Hello I have myself problems so I get a latte at school so 3 times and I'm scared that I'm called and keeping at the presentation I sometimes panick that the way you know what you can do so maybe something you can do something Deflected would help me in
Latte in the class What to do?
I had M16 had written in my last question that my girlfriend W17 wants a threesome. We also had him, since I wanted to fulfill my friend. However, the other young M15 had a bigger penis than me. Now I'm scared that my girlfriend finds him horny than me.
Other boy at threesome had bigger?
Hi guys! I am 14 year old and my p * nis is 18.5cm big when he is stiff. Is this over under or on average? Frederick It is above the average. And before you feel really great now - it is also about what most women feel like "pleasant". 17cm are perfectly
P * nis too small or too big?
Hello I'm 14 m I have something very embarrassing happened to me, I had to go to the general artznouch. It was a female doctor. She studied my whole body. When she said I should take off my underpants I get a stiff penis. She had to look that everything
Doctor examines my penis, stiff penis?
So during sex my thing will softly be soft and does not stay hard, so it's hard to change positions. General When it comes to sex he is not as hard as usual. Is that normal and if not I can do something against? MABEL If you are young, healthy, not overw
Is it normal that he does not stay hard for a long time?
Hello people a question I have no foreskin because of circumcision How can you best masturbate a tip? Marion I was only trimmed almost 1 year (15). Since I'm pretty tautly trimmed, I have to take baby oil or another lubricant. I then massage the acorn an
Masturbate without foreskin?
Betty Yes, he should take at least always when showering to wash there, so it does not smell;) Gretchen Yes, that's for Regular body care indispensable, otherwise unpleasant and sometimes not very harmless infections threaten. Angelo Every day to be able
Should a boy withdraw his foreskin regularly and if so, how often?
Heyy All my girlfriends say that they find pictures of penissors anklig. Even if they are of the same age. I think it's really cool. Is that normal? PS: I'm in puberty Anne Since you obviously have more than one, you should already be a small highlight.
Pictures of Penis?
Why is the orgasm better if you think or see a pretty person? Or if you sleep with a pretty person? Since it goes about love Stephanie Whether your guess is correct, you take on, but I'm not quite sure, because for the intensity of feelings, a whole seri
Why is the orgasm better if you think of a pretty person?
Hi I'm M16. The question is really unpleasant but I just make them. So my sister W14 almost 15 runs often at home in the bra. This sometimes I get a stiff. Do not really want it but it just happens. Am I now weird or is it normal that that happens? Ignac
Get stand because of my sister?
Have my best friend seen naked for the first time for the first time, I'm 13 and he's 12 and we sucked each other's penis and fingered us bad? Megan No. If you both want and enjoy it's fun, you're rushing! Brian If you have made it voluntarily and your f
Friend sucking the penis?
Only answer if you want! Nobody should feel obliged! To the guys: What size does your pen * s? Please supplement age and be honest especially To the Girls: Tell your experiences with sex with tail sizes? How important is the size really? Maybe also tell
Tail size?
Mine is 19 4.5cm Mandy Size is okay, but the rest must fit, otherwise the size of nothing brings. Ismael I get envy! Mine is smaller; ... but diligent like a ziskig! The duration, tactics & steadfastness brings rather points (after the prelude), as a "t
What is a good penis size?
Hello I am 14 years old. Today I mastubed but suddenly 1 2 drops of blood came from the penis. I'm really scared. I do not know if this is a real problem or normal. At the same time, sperm and blood came out. It does not hurt but now the penis does not a
Blood from the penis during masturbation?
The question is actually already above. Gerardo 2.5 meters. Alternatively also 250 centimeters. You can choose. SEAN Over 10 cm would be nice. Jeffery Mine is 19.5 cm and the women are satisfied and said: "You can feel well", "That's big, etc. Henry 0.00
How long should the penis be that it's fun?
What do you think if the man gets a stiff when cuddling and feels penis? Bert When friend I find it extremely sweet and a great sign. Mostly it comes to sex :) Carlton Then you know that the other one may like if unconsciously giving more than the other
In cuddling a stiff?
Hello I am a mother of a 13 year old son I should let him crop Ralph Just like that: No ... For foreskin constriction: Also no ... There are many alternatives to circumcision Jonathan Without medical reasons In no case and even in a phimosis is often no
Hello, I'm m / 12 on girls with penis can tell me what sexuality I then? Bennie Yes that is quite interesting, because on the one hand you stand on cocks, on the other hand on girls and on the other hand on both ... Bi I guess? But does not itch how to d
Girl with penis?
Hello, I'm 17 and have the problem that when masturbating the foreskin no longer goes over the glans to put it, if I pull it down completely and my member is maximally excited. The acorn is too thick, so to speak, so that the foreskin can be pulled forwa
Foreskin does not go over the glans in the stiff state?
Micheal I would not say now. However, masturbating, for example, prostate cancer bends and makes a happy or build stress. Other effects are unknown to me.
Can the penis grow from masturbating?