Hello everybody, I have been sexually excited in an exaggerated way for several months. I have no partner and therefore I masturbate every day. Sometimes 5-7 times without a break in between. (I'm 19 years old) I can not control myself and I am aware tha
Masturbating, sex addiction, strong desire for masturbation?
. Cedric JAP :) CARY Some. Demands are available. Katherine Yes, unfortunately. But you will not blind, do not worry. That had the Kath. Church thought. Colleen No, what does something want to write about it?
Just so there are really people who only write about SB?
Rosa Basically with anyone you trust. It is a very intimate topic and accordingly great, should be confidence in the person. But tips and also one or the other help, you can get almost everywhere. Lora Heyho, I want to give you something on the way. Your
Who can you talk about sex SB?
How is that that I always have a bad mood for 10-20 minutes after masturbating, so if I stop? Funny, right? Evan Yes that is in fact weird. You seem to feel guilty, or think you're doing something bad. That should not be like that. Either do you just kee
Hey, I'm M17 and always ask me what that is. Always if I have on-stopped I feel a disgust on what I have on-stopped and simultaneously feel something mourning. I always think, why ... What did I do? "I mean seriously, I'll get guilty of guilt. Is that no
After the online disgust?
Hey M14 My foreskin does not automatically go back when my penis is excited is that normal or not? So the foreskin is still completely over the glans and if I would not withdraw her in the seed energy it would collect everything in the foreskin. Leslie T
Foreskin problems?
If you want to know if you can do something with the shower head or the wall or other techniques. BIN M13 Ian mastubing under the shower jet! (then: Cleaning: -) Dianne Machs prefer not, sperm flocks with contact With water and then it depends on it ever
How to do in the shower SB?
Hey, I female 18 would like to know if someone can tell me how I can prevent my whole bed gets wet when I make it myself. I have already tried several towels. The problem is that I literally syringe when I come. This will be my duvet and the rest of my b
How can I prevent my whole bed gets wet if I'm sb?
or not. Or do you just keep this page back? Yes Choose 71% No Choose 29% Pamela is different from girl to girls, you can / should not be generalized and we humans are different, so you can say a snight exactly. However, I like to talk about something lik
Do girls like to talk about perverse things?
I'm W17 now have a lot of courses in the new school years alone where I have no seatbank or can not talk to that and then I'm always boring and I'm totally Horny and get any fantasies. Often also with people who are also in the course and I know from my
What to do against Horny at school?
Hey, That's all quite unpleasant to me, but is lucky everything anonymous ... No matter what I'm doing at SB I get to 90% no orgasm, although I'm really really Much tried and totally relaxed. It's slow very frustrating if you stay unsuccessful at the end
I do not get orgasm why?
I'm female and 17 years old .. Lately I'm so often so Horny..I also have funny guards and the like to go ... I also stand on when you give me How to muffled. Do you have tips as I can make my single-sex life more exciting or has someone tips what I can d
Duration cool?
My friend has recently begins that he would like to try it with a strapon. For me that was a bit overshoot and also weird. I do not know how to deal with it now. I love him but I do not know if I can do that. Somehow, I am also constantly thinking about
Friend would like to try strapon what to do?
So, I'm M14 and have such a problem !: / I'm afraid of getting too early later. When I am currently mastubiers I can make it for 1 min when I have a porn and gas. Otherwise I can manage it for 2 min. Without without porn I can do it if I do not think abo
To keep up for sex?
Hello I'm M14 and wanted to know how husband best muffled BRETT Hey So I do not know how much experience you have but nice it is when you make the stop and go method, this is just stopped just before orgasm and then continue made that can be repeated arb
How can you better satisfy yourself?
Hey, so I would like to come to orgasm in masturbation. Since I do not even create a tampon, I can not make it to finger me. Are there any other methods where you come to orgasm? Ralph breasts massaging nipples kneading clit caresses and at the bottom ..
How can you come as a woman without fingers?
Hello I am 14 years old. Today I mastubed but suddenly 1 2 drops of blood came from the penis. I'm really scared. I do not know if this is a real problem or normal. At the same time, sperm and blood came out. It does not hurt but now the penis does not a
Blood from the penis during masturbation?
I have a buddy with whom I sometimes at Discord Chill and we masturbate now and then. I asked myself if there are games that make it more interesting. I do not my video games but as things like truth or duty or other party games, except that you include
Does your good games know to make masturbating more interesting?
Hello, I have M 13 Normal mastubiruses Extremely boring because I want to try it with anal satisfaction What I have to pay attention to everything and I have to prepare myself somehow on it or should I rather leave it in old age and I'll get it that way
Satisfying anal?
So I'm starting Yes I (W 16) was already caught couple sometimes but the most embarrassing was when I was in the bathroom, a what I thought, at least I've made naked in front of the mirror ♀️. My sister is then just before I came in, and yes, I got my
To the girls: did you catch up with fingers / masturbating?