2-3 Use .... Blake Oh, as we make many revie
How many perfumes do you have?
Daily Choose 47% I am a woman Choose 26% Weekly Choose 11% Monthly Choose 5% Choose 5% Never choose 5% Adrian different. One to a maximum of three times a week, sometimes only once every two weeks. Dorothy Most MIN 1x on the Day
How often do you have an orgamus?
From current occasion .. When people without any expertise whose business basis is freedom of expression want to dictate others, whether and how they have to speak publicly ... .. ladies & gentlemen: Jan Bhmermann
What do you think about Jan Böhmermann?
If your favorite movie series is not there, it just writes it in.
Which movie series is you best?
Selects something. Am an opponent of the death penalty, but wanted to vote choose 50% Gift injection choose 17% Other method Choose 17% Obids Choose 6% Electricity Choose 6% Press CHOOSE 3% Threading Choose 3% Sergio So I am Gerenerell also against the d
Let's take the death penalty would be able to be completed again in Germany. Wha
If you have both, then the tuning that uses it more often and more Without Cable Choose 63% with Cable Choose 38% Floyd I do not like couped rodents, therefore only "mouse" with string. An input device of this type with funk would otherwise be called "ha
Do you have a mouse with cable or without?
Animal & Special Protection Choose 43% Medical & Health Choose 19% Environmental Protection & Climate Protection Choose 14% Diesetry and Hungerhilfe Choose 14% Children's & Youth aid Choose 10% Enrique I prefer to donate my hard-earned money in animal &
Where would you most likely donate your money?
And if so what was it Peter Hello good question.No I have never stolen what has been stolen. Bin an honest person. Sonntag I wish you. LG Klose11 Clara Yes, a perfume when I was 12. When I left the store spoke me a defective and I ran, he afterwards. Tha
Have you ever stolen something?
I am vaccinated or recovered: yes Choose 65% I am vaccinated or recovered: no choose 18% I'm unvoved: no choose 15% I'm unvoved: Yes Choose 3% Susie I only worried that stupidity does not know any boundaries. The vaccine only helps with the safety distan
The pandemic is currently becoming a pandemic of uncovered. Are you concerned?
See above invest choose 62% Save Choose 38% Alejandro You should already have about 3 net tanks on the high knit to be able to replace something like a broken washing machine or a broken refrigerator ... Unplanned issues will always exist. If you stay aw
Would you rather invest or save?
Rather good, I would say ... Choose 45% very changeable Currently ... Choose 36% Rather not good, I would say ... Choose 18% Janet IMGENTHIE I am different every three hours. I'm really in a good mood and time is with deadly boring. Diana Currently right
How are you currently?
:) Choose 64% Choose 36% Winifred Find the smileys funnies with the bet characters and are faster to find / make Nina None of the two Myra I find the others stupid and I never use them. :) Ashley Emojis always let people look like mainstreamfags or as pe
Which emojis / smileys do you like more?
So in the future what do you think which party would make it best? CDU / CSU CHOOSE 34% No choose 34% FDP CHOOSE 15% Green Choose 9% Left Choose 9% SPD CHOOSE 0% Irving According to the upcoming historical electoral defeat (of course, not yet carved in s
Which party would most likely coalize with the AFD in the future?
The most famous virologist Germany. He often was right with his predictions. Gladly with justification. I find him good choose 55% I find
What do you think about Christian?
How do you find it? Personally, I've heard this song for the first time at 7 years when I was on the way to Denmark. Now I am 13 and I still like this song. It awakens so many memories. Yes Choose 84% No Choose
Do you like this song?
It's about blonded hair. Since some to me meant that they still see a red stitch, I have blonded again. The result: see picture. Which color do you see? Cool white blond, light blond, platinum blond, light blond with red stitch, gray or simply normal lig
Which color do you see; Blonde with red stitch or only light blond?
Yes Choose 57% Sometimes choose 29% Very rare Choose 14% No Choose 0% Benny actually very very real.
Do you dream at night?
Office Choose 55% Home Office Choose 27% Park Choose 18% Mailing Choose 0% Other selection / location ... Choose 0% Caroline My treasure has been working exclusively in the home office for 5 months. And I also work since the corona time and pregnancy or
From where are you working most and preferably?